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Ahead Of The Rest

More than a discussion is needed. Questions posed must come with solutions. This has to change.

Be Sorry . . . Less

Buffalo shooting: what we know about the victims so far | New York | The Guardian

We’ve stopped counting all the losses.

There’s no reason to keep score at this point, considering how one tragedy bleeds seamlessly into the next. From Buffalo, New York to Orange County, California to some other town that is doomed to the same fate, real soon. To tell the truth about who we have become would be to admit defeat and that kind of self reflection ain’t in our DNA.

It’s been twenty-three years since Columbine introduced us to the future with a horror movie script that has become commonplace in 2022: The senseless carnage, all the warning signs left unheeded and the political war chests that cash in on the latest tragedy like vampires at the end of the world.

The reality of yet another lost day is that too many people have stopped pretending to give a damn. The media treats each new mass shooting like a severe weather…

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32 thoughts on “Ahead Of The Rest

    • Neither can I, Peter. It became part of the American way and now they are stuck with it because those who want the right do not want to give it up…

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  1. I was just saying to Holly how I remember the evening I spent on the phone with a friend, a teacher. We watched the horrific footage coming out of Connecticut after Adam Lanza walked into Newton Elementary School and murdered twenty-six people twenty of them children. I remember we just sobbed. And then she said this event would surely change the way things are.

    That was ten years ago.

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  2. It confounds me how we live in a society that is so blithely unconcerned about wackos with guns. There are better ways to run a country and live– the emphasis being on LIVE.

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    • Same. I just can’t wrap my head around this friggin “need” to have guns and I especially can’t understand the ease with which one can get them!

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  3. Seems this is just a part, a horrid part of American life.
    Guns have empowered the sick to kill.
    The sick (getting more ill) grab guns like they are medicine.
    No more Eagle, No more Caribou No more people.

    Yes, I understand the right to bear arms. After all, if the government got out of hand, the people would be ready to stand against it. (250 year old valid fear)

    Unfortunately, the people are standing against each other.

    Divided we fall. ⚡️💥

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    • Yes, it is.
      You are so right on all of it.
      I do understand it. More back then, than today, though.
      And yes, unfortunately, this is the case. It is so very sad.

      Divided… xoxo

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  4. Wish I had even one idea of a solution, but like so many, I feel immobilized by all the unnecessary violence countered with the chant of 2nd Amendment Rights. This is beyond disheartening. It’s a tragedy on constant replay and too many of us live traumatized. Welcome to America.

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