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A Tuesday Night Supper

I haven’t done a food post in eons. And now I’m thinking I have to reinstitute Dalectables.  I’m thinking about it. Oh, and don’t worry, this won’t be one of those super cheery blah-de-blah; step-by-step with twelve photos of the same thing.  No, no, this is not one of those!

Just like blog post ideas, so go ideas on what to make for supper (for the umpteenth day in a row).  And by go, I mean by the wayside.  Sometimes, just like the wannabe post where I write one line with the intention of coming back to it later, I buy an ingredient for a specific recipe only to find its less-than-desirable self in the back of the fridge.  Sometimes, like the line, I manage to use said ingredient in another way, thereby not wasting it.  And sometimes, I actually use it in the way I wanted to.  Or almost.

I had a head of cauliflower in the crisper drawer, slowly de-crisping and becoming more, let’s say frumpy. (And I don’t know about you but with the price of groceries, this is NOT the way to go.)  I have been wanting to do a recipe since forever and tonight was the night!  Of course, I could not find that recipe for the life of me… so, as I usually do, I went to the trusty Google and entered the ingredient I wanted to use.  BOOM! Oh wait, that’s not it. Ooohhh… but I have everything I need for THAT recipe.  It’s a go!  And, while it might be a supposed main course, I knew that my kids would not buy it so it was going to be a perfect side for the marinated chicken thighs – that I actually remembered to do this morning before work.  I am on FIAH!  Okay, let’s not get excited.

And, take that Jamie Oliver… I, too can have a fabulous meal done in thirty minutes!

Roasted Cauliflower Steaks With Romesco Sauce and a side of Marinated Chicken Thighs.   So, thank you, Martha Stewart, your recipe was delightful.  And thank you, Dale Rogerson, your marinade turned out delish (not that I can ever make it again coz it was some of this, some of that and…)

Ta dah!

83 thoughts on “A Tuesday Night Supper

  1. Dale, thanks for posting, for two reasons. Number one, your recipe and your picture look delicious – and two, your post reminded me that I roasted halved tomatoes last night, turned off the oven (I was cooking something else at the same time) and forgot to take the tomatoes out. They taste fine and are now in the fridge 🙂

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  2. LOVE roasted cauliflower! We are having that tonight as a side with pasta!
    You are totally right about not wasting food. ⚡️💥 I do like you do.
    The lettuces are thick in the garden, so lots of salads, lately. Tomatoes are coming, but still green. The pot plants are…. never mind! 🙄
    Your plating and pic are gorgeous! xoxo

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    • Thank you, my friend. I know you don’t do meat… the cauliflower was THE BOMB! I am definitely doing that again. And again. And then some 😉


  3. I often buy just any veggies in season and only decide upon opening the fridge what we shall eat…. chaos combined with fantasy and imagination. Love cheese with anything, herbs with everything and wd roast the little pieces of cauliflower with onions and garlic, add the one or two toms, and at the end a bit of balsamico et voilà….

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    • I usually shop that way, too. There are, however, times when I see a recipe and think, ooooh, I want to try that one! Roasted veg of any kind is delish, too 🙂

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