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Summer Solstice

I haven’t been doing much participatin’.  Just a phase I’m going through, methinks.  However, I did start this two days ago (what?) and am finally ready to share today.  dVerse on Monday Haibun was hosted by Frank J. Tassone and he suggested we celebrate the Solstice (summer for the northern hemisphere, winter for the southern).  I love this time of year because it still has a mix of cool and warm days, especially in the Montreal area.  It’s a little Russian Roulette weather-wise.  Come mid-July to mid-August, we risk getting the gross, humid, hot and life-sucking heat.  So, I shall take this time to celebrate the little joys.

The tulips, rhododendrons, and lilacs have come and gone, their scent barely a memory before the next wave of blooms take centre stage, such as daisies, irises, and lillies.  Hatchlings have broken free from their shells and are looking less and less like little aliens and more like their parents, wings coming in slowly.

Yes indeed, Summer Solstice is upon us in the northern hemisphere.  Before the humidity and serious heat hit, we are graced with temperatures hovering around the 25℃ (75℉).  Daisies sway in the lovely breeze, bees are buzzing, roses are blooming and strawberries are starting to pop up to join with the rhubarb – cakes, pies, cordials?  The sounds and scents of summer fill the air.  And when the rains come?  They can be gentle or fierce, accompanied by thunder and lightening. Oh! To have a covered porch again so that I can feel I am one with the elements!

To Summer Solstice

Coming to life with aplomb

Soak it all in now



76 thoughts on “Summer Solstice

  1. Lovely photos and thoughts, Dale! We’ve had some of that beautiful weather the last few days, though we’re past strawberry and rhubarb season here. We’re going to get the heat and then the heat and humidity soon.

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    • Thank you, Merril. Crazy what a few hours drive away means. Our strawberries are in full swing now. It’s been raining non-stop since last night (so lovely, if I had been allowed to sleep in). Mid-July to mid-August is when we get nailed with the hot and humid heat waves. In no rush for that!

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      • We bought a pretty little strawberry plant that we have in a pot–so we did eat one strawberry from it this week. 🤣 We have a steady rain right now. It is kind of nice–not stormy, a little cool–makes me think of the beach. Usually that’s when we get that kind of weather, too, but who knows? Weather, like everything, is crazy now.

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        • How lovely! My friend had one that she brought in for the winter and she had pretty much one berry per every other day!
          I’m loving the rain. The rest of my long weekend is going to be in the in the 80’s – 90’s
          The weather is completely nuts!

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          • What a grand idea. I haven’t planted a single thing this year. Sigh. I wish I had places to put plants in this house of mine… It’s a sad state of affairs, I tell you.


  2. Dear Dale,

    Every one of these pics could’ve been taken in Missouri. 😉 And your description of the weather…yeah…life sucking heat here. As always, wonderful snaps.

    Shalom and lotsa cooling hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I bet they could! Raining cats and dogs here and I we won’t even hit 70 today. And guess what? Other than having to go into work, whereas I would have preferred to keep sleeping with the sound of the rain as my lullaby, I have no problem with it!
      I thank you, my friend.

      Shalom and lotsa early summer love,



    • Yeah. I’m so ready to retire!! I suppose I could just open the garage door and enjoy the sound and olfactory effects… but then I’d look like some type of redneck! 😉

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      • Oh, Dale! Haven’t ya heard. We’re not s’pose ta give a rat’s arse what other people think, by this time of life!
        Mmmmm – and I want some of that rhubarb!
        Bright Blessings to you all ~

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        • Yanno! You’ve got a very good point there, Karen! And next rainstorm, I’m sitting out in the garage! 😉
          It was sooo good…
          Right back at ya!


  3. That beautiful flower with the bee has such stunning colors. It may have taken you a few days to pull it together, but it was worth the wait.

    (If I don’t respond, it’s because WordPress has decided it won’t let me play. It’s the complexity of our relationship. Ah, WordPress. You’re a bugger.)

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    • Doesn’t it, though? I was so happy to find it in my “June” pictures. Yeah, I can’t seem to get myself organized, lately.

      And no worries, I won’t hold it against you. Frankly, WP is more than a bugger…

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  4. Great pictures Dale. We have a bunch of Canadian Geese who reside near us and they provide great picture opportunities each day, especially when the little ones are born and the parents start showing them around. We have also had a Canadian-like Spring. I know the heat and humidity will come eventually, but we’re almost in July now and the cool is greatly appreciated. We’ve had some May’s where it’s already in the 90’s and the humidity has set up shop for the summer.

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    • Thank you, Bruce. I miss working next to the nests and watching the evolution of their growth.
      The heat hits tomorrow and over the whole weekend.
      We also almost always have a really hot week in May, then June is mostly crap, except for an odd day here and there. The real muggy arrives mid-July. Let the complaining begin!

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    • Thank you, Marie. We are hitting the 80’s starting tomorrow, possibly going up to the 90’s by Sunday. I’ll take today’s rainy 60…
      Ugh for your temps. No thank you!

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  5. This time of year used to last longer!
    I think climate changes is messing up my fave time of year. Now autumn is my time.
    2 days ago it was 120f with the humidex. I was outside for 2 minutes and almost fainted.

    Still, with you in enjoying the best, and I would love a veranda! Nothing like a Thunder storm. Yes, you can be more 1 with nature on the right porch.

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