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Easy-Breezy Sundays

If every summer day was like today, I would be in heaven.  25℃ (feels like 27℃) or, for you Yanks, 77℉ (feels like 81℉).  The sun is shining but are were puffy white clouds passing by, breaking up the blue and momentarily giving breaks from the direct rays. The breeze is warm and steady at 30km/h with gusts up to 39km/h (19mph, and 24mph).  The tree leaves rustle, the birds sing and traffic sounds so far away it is a barley discernable hum.

It is now late afternoon and all the neighbours, myself included, have mowed our lawns; no more sounds of circular saws or hammering or other chores needed, and now, we can sit by our pools or on our patios or right in the grass, having earned our time of respite, and just be one with the world. 

Of course there is supper to be made but I’ve actually planned ahead, sorta, kinda maybe.  The salmon “should” be thawed by the time I’m ready, right?  Plus, supper won’t be at least until 7:00 pm today…  In the meantime, I am catching up on my reading – I am participating in Sammi’s Lord of the Rings re-read.  It’s fun. We read a half-chapter per week, then “discuss” on her blog in her Tolkien Tuesday.  I was behind by four weeks!  Tomorrow we shall be discussing the first half of Chapter 11: A Knife in the Dark.  It’s fun to get the opinions and thoughts of others (we are 4-6 regulars who participate) on each segment.

I was actually serenaded by a robin as I enjoyed the afternoon.  How can one not appreciate that?

The BBQ is cooking my salmon and my rice is in its last resting five minutes.  The asparagus are just about to get some grilling and I may actually be joined by the other residents of this household for supper, like at the same time as me.  Whoa. 

We so enjoyed the different flavours brought out by the barbecue, it had me wondering why I barely used it last year.  I shall definitely rectify the situation this year. 

I’m also wondering why the hell we did not eat outside, especially since at the time we ate (8:00), the non-existent roof on my gazebo (ripped last year and needs to be replaced) wouldn’t have mattered as the sun had moved away from the house.  Much as I love to eat outside, I do not love to eat in full sun and will never understand those who do.  To each his and her own, I say.

*Special note:  I was so enjoying the day yesterday that I finished posting today, Monday 😉 


48 thoughts on “Easy-Breezy Sundays

  1. It sounds like a beautiful day, Dale. Reading, birdsong, and a simple but delicious meal.
    We had similar weather yesterday, and also enjoyed some lovely outside time at a winery. We have a big backyard, but no pool and lots of bugs, so we don’t really use it.

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  2. Such a perfect day! I hope today is just as good. It’s Memorial Day here, a National holiday to reflect on fallen soldiers and veterans ( goes back to 1868). It’s also a time when families gather to enjoy each other , beach and barbecues. Have a wonderful day Dale! 🌸

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  3. Dear Dale,

    Definitely the perfect day. I love the sound of the robin’s song. Thank you for translating for us Yanks so I didn’t have to go running for the converter. 😉 Supper sounds divine.

    Shalom and lotsa springtime hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      It truly was. Got a few things done, read, relaxed, ate well, was serenaded… What more can a girl ask for? (And you’re welcome.😉)

      Shalom andotsa lazy Sunday love,



  4. That does sound like a perfect day! We had 90 (I’m a Yank) here today, a little hot. I got what yardwork I planned to do done early in the morning. Katie the dog did only short walks. I wonder if there’s somewhere in the world where it stays in the 70s year round?

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    • It really was (and today was similar, thought hotter – reaching 88). Smart to do it all in the morning. You can’t blame Katie the dog! Hawai’i is pretty good, keeping around 75 year-round… There are four other places in the world apparently (I had to check, knowing only the Hawai’i, option!)

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  5. I love days like this, the one you describe. We had it on Saturday and walked for miles. BBQ later, yes! And Sunday morning was sublime, so we walked for miles around Boston. Lazing? Oh, yes, afterwards, feet up, books on the front porch, rocking in the chair. Ahhhhh. Impressed with your Lord of the Rings reading, btw. xo

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    • They are the best, aren’t they? Glad you had them too!
      Lord of the Rings – it’s basically reading about 6-7 pages per week… Sammi calculated it so that we read the whole trilogy within one year. Kinda cool and even if I fall behind, it’s pretty easy to catch up (like when I went off for my week’s vacay – there was no reading then!) It’s more fun than I would have thought (though seriously, those others? They take their LOTR knowledge to a whole ‘nother level!

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  6. The salmon “should” be thawed by the time I’m ready, right?

    And how many times have I said that, too! I’m with you about not eating outside in the bright sunlight. I like the shade, baby. Your Lord of the Ring reading sounds fun– and doable.

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  7. Q

    I haven’t had salmon in ages. But it looks as if you picked the perfect day for such a feast as that, and the temps . . oh the temps, the temps were calling. Apologies to Danny Boy for sampling his song there, but I felt it was appropriate.

    My perfect weather day is slightly overcast and fifty-ish degrees. A slight wind with just a comfortable amount of chill tossed in.

    Here’s to the nectar of the Gods and a perfect afternoon with which to partake!


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  8. What a lovely respite for you! Taking joy in the moments–good for you, Dale. Well-deserved. And the reading fest sounds great! I’ve recently finished another Amor Towles book (man, he’s a good writer!) and enjoyed it outdoors. Nothing better!

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    • It was, Kristine. I never thought I would enjoy this reading “club” but it’s fun.
      I don’t know this writer. Will have to look into him!
      So nice when we can read outside without freezing, cooking or being blown away! 😉


  9. As relaxing and delicious as this post is, the singing Robin stole the post.
    I cannot eat in full sun, either! The wine gets too, warm. So happy you had a restful day! ⚡️💥

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