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What Are the Odds? – Friday Fictioneers

Hola my peeps!  Yessiree, it’s me, participatin’ in the weekly activity known as Friday Fictioneers which starts on a Wednesday, coz that’s how we roll… Get in early, keep up with the new arrivals and Bob’s your uncle!  This week, our hostess with the mostest, Rochelle, has selected a photo from Lisa Fox.  Don’t ask me why I went where I did. I just did. Coz that’s how I roll 😉 Plus, OK… maybe when I first saw the image smaller, I saw something else. But since my brain went there, who am I to redirect it?  If’n you come up with something more betterer, then please, by all means, click on the frog below and add the link to your 100-word story!

A Famous Horse

Click me to play

There’s the pistol!  And they’re off!  We can barely tell one from the other.  Round the bend they go and it’s Smiley-Joe in the lead. Not too far behind is Jack-in-the-Box with Happy-Go-Lucky sneaking up.  Lucky Charm is at the back of the pack and there is no way he’s gonna be a contender!

Wait! What’s going on?  There he goes… he’s surging outta the pack!  Holy crap! He’s past Suzie-Q, now Sweet-Cheeks.  He’s closing in on Happy-Go-Lucky!

My God! I’ve never seen anything like it.  It’s like he’s possessed!  Whoa!  What an upset!  No one saw Lucky Charm coming!


K. Normally I don’t dig on explanations to stories, choosing for readers to make of it what they will.  However, let me just say I thought I saw a vine climbing higher…

123 thoughts on “What Are the Odds? – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    I’d be one of the first to ask how you got there from the prompt. It don’t make me no nevermind. I enjoyed the race. That’ll teach me to bet on Smiley-Joe, won’t it? Fun stuff.

    Shalom and lotsa gallopin’ hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I almost ‘splained it below my story but decided against it… However, just fer you, lemme say that I thought I saw one vine climbing further than the rest. Only when I added the pic to my post, in much bigger, did I see it was a tree wit a few branches reaching high. I decided to stick with my story 😉 So awful glad it made no nevermind to you and you still enjoyed it…

      Shalom and lotsa best-odds love,


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  2. “I’ll have what she’s having.” 🙂

    I didn’t know it was a race, much less professionally announced.

    You seem to be rolling in funny waters today, Dale. Well done.

    I agree —- go with what you see.

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  3. Q

    Thank you for bringing the “vines” back, seeing as how the social media equivalent went the way of the rotary phone many moons ago. You’re definitely on a nature kick, and I say we need lots more where that came from. 😉

    As for the explanation? I’m pretty fucking relieved you provided because I was going to come off simpler than Simon otherwise. I thought maybe it was a race between several burglars falling OFF the building. Or maybe some rodents scurrying up the funky ladder. But seriously, I was going to be at a loss.

    Here’s to a race worth tuning in for!


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    • Harness thing, eh? (I’m ignorant of all things horse racing related!). Glad you thought it was original… Now that you said “weed” I can’t help think of the Rumor Weed in Veggie Tales… Lordy…


  4. You’re missing your calling! You should be a horse race announcer. Perhaps you can quit your new(ish) job, after you’ve secured the position.
    I would have got it… but the neat photo is a bit blurry. As is, I thought it was the club house turn! xo ⚡️💥

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  5. My wife and I just stated Salsa Dancing and I have been struggling with the Susie -Qs so that jumped out at me when I read this the first time. As it’s Friday Fictioneers perhaps this one would have been a photo finish? 🙂

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