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Fairy Tale Redux – Friday Fictioneers

Wednesday is here and – gasp!  I am participating for the second week in a row!  Wild.  Rochelle is both hostess and photographer, this week.  A thanks goes out to you, Miss Thang, for being at your post week after week.

I fear I have lacked originality this week but so be it. It is what it is and for some strange reason, the idea I had before starting to type was something completely different but my brain could not seem to control my fingers. It’s my story and I’m sticking to it 😉  Should you have a better take, they please, by all means, click on the frog below and add your link!  G’head! I’d love to read it 🙂


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G’head click to play


Tell me a story, please, Mom.

Fairy tale or a real story?

Fairy tale.  Real life is too unbelievable.

Hah!  Gotcha.  Classic?  Rumpelstiltskin?

With your twist.

That’s my girl!  Lemme see…

“Once upon…”

Really, Mom?

Shhh. Quiet.  “Once upon a time a farmer’s daughter met a goofy-looking elf.  He had these sweet powers and could turn anything to gold.  So they partnered up and made a fortune selling golden strands of wool.  He really wanted a kid so they adopted one.  He stayed home, while she took care of business.”

Why adopt?

Lots of ragamuffins back then.

Win-win for all.




133 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Redux – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    This makes me think of my dad. He once told me about Cinderella going to the ballgame. 😀
    Cute banter. I could see this. I like Mom’s twist on Rumpelstiltskin. Much kinder version.

    Shalom and lotsa fantastical hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Your dad was on the ball 😉
      Glad you enjoyed. I was worried it might be too “easy” 🙂

      Shalom and lotsa love redux!



  2. Well, I do like this story better than I did the other version, with the sneaky tricky dude. 😉 And … I guess we all of us found ourselves a bit bewitched into the fairy tale realms by this photo, eh? 😉

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  3. Oh, wonderful. This has ‘Dale-ism’ written all over it. Your fingers contrived an excellent contemporary take on an old same-old. Wall done, Dale.

    Two in a row! The possibilities are limitless. 🙂

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  4. All the best comments are taken; as usual I’m late. So, from my heart (bypassing brain) I love it. I love all fairy tales when they’re given modern twists; I particularly like this one. 😊​😊​😊​

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  5. I was going to say pretty much what draliman said. I like your twist. It reminds me of being in high school and going to the library and reading children’s books and making them twisted. Good fun.

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  6. Q

    Watchou talking about you were lacking originality? Calling in the Brothers Grimm from the bullpen is pretty original. The stories get told and they never get old. At least that’s how I saw it whenever I let myself dream on a fairy tale. There’s nothing derivative about paying homage to the stories we grew up with. Especially considering as how this generation probably won’t know that feeling, which is sad.

    Ragamuffins? How did you know my football nickname? 😉


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