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Restocking – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Thursday!  Last working day of the week for us Canucks as tomorrow is Canada Day. I hemmed and hawed. I thought and pondered. I went here and then there and came up with this!  The Wisoff-Fields are in cahoots this week as hostess and supplier of photo.  Thank you Jan for your image and Rochelle for your always diligent presence on this jaunts!  Should you wish to play along, you can click on Rochelle’s name for the what’s what or go directly to the frog and link up your 100-word story.  Happy Thursday y’all!

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I thought you’d be here a week ago!  What took you so long?  New route? New Supplier?

Sorry, Linda, I got side-tracked a few towns over.  My stock had depleted and needed filling.

So, new supplier. You didn’t think you could restock here?  You’ve always been satisfied before, Norman.

Well you know, Linda, a little variety in life is not a bad thing.  I do like to scope out what’s new.

When you’re tired of the old, you mean.

Not old at all, darlin’. There’s comfort in the familiar.

Yeah, yeah.  I know. “Sigh.”

C’mere, show me what you’ve got.




132 thoughts on “Restocking – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Wonderful, Dale.
    Well, I see what you mean about letting this story stew for a while. Yes, familiar is fine, but spice is also nice. Happy Canada Day and last workday of the week. 🙂

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  2. Q

    This post brings to mind the classic Yogi Berra quote, “When you come to the fork in the road, take it!”. The familiar gets a bad rap. Everyone’s familiar is different, after all. Some are thrilling while others are akin to a rocking chair . . comfortable. Just as everyone’s “new” is different as well. Some are impossible to imagine until you’re “re-stocking the supply” in a good way and some? Welp, the polar opposite of that!

    Either way, there is no wrong answer, and Norm is the man!


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    • B

      I like that quote 🙂 The familiar does get a bad rap – usually by those who haven’t found theirs. And yes, some come to the realisation after they’ve stocked up elsewhere. If they’re lucky, they can come back.

      Norm is Norm and not pretendin’ to be anyone else, so there is that!


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  3. I get the sense that they enjoy the flirting, disguised as it might be–makes it more fun 🙂

    And speaking of fun, I liked seeing my name in your story. “Linda” has become kind of old-fashioned. Most of us fall into the same age category–between 65 and 75. Linda Darnell was a popular actress in my birth year (1947) and there was a song: “When I go to sleep, I never count sheep; I just count the charms about Linda. . . ” popularized by Frank Sinatra.

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  4. Dear Dale,

    Oy, this is as late as it gets getting around to reading and commenting. Not much time at the computer lately but definitely enjoying friends and family.
    At any rate, I enjoyed the banter in your story. It sounds like this is about more than supply and demand. There’s a lot to be said for familiar and comfortable.



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Nothing like reading a comment from the week before 😉 You know I’m not sitting here cursing you 😉 Glad you’ve been enjoying family.
      I am glad you enjoyed the banter. And uh huh supply and demand and wanting to sample something new and again over the familiar and comfortable…

      Shalom and lotsa familiar love,



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