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Soul Swell, Frolicking Fée, Marvellous Moon

I have so many plans.  Too bad I’m a lazy bum!  Was gonna write my WWP Saturday, then yesterday… but then the whole Blood Flower Moon Eclipse thing…  But first, let’s go back…

Thursday evening was girls’ night. A way long overdue girls’ night.  Okay, even if we had had one a couple months ago, I’d still feel it was overdue!  Our usual trio of Julie, Giselle and me was upped by one with Linda.  A very happy case of perfect timing.  As the weather was particularly clement (a good 27℃ (81℉)) at suppertime, we sat outside of La Louisiane, a Montreal Cajun-Creole eatery that we have frequented a number of times and which I suggested for our evening.  Ah man.  It wouldn’t matter where we eat because it’s all about the company but good food just adds to it, right?  Plus, Linda had never been so we got to introduce her to the joint.  Linda and I arrived first and ordered drinks while we waited for the other two… which didn’t take long.

While we decided what to eat, we decided on a few appetizers:  hushpuppies, sweet potato fries and grilled corn bread.  Yeah.. um… Good stuff to absorb alcohol, right?

We then went for another round, this time with Cajun chicken wings, Gumbo – so more cornbread, beet and arugula salad, coconut beer battered shrimp.   Delicious. All of it.

Giselle was ready for sweets so she indulged in a chocolate pecan torte (which we all took a bit of).  However, we (Linda) felt we were still not done with the savoury and we ended up ordering some fried clams and crab cakes.

Lots of love, laughter and feel-good vibes were felt and must be repeated soon… Right, ladies?

Saturday morning I was supposed to run but the pool was in the shade and I thought that would be the best time to vacuum all the crap without me being cooked in the sun in the process.  And, after I had done half, my sister Tracy called saying she was going to the barn for just an hour or so to see Fée (pronounced Fay) and would I like to join.  She couldn’t ride her as she’d (Fée) had her vaccine so that’s why the visit would be shorter than usual.  Um. Yeah!  Plus, I promised Gigi from Rethinking Life that I would finally show her pictures of Fée.

Lemme tell you, I was rather glad it was to be a short visit.  It was hotter than Hades out there – 32℃ (90℉) to be standing around in the blazing sun.

Tracy went to get Fée to bring her into the little ring.  “She’s going to roll around in it.”  “Really?”  “Yep.”  And she did.  She ran around, going back and forth and then lay down and rolled.  Up again and then rolled again.  It was quite the sight to see!

As mentioned in the intro, this post was late because I was going to attempt to capture the Full Blood Flower Moon and Eclipse.  And failed miserably.  I even went up onto my roof but my tripod is tired and my butt got wet and then the clouds came just when I capture a sliver of it… and not all that well, either.

I did have fun with my phone before, begging the clouds to please be nice and disperse, which they did, before completely taking over.

And the best of the worst with my camera.

Oh well, maybe next time!  If you really want to see some beautiful shots, check out Tim’s blog at Off Center & Not Even.  Outstanding, I say!




112 thoughts on “Soul Swell, Frolicking Fée, Marvellous Moon

  1. Well, you have had some adventures and do not seem at all lazy! Your girls night looks both fun and delicious. The time spent with horses looks wonderful. I didn’t remember your sister had a horse or horses? How cool. And the moon shots are great. We had clouds and more clouds except for a break yesterday afternoon.

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  2. You girls had some great-looking food. I love Fée horsing around. She is beautiful. I also love your moonshots. They have a mesmerizing abstractness that is great. You don’t have to be clear to be seen. Thanks for the shout-out.

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    • That we did!
      She’s a totally different horse since she became my sister’s. She gets lots of love and training and is less and less scare of, everything!
      I kiinda love my moonshots, too, to be honest. They are not anything like yours but in their own right will do 😉
      And of course! They are worth sharing 🙂

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      • It’s amazing what a bit of love and attention will do. See! You recognize that your moonshots are cool. That makes me really happy. Inchcock sometimes posts photos that he captions as “real cockups” because they are not in focus or somehow out of whack by the “it has to look like a photo” photo standards. But in reality, his cocked-up photos are often fantastic images. He just doesn’t recognize the art in them because of his expectations of producing clear, in-focus photos.

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  3. Yep, perfect title!!!!!! 😉 What a great girls night out and ah, Fée, she’s adorable …and hey, you got the moon and eclipse [wasn’t visible here]!!! Beautiful shots! Sending hugs across the ocean. Our moon is full today. Caught a glimpse and a click of it! 😉 xoxoxoxoxo

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  4. Wow, your temps were warmer than ours. Love the horse videos, at least she doesn’t balk at a bath afterwards. Better than our dog, which is a workout! 😉
    We’ll have to wait another 4 years for the next blood moon. Hopefully, the weather will be better!

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    • We had a crazy hot wee. Back to normal now, though.
      She hates the bath. What you don’t see is her side-stepping and pulling and being chastised by my sister 😉
      Four years, eh? Well, let us hope the weather plays fair!

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  5. You just made my day. I LOVED THE VIDEO OF FEE. OMG it was so wonderful. I mean I’m glad you had fun and saw your sister, but Fee is stunning and what a thrill to see her so happy and playful. Thank you so very much for this fabulous treat. Moon is cool too, but compared to Fee, not so much. ❤ Yay!!!!

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    • Woot!! I am so very glad I did! I did make you wait so long, after all. My sister was thrilled with my captures, too 🙂 Fée means Fairy, by the way. She’s a tall and beautiful beast, for sure.
      Hey, I almost did a 100% Fée post… Maybe next time 😉

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  6. It seems like you got a lot done. I can’t stop thinking about hushpuppies. We rarely see them around here, and half the time it’s someone’s idea on an “improved” hushpuppy, which should be illegal. We had rain the night of the eclipse. Kudos for trying, and your photos are interesting. I hope you have a good week.

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    • It does seem like it but was most leisurely, I assure you!
      I didn’t even know what they were until I went to this place. Not the regular Montreal fare. They are apparently legit!
      Thank you. In the end, I kinda like my shots, too.
      Have a wonderful week!

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  7. Dale,
    Always love reading your words and photography sings to my heart. My favorite of this bunch is the one of the horse leaping. Such gorgeous, vibrant energy. ~J

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  8. Dear Dale,

    What fun. All of it. There’s nothing better than meeting up with good friends for food and drink. Love the pictures. All of them. And I had to go check out Tim’s blog. You didn’t lie. Magnificent.

    Shalom and lotsa hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      So glad you enjoyed, Rochelle!

      And even more glad you went and checked out Tim’s images – they truly are fantabulous!

      Shalom and lotsa love,


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  9. So many comments, I’m not reading them all. Loved the photos (forgive you the food, I know it’s your thing), loved that horse, and the moon, and how come your temps are impossibly hot while ours after one day of high, are again impossibly low 🙂​🙂​🙂​

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    • I don’t bother reading other’s comments!
      Glad you loved the photos. What? Forgive the food? 🤣 Fée is a beauty and I’m so glad my photos turned out so well. The moon – I’m calling them artistic. And our temps plummeted. We got one week of hot. It is 6 right now! 😁


  10. Q

    Get the paparazzi on the horn! We gots all the fine ladies in one place at the same time! This scoop will win us a . . . whatever the hell that award is called where you take photographs of fine ladies and sell it to the highest bidder! Yes, this will get us that!



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  11. Turns out Fée was the moon, the sun and the star!
    Beautiful… Moons will come and go until the end of our sun, but only Fée will be the one beautiful creature I see here.
    Thunder, happy you had such a great time with your GF’s.
    I still will not eat at a restaurant. I may never eat at one again. Hey, that’s just me. xoxo ⚡️💥

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          • Comme pour tout le monde. Il va. Je ne suis pas pâmée… mais on verra… le president m’a rencontré (un français 😉 ) et il me voit faire autre chose. Il est en discussions avec d’autres pour me donner un projet – j’aimerais bien. Sinon, je continue de regarder…


          • “Pas pâmée”? J’adore… peu de boulots font tomber en pâmoison. 😉
            Un Français? Hummm. Mais s’il te voit faire autre chose, c’est déjà bien. Et effectivement continue à regarder. Bonne chance et bon week-end… 🤗

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          • J’ai le don de sortir des expressions, hein? Et oui, je comprends que peu de boulots le font mais au moins si une partit dudit boulot… Suis pas trop exigeante…
            Un français pas fendant, en plus! 😉 Mais peu importe, mes yeux sont toujours grand ouvert!


          • J’adore tes expressions… “Pas fendant”? pas ch..? C’est assez rare… je ne crache pas dans la soupe Française, j’adore toujours, mais je ne comprends plus bien la plupart de mes compatriotes. Quand au pays… on va dans l’ mur…

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          • Exactement… pas ch…. 😉 Et puis, en plus, il est Parisien-né! (Les pires, tsé…). Il habite maintenant en Bourgogne. J’aime bien sa façon. Il a beaucoup d’énergie, est engageant. Mais tu sais, je taquine. Je ne cois pas qu’il soit ingénieur (comme plusieurs ici… ouf mon boss – pas de personnalité pantoute!) On va dans l’mur – pas juste en France… au Québec, sans commentaires avec leur osti d’OQLF…
            Bon, j’arrête. Suis de bonne humeur et je ne veux pas ne pas l’être! 😉

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          • les Parisiens peuvent être… difficiles… Mais si on sait comment les prendre, ils se calment.
            OQLF. J’ai dû chercher. Ils veulent mettre l`écriture inclusive? 😬
            Continue dans la bonne humeur. C’est raffraîchissant… biz…

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          • C’est ce qu’on me dit – toute farce à part, je n’ai pas eu la “chance” de “dealer” avec des Parisiens 😉
            OQLF Office Québécoise de la Langue Française. Ils veulent éradiquer la langue anglaise (surtout) pour protéger le français. Ils font chier les autochthones, les anglophones, les allophones et même certain francophones! La liste est longue des choses qu’ils veulent pour nous gaver de leur criss de culture. Désolée, je m’emporte.
            La bonne humeur est revenue! xoxo

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          • Les parisiens, c’est comme partout, y’en a des bien, des moyens et des très “fendants”. 😉 (Je t’ai dis que toute la famille va à Paris, et à Londres, cet été? Génial.
            J’ai lu quelque chose là-dessus. L’une des pires combinaisons politiques c’est la combinaison de la bureaucratie et de l’idéologie. (cette dernière n’ayant par définition pas d’idées…) Au lieu d’ajouter des choses, on remplace et on fait ch… tout le monde…
            T’inquiète, je m’emporte tous les jours avec la France… Je demanderais bien un passeport Canadien, mais ça caille un peu chez toi…
            Vive la bonne humeur.
            Biz 💕🤗

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          • Haha! C’est certain.
            Et cette combinaison est internationale… Et en plus je travaille avec des ingénieurs… Spécialistes en brasseurs de marde 😉
            Ah la la… Canada est quand-même mieux que les É-U…
            Oui! Vive la bonne humeur!
            Biz 😘

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          • Ah, les ingénieurs. Mon frère aîné-aîné, le plus vieux de mes deux frères, est un ingénieur. C’est un brasseur de m… comme tu dis. (L’aut’ ça va, il est cool) Biz back…

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