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For Our Lovely Sorceress, Resa

Little birdies know this that month is the one when our Sensational Sorceress of Silk, our Goddess of the Graffiti, our friend and fellow blogger was brought into the world.  The exact date remains unknown so our little group made up of Gigi, from Rethinking Life, Beth from I didn’t have my glasses on…, Holly, from House of Heart and me decided that we would celebrate our friend today. Mid-month should keep us safe, right?

Resa brings nothing but joy to us all through her blogs Graffiti, Lux Art and More, as well as her impossibly beautiful gowns at Art Gowns.  She has made us all gorgeous as her AGM models and created wondrous stories to go with her wonderful drawings.

She adds sparkle to the world and I could not think of any better image to represent her than fireworks!

My dear Sorceress, from me all of us, we wish you a most wonderful and happy birthday! (Not your AGMs, but hey, this is my bouquet to you!)

Lotsa love,



77 thoughts on “For Our Lovely Sorceress, Resa

    • Dear Rochelle,

      That is lovely to say. It was all Gigi’s doing and I’m glad to have been included in the gang 😉

      Yes, I was looking for a bouquet picture when I landed on this one and thought… hmmm 😉

      Shalom and lotsa love,


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  1. OMG!!!
    I’ve been ganged up on!
    How cool is this post, and all the birthday treat posts? BIG COOL!!!!!
    Okay… I’m going to gang up on all you guys!

    Thank you so much..more, many, most Eeeeee! Thee’s so much Thunder going on, I think it’s gonna rain from my eyes. xoxoxo

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    • Yeah baby! You deserve it! I hope we have the month right, at least 😉
      BIG COOL is all we can ask for.

      Hope your day was, is, is gonna be fantabulous!

      Let it rain (it’s the good kind…)



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