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Weekend Writing Prompt #283 – Dunk

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  How you use the prompt is up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

I took a short trip down memory lane with this one… Okay, that’s not entirely true as I had this very lunch just last week…

wk 283 dunk


Is an Aylmer’s cream of tomato soup with a side of sandwich.

The choice of sandwich is important.  Plain will work in a pinch, but toasted is always best.

Some will swear by baloney (bologna) – plain or fried, thin or thick.  Salami, ham, pressed chicken work

!  But oh! A grilled cheese? That’s the best!

The magic happens when you dunk your sammie into the soup and savour!

Add The Flintstones and you are ten years old again.

The Flintstones Coming to MeTV in Fall 2019; Lifetime Tackles The College  Admissions Scandal - SitcomsOnline.com News Blog



112 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #283 – Dunk

  1. I want a grilled ham or SPAM cheese sandwich with soup on the side right now!!! Or … when it comes to dunking … Oreos and milk … or a Dunkin’ Maple Glazed Donut (sadly not available in the German branches). Thanks for this delicious post, Dale! (And bringing back memories of the Flintstones … Wiiiilmaaaa!)

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    • Mmmm… I feel ya! Oreos (or, for me, chocolate chip) cookies in milk… now I want THAT!
      Glad you enjoyed. Hahahaha! The Flintstones were the best, weren’t they? 🙂

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      • Definitely, yes! It’s nice to return to childhood memories … the TV series and animated series from back then were so wonderfully innocent. I still enjoy Hart to Hart, Bewitched, Murder she wrote, … and I guess I would still be amused by Tom and Jerry and Pink Panther … mmh, chocolate chip cookies are a marvellous idea too. 🤩


    • Why thank you, kind sir! Much pleased you think so! How many times did we have this for lunch, I cannot possibly count. I was lucky that went home for lunch and so could watch The Flintstones at the same time. Great memories.

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      • I never had the luxury of going home for lunch. When I was in high school, classes were from 12:30 to 5:30 pm (spit schedules). Three or four of my friends rode their motorcycles to my house every morning and I cooked them brunch. They liked my cooking better than what they got at home. At least we all had a hearty meal before enduring the afternoon of awful classes, and fighting to servive.

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        • Oh, I only went home in elementary school. My high school was a town over.
          And how cool is that? I think it’s a testament to your loveliness that your friends chose to be fed by you before class!

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          • My dad thought I should have been a chef. I worked as a stand in busser/dishwasher at some of our local restaurants when I was in my teens, and then I remodeled a few restaurants in my construction days. I made a note to myself. “Never work in the restaurant/food industry!’

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  2. I can remember many times at my grandparents’ house (while mom was at work) when I’d be noshing on just that kind of meal while watching The Flintstones. And yes, back in the day I was quite the sammie dunker. Thanks for the “flashback” Dale!

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  3. Never had Aylmer’s soup, but I love soup and a grilled cheese sammie!
    I come from a long line of homemade soups. I keep the tradition alive.
    Okay… the soup is called “let’s clean out the fridge”.
    Except Baba’s chicken soup & borscht. No sammie goes with borscht, just torn pieces of rye.

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    • My mother made homemade evertyhing… except tomato! And I make a pretty darn good cream of roasted tomato soup, myself.
      I am always making a clean out the fridge soup or pasta 🙂
      And I agree. Borscht should not be sullied by a sammie 🙂

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  4. Q

    I realize why I don’t dig on soup that much. It IS a comfort food and yanno, me and comfort don’t get along so great. But it does look delicious. And to pair it with the Flintstones does round out the picture, doesn’t it?

    I never heard of this Almeyers soup. I used to do tomato bisque from this one brasserie when I did soup because they made it hearty and included big ass parmesan croutons with it, which made it feel like a meal. Which is why grilled cheese is the best way to go when it comes to this soup, you need that crunch and that melty goodness.


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  5. Yabba dabba doo, Dale!

    I honored the GCS in a March poem. Yes, you’re right. Ingredients can vary the basics according to one’s taste or tradition. The tomato soup and toasted sandwich of some kind deserves pride of place on every family menu and dining table.

    I did not grow up with it. GCS and/with (specifically) tomato soup came into my life with my marriage and has remained a staple cool-day food since. We’ve tasted and tested varieties galore, and while we each could rank them, all degrees of wonderful variety are very edible. The perfect dunk.

    Excellent. A must have for our European visitors and family gatherings this week!

    Happy Halloween. 🙂

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    • Hahahaha! Is that so? The Brits are pretty good at dunking their cookies in their tea, too. And you don’t have to, yanno 😉
      Merci beaucoup!


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