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Weekend Writing Prompt #280 – Amok

It’s only 35 words.  Plus, the key word is basically how my thoughts have been running inside my head for the past three weeks.  How can I resist?  Besides, I’m one who chooses to laugh rather than cry over stuff – especially stuff that’s out of my hands.  So, thank you, Sammi, for providing the way!

wk 280 amok

Fool’s dream

No hiccups, no surprises,

No scary electrical things hiding

behind now-exposed walls

No wonky plumbing

waiting to blow

As if that’s not enough

Let’s have tools running amok

Landing in wrong places

It’s only money

135 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #280 – Amok

    • This one has… but there is still way too much to be done. It is my last weekend at my friend’s house, as she returns from vacation on Tuesday. I shall be living in the muck from then on!
      Glad it made you chuckle 🙂


    • Tell me about it. The contractor was not pleased as he had to replace the whole vanity at his expense. With all the noise, no one noticed or heard the large exacto (utility) knife that fell till the next day.

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  1. Oh my! I had some work done in my apartment over the summer, a bit of even included plumbing, but the majority of it wasn’t nearly as mucked up as this! Whoa! No Fun! I hope all ends up looking FAB and your bathroom is back in the saddle in no time!

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  2. Renovations can be insane indeed, Dale. I love just rolling with the “it’s only money” mindset…otherwise, one could lose their mind in addition to their savings. Best of luck on all of that. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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    • Oh boy, can they ever. You basically have to because if you stress over every little “oh shit” and “so that’s broken, too” and “gonna have to replace this, that and the other” you can definitely lose your mind!
      And thank you and thank you! 🙂

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    • Every spring? Oh man… I don’t know how you do it! I’m doing the whole floor in one fell swoop. I do not imagine I will be undertaking another for a loooong time after! And I thank you, kind sir!

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  3. Oh, my goodness… poor sink!!!! I admire your equanimity during this ordeal, transforming it to a brilliant poem!
    Sending you baskets of courage with my wishes that it’ll all be done very soon!

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  4. Q

    You’re living the “If it’s not one thing then it’s going to be a fucking other!” life right now and pardon me for adding my French to that, but I’m sure you will agree that it most definitely applies to your current status. You don’t even get to have home field advantage right now AND you just started a new gig. Whilst shopping and coordinating with everyone in the hopes of being finished before forever.

    You’re Wonder Woman. To me you are.


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  5. A man of apparent wisdom and good standing in Society, esteemed by his peers

    Mulled about his destiny

    Or rather the choice he faced: to

    Kill or not to kill, that was the ultimate question.

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  6. LOL! It’s only your money, Thunder.
    Are the renos almost done?
    I can’t stand worker guys in my home. They rarely come on time, make a mess, take lunch at 11 & return at 2.
    So, I live in schmeleke.
    Amok = Amuck.
    Love ya!

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