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For Love Of Reading, Answering The Bookish A-Z Questions

I know I’ve not finished my Catskills series.  It requires fiddling with my fingers and trying to write it in a manner enjoyable to read.  I am smack-dab in the middle of my moving/demolition/renovation and cannot seem to sit down for long enough to do so.  Even though I quit my job, I still seem to have no hours to spare, except to take breaks and read a post or two, go back to work, etc.

So, when I landed on Ally, of The Spectacled Bean’s post, I found myself thinking up my own answers to the questions.  So, between schlepping boxes and clothes, et al, I come back here to answer another.  Why not, right? I have until Sunday night to be done with the house so… not much left to do (she tries to convince herself…)

Author You’ve Read the Most Books From: This was a toss-up and I had to google the number of books.  Maeve Binchy – at least 11; Jodi Picoult – at least 8.

Best Sequel:  Hmmm… hard to say. The Interview With a Vampire books were all enjoyable (the ones I read); and the series from The Kent Family Chronicles by John Jakes:  The Bastard, The Rebel, et al. were also good.  I cannot remember thinking, dang, they should have stopped at the previous one. Mind you, that was a bazillion years ago, so..

Currently Reading: LOTR, The Fellowship of the Ring in a reading group; we only read half a chapter per week, so I am also reading, I Am a Girl From Africa, by Elizabeth Nyamayaro on my Kindle (in bed) and Thérèse et Pierrette à l’école des Saint-Anges by Michel Tremblay, because I like to have a book-book for reading in my moments.  I like to read a French book every 4-5 books to keep my skillz up.

Drink Choice While Reading: Don’t really have one and depends on the time of day and my mood.  Could be coffee, tea or wine or an Aperol Spritz or….

E reader or physical book:  Both.  I prefer a physical book but when travelling or before bed (no night light needed), I’ll choose an E-reader.

Fictional character you probably would have dated in high school:  Hmmm… None come to mind.

Glad You Gave this Book a Chance: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, J.K. Rowling (as if anyone doesn’t know this!). My sister kept telling me to read it. I would read the first few pages and meh… she pushed some more and then I devoured them all.

Hidden Gem:  Gosh. West With the Night, Beryl Markham.  I actually listened to this on Audible, read by the fabulous Julie Harris, which added a level of wow to the book.  I have recommended this book to anyone who will listen – and hey, Ernest Hemingway highly recommended her and he recommended no one!

Important Moment in Your Reading Life:  I cannot think of any one particular book.  So many have touched me deeply in one way or another.  However, having access to so many books at Boucherville Elementary School and reading all the Black Stallions and all the Chica D’Oro (about a palomino horse) books with my friend Lynne marks my true start of loving to read.

Just FinishedA Man Called Ove, Fredrik Backman. It had been recommended to me by more than a few people so I finally succumbed.  I fell in love with this grouchy not-so-mean-as-he-wants-people-to-think Swede.

Kind of Books I Won’t Read (anymore):  I no longer can stand historical romance which I used to devour.  I tried one the other day.  Nope.

Longest Book You’ve ReadShogun, James Clavell.  All 1210 pages of it.  Texas, by James Michener came in close, though the version I read was in two volumes so doesn’t quite count, does it?  Anyone who had the single volume, got 1096 pages…

Major Book Hangover Because Of:  Does this mean that I didn’t want to end? Or that stayed with me for a long time?  Either way, it’s hard to say off the cuff.  I shall have to think long and hard on this one.

Number of Cases You Own: Four.  But there are books to be found all over the place.  I have a lamp with four glass “shelves”  There are books on three of them.

One Book You’ve Read Multiple Times: I am not a re-reader, though I have read Pride and Prejudice twice and am re-reading the LOTR – because of the group thing I mentioned above.

Preferred Place to Read: Comfy chair in the living room, outside in the shade (still comfy chair, please) or in bed, with lots of pillows to support my back.

Quote That Inspires You, or Gives You All the Feels, From a Book You’ve Read:  I don’t really take notes (though I have started to highlight on my kindle) so, if I were to cheat, I’d have to go look at said notes.  Obviously didn’t leave that much of a mark if I have to look, right?

Reading Regret:  Going to a French high school, the required reading was not what we would call “the classics” (though I am sure my French teachers would protest).  I mean the Anglo classics.  So, determined to make up for the lack, I read a few For Whom the Bell Tolls – blow up the bridge already, you’re killing me and I don’t care anymore; and then Anna Karenina – hurry up and throw yourself in front of the train, I’m done with you, you simpering idiot… So, to say I am reticent about continuing my quest is an understatement.  I shall, however, try more!

Series You Started and Need to Finish: Haven’t read a series in forever.

Three of Your All Time Favorite Books:  This is too difficult a question.

Unapologetic Fanperson For:  Maeve Binchy. Alas, she passed away and there will be no more new stories; however, I’ve not read them all yet so I do have some to look foward to.  Oh, and Jodi Picoult, too, though I am long overdue for one of hers.

Very Excited For This Release (More than all the others):  None, in particular.  I read what I read when I read and am currently on a “no-buy” thing (failing miserably at it, but trying, nevertheless).

Worst Bookish Habit:  Finishing a book I don’t enjoy because, dammit, I started it… well, not true. I did manage to put aside a book for maybe later (which might never come).

X Marks the Spot—start at the top left of your shelf and pick the 27th bookSwimming Lessons, Claire Fuller. (I chose the 2nd book case as the first one has cook books 😉

Your Latest Book PurchaseThe Winding Road: A Journey of Survival, Miriam Hurdle, on a friend’s recommendation.

Zzz-Snatcher Book (the last book that kept you up late)The Silent Patient, Alex Michaelides.


149 thoughts on “For Love Of Reading, Answering The Bookish A-Z Questions

    • So glad you did. And I wanted my answers to be fun 😉
      And that’s the great thing… There are so many genres (and I read many, even if they didn’t appear here).
      Yay to enjoying the read 🙂

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  1. Thanks for linking to my post and for answering the questions. I’ve read a few books by Picoult, but not enough. I remember The Kent Family Chronicles. My mother read them, but I didn’t for some reason. Shogun! I read that and it is probably longer than Hawaii, the book I mentioned.

    I’ve never read Anna Karenina because I just can’t deal with a simpering idiot 😏 but I did read A Man Called Ove because I can appreciate a faux curmudgeon 😁

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    • Of course. Picoult’s style is amazing. I don’t know how she manages, book after book, to show both sides of a story without leaning on one or the other. Yes. Wait, let me go see… oh no, It’s Caribbean I have (that I’ve not read yet), not Hawaii.

      Anna Karenina – I simply do not understand what the hoopla is about her. I actually preferred the second story within hers. Wasn’t it a lovely book? How can one not love Ove?

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    • I will, eventually. And I never read reviews before reading a book. But interesting that it had that effect,
      Honestly, there have been many books that upon reading the last page I was left wishing there were more. I just couldn’t think of one on the spot!
      Thanks for reading and commenting, Phyllis!


  2. Fabulous read , love reading about people I adore! I am a rereader and a rewatcher ( movies) I seen Two for the road 5 times. Eeek. You’ve quit your job? Where have I been. Don’t ask. Congratulations 🎉

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  3. Dale, it “got past me” you had detached from your job. Without knowing the details, congratulations. You have a chance to hit the reset button and I have felt that feeling. Keep us posted (see what I did there). I love seeing these kind of posts because I think you can learn not only more about the person, but find a recommendation within you might want to invest in yourself. I loved your “answer” on the three favorite books. Nope. Too hard! 📚

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    • I didn’t really announce it, Bruce. Last Friday, I decided enough. I could no longer convince myself that it would become something interesting so I wrote my letter and handed it in. Boom. And yes, time to reset!
      I love these kind of posts, (and reading about others’) and that’s why, when I read Ally’s, I felt the urge to participate. That, plus I am procrastinating from doing what I am supposed to do.
      I’m in awe of those who can quote from books they read or name their most favourite books… I’m not that kind of a reader. I enjoy, I let it sink in, I pick up another!

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  4. Interesting! With Ally’s post, I didn’t recognize most of the authors she mentioned, but I did recognize quite a few of yours. I’m tempted to write down, just for myself, what books and authors I’ve read because I know I’ve read a lot, I just don’t remember most of it 😦

    So how did I miss it that you quit your job?! It sounds like you’re making some serious changes in your life. I’m out of the loop probably because I didn’t keep up with your blog for a while. My bad.

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    • I hear you. It’s why I was interested in doing it. And the more, the merrier, I say 🙂 As for not remembering, tell me about it Oy!

      I didn’t make a big hoopla of it. I just did it. I only mentioned it in this post so fear not, you are not behind (I’ve been posting sporadically, at best).

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  5. loved your answers, fredrik backman (ove author), is one of my favs and I’ve read every one of his books, and my fav piccoult so far has been ‘my sister’s keeper.’ have to read more of hers

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    • Sweet! I so enjoyed this book and I didn’t even realise I already had a Backman book on my wish list. Definitely will read more of him.
      As for Picoult, every since one of her books has the two sides of a story. So good. Never preachy and I don’t know how she does it to remain so neutral. You definitely must 🙂

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  6. Q

    The liquidation will (has, will continue to be) include even more books since you’re not a re-reader. And as for reading a book to the end even when you hate it? It’s like what I do when I have a pizza that I’m not crazy about. Commitment! Damn the thing!

    I think Zeke?

    As for book I’m reading now? None! I’ll have to let one talk me into reading it. I go through binges where I read and times when I don’t. It’s currently the latter.

    Life of Pi is the only book I’ve re-read, that I can remember.


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  7. Great post! And once again it could have been me when I read your book and reading habit replies 😂. Like where to read (my Ikea arm chair or in bed), finishing a book because I started it even though I don’t like it, preferring actual books, can’t stand historical (and contemporary) romances anymore even though I devoured them some years ago, Harry Potter (which I was very sceptical at first and then thought I need to read it to give an opinion … and was hooked right away)! Have a great weekend with a little bit of relaxed reading in between!

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  8. So much fun, Dale. I always like learning about what people read. I was wondering about your job, too, but I see from comments above that you hadn’t announced it before. I know you weren’t happy there, so enjoy now!
    I read a couple Maeve Binchly in the past, but I honestly couldn’t tell you what. I know Jodi Picoult is very popular, and I did read something of hers recently that I thought was good. . .but I don’t remember what it was. I read Shogun, too, way back when, and that John Jakes series, and Hawaii.

    I love to go to the library and just browse the new books shelf, so it’s hard to keep up with series.

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    • I didn’t even touch on so many writers I have read. It took me forever to read Mordechai Richler and, for shame, such a famous Montrealer. Shoot… now that I mention it here, I’m wondering why I didn’t mention it in my post!
      I read all sorts of stuff. I am enjoying LOTR because, honestly, as I am not a super fan like the other readers in the group, it’s almost brand new. I read it so long ago and I only saw the movie once (while they have seen them multiple times and compare them to the books… I’m like ummmm nkay..)


  9. Excellent, Dale.

    This is more than wonderful. I am not sure I can relate to most of your answers (except for the reading in bed/e-reader ones). I am not a prodigious reader. Not nearly at your level.

    But I enjoyed reading your post, the answers, and learning about your reading life. I enjoy the same from authors I don’t even know. Maybe your reading life has a memoir in it? I want to know more.

    Eyebrows up. 🙂

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  10. Great questions and answers, Dale. I would have a hard time coming up with answers for some of these. Shogun! I had forgotten about that one, but I could not put it down. I remember cooking dinner and stirring with one hand while holding Shogun in the other. 🙂 Fun stuff!

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    • Thank you, Jan. I was thinking when I read Ally’s post that I wouldn’t be able to answer stuff. LOL… She had forgotten it too! My mother read it in 1.5 days doing exactly what you say. She didn’t sleep until it was done. I was impressed with myself that it took me 2 weeks – I had a long bus/metro commute at the time…

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  11. Dear Dale,

    I’m such a slouch when it comes to reading these days. I did ask myself the longest book I’ve read…I think it’s between Ahab’s Wife and Gone with the Wind. I enjoyed your post but am slow getting around to leave a comment.

    Shalom and lotsa literary hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I am far from the reader I used to be. I have not been able to match my book goal for the past three years! At the half-way point, I thought, yes! I read more than half the books… Haven’t finished a book since. Gone With the Wind was a good one.

      Shalom and lotsa bookish love,


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  12. Is that Zeke by the books?

    Well, you answered more questions than I could…I think.
    Never mind, my fave question is- Fictional character you probably would have dated in high school: Never mind high school or books!
    Video games… whoa … fictional characters from video games I’d love a romp with (to heck with a date) SNAKE – from the Metal Gear Series. He was unbelievably sexy in the last one before they retired Snake, and he wears an eye patch.
    #1 is Mr. Akiyama from the Yakuza games. He was in 2 of them. Shivering with anticipation just thinking about him.
    SHIP! I wasn’t planning on playing the game again…. but I might have to! xx

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  13. I love this “personal” post, Dale, where I feel like I know you even better. And (cheering in the background) you quit your job! Your=’re off to be in joy (and enjoy) every minute – don’t waste one!! I’m excited for you (as we talked about this a little in comments in my blog). Anyway, love your book answers. I devoured Maeve Binchy books too. And have read all of Jodi’s (first name basis because she lives near here one state over and her sister taught in a school where some of my friends’ kids went. 🙂 All great answers here. FUN. xoxox

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    • Sweet! Thank you, Pam. And yesterday I had a very successful interview. I start the new job on Tuesday. I was kinda hoping the agency wouldn’t find something so quickly but hey. whatcha gonna do, right? We clicked and I think they forced themselves to wait a few hours before offering me the job 🙂
      Maeve was the best and I am blown away by each and every Jodi book I’ve read.
      So glad you enjoyed my participation!

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  14. Lovely post! I chucked at “I finish a book because I started it” because I’m the same 😂

    One question, though: would you feel “ashamed” or “guilty” if you stopped reading a book halfway?

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  15. That was fun, Dale. It’s fun to think about favorite reads, though I’d probably have a hard time answering some of those questions too. I have so many books I’ve loved and so many more that I want to read. I think you’ll enjoy Miriam’s book. It’s a quick riveting read. 🙂

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  16. Love this, Dale! Soooo glad your sis talked you into Harry Potter. That series just made my family so happy. I still love it. Magic. And in terms of what you don’t read anymore, I hear you. Sounds sensible. So much of that stuff is drivel. I can’t read a lot of self-help books anymore because they’ve become too life coachy–too filled with common sense versus real insight. Drives me nuts! I hope you’re settling into autumn with a good book and a cuppa’. I’m in a book club again so am reading those rather than my own list for now.

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    • So glad you do, Kristine. It’s funny. Once I got past that initial, “what is this?” I couldn’t put them down. Matter of fact, I just watched the first one (again) tonight 😉
      Ugh. I cannot believe how much I used to love historical romance. Now? Gag me with a spoon! And the self-help books also…. buh-bye.
      I’m trying not to lose my mind, to be honest. Between my house renovation, a new job and house and cat-sitting, I’m feeling rather pooped.
      Oooh, a book club! I am actually reading a good one. It should have been read in an afternoon but that would require me being able to concentrate for more than half an hour!

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      • OK. I’ve obviously been so caught up in my own stuff that I haven’t been paying attention. That is a lot on your plate! And I think you’re still doing your exercise, so good on you! That takes real dedication.

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        • No worries there. I’ve kept pretty mum about the whole thing.
          And exercise… ummm… I’m lucky if I go once per week… I keep promising myself to move my patootie! Tomorrow… Yes. Tomorrow!

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