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When You’re Feeling Beyond “Meh”…

Even though the temps were ridiculously warm on this November 5th, 2022 – I mean, c’mon!  When was the last time it was 25℃ on this date?  (I always use the “feels like” rather than the posted – it was officially 23℃ but, whatever.)  My goodness.  I googled it and it happened – never!  Yesterday’s temps broke the previous record.  It was still 23℃ (yeah, yeah, yeah 21℃) at 5:30 pm, for goodness sakes!  And yet, I still needed to almost physically kick my butt out of the house.  Mind you, I DID go run for the first time in five weeks in the morning so it’s not like i had completely wasted the day!

I knew I wasn’t going to be productive in the house so, further to a loving nudge, I picked up my camera bag, filled my water bottle and out the door I went.  I hadn’t been to Michel Chartrand Park this year and, even though I knew it would be very “peoplely”, I went anyway.  Maybe there was still something to see and I could get out of these annoying doldrums.

The light was beautiful.  As for the colours, they were a mixture of pale yellows, beiges, browns with pops of bright here and there.  The muted beauty of November.

“The thinnest yellow light of November is more warming and exhilarating than any wine they tell of. The mite which November contributes becomes equal in value to the bounty of July.”
~Henry David Thoreau

My mood was steadily lifting as I made my way to a special section of the park (where I brought my mom and a friend at two different occasions) knowing that I would find me some chickadees.  What I found was a noisy young family that followed me from one section to the other, annoying me to no end.  I finally sat down on the bench and waited for them to leave.  It wasn’t too long, thankfully.

The chickadees, who had been invisible up to this point, sang their chickadee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee announcing their arrival.  It was the first time I had one land on my hand and just hang out, looking straight at me, then cocking its head from one side to the other, inquisitively.  Was very cool.

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Another family came by with three little kids.  They watched in awe as the birds came and left from my hand.  I asked them if they wanted to try, getting a nod from Mom, first.  I put a little pile of nuts in each tiny hand.  I told them they had to be really still, otherwise the birds would not come.  The youngest one was a little, shall we say, in the way, and scared off any chickadee brave enough to think about coming close.

I dunno… those little critters don’t look too trustworthy

The parents pulled him a little away and the older two patiently waited.  I asked the mom if I could take pictures and she acquiesced.  Just look at that face!

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Her brother was just as thrilled but he was behind his sister and turned his face and I couldn’t really capture it 🙂  The parents thanked me for sharing nuts and the experience and I left feeling a helluva lot lighter.

Which way to go next?  All the cool inside trails were closed because of the danger of falling dead trees so I was obligated to go along the regular road-like paths with all the other peoples.  This main path goes around the outside, making a full square.  Still, I held hope that some of the inner trails would be open and maybe I could spot a deer.  Nope.

What about me? What am I? Chicken liver?

I walked along, looking for colour, for something, clicking here and there: people walking, berries that popped, leaves still hanging on. and minding my own business, if you will.  However, I started hearing this insistent chirp.  I looked up and this nuthatch was basically giving me hell.  Or begging.  Maybe both!

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I continued towards my car, still thrilled that I was walking, dressed in shorts, on November 5th, and it was nearing five o’clock!  Crazy.  Snapped a few more photos and will leave you with these last ones.  I love how the little bit of colour really popped.

Thanks for hanging out with me.  Hope I didn’t keep you too long!




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  1. Dale, I enjoyed this so much! Nature has a way of “pulling us off the couch” even when we don’t feel like it. Temps here are pretty too! My favorite pic (hard to choose~they’re all so wonderful) has to be the squirrel! That can be captioned in many ways! Lol! Happy November! I’m so glad I pulled this post up first thing in my reading tonight. 🍂🍁☀️

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    • Thank you, Karla. It had to pull me off the couch! The temps were ridiculous. No way I really wanted to miss it. So very glad you enjoyed it. I admit I kinda like the squirrel too. I swear he was waiting for me to take his photo! Happy November to you, too! I love that you pulled this one up first 🙂

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  2. Q

    Amazing captures! And more of the Snow White Effect going on, in shorts no less and IN those shorts no less on November the fucking 6th? I mean, maybe there’s no such thing as climate change but yanno . . why we not hedging our bets to that reality at this point? Even just a ‘lil bit, for the sake of all things winter clothing at the very least?

    I don’t know how you always seem to get the perfect nature shot, and yet you always seem to get the perfect nature shot! That squirrel looked at you as if to say, “I gave you my profile and a buncha other shots and now I wanna blow this taco stand if that’s alright with you. Nuts!”.

    Thanks for the stroll into spring. . . I mean late fall . .. both?


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    • B,

      I thank you. We broke all our records for warmth on this day. It was ah-mah-zing! As I drove to the park, I could see the golfers, dressed in their tank tops and skirts thinking, man… when I worked at the club, no way in hell was anyone dressed like that on November 5th! Hell, I wasn’t working anymore in November! As for hedging our bets, I know for sure and certain I will be freezing off my patootie in no time…

      I only share the “not-duds” with you, of course 😉 That squirrel was definitely posing. He didn’t move one inch as I got closer. I swear, he mighta winked at me… maybe I shoulda encouraged him a tad more?

      Thanks for strolling with me on this faux-spring day.


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      • It just doesn’t make any sense. And yes of course there was a probably a November day back in the 1890’s where the weather hit temps the locals shook their heads at. But it seems as if these crazy things are happening lots more now. Lots more.

        And yes, the “Holy fucking shit! I can’t feel my extremities!” portion of the show is coming quickaly.

        Of course! But hey, Francis Ford cuts out whole movies from his final cut. That’s how it works. You primp and you piece and then you post. And when you do, magic.

        The squirrel looks like a winker

        The birds too.

        Faux sho!

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        • It’s crazy. And right. Back then they didn’t keep records. They are definitely happening more. The reverse of what the dinosaurs went through.

          Ugh. I am so NOT in the mood for that. On the plus side, my garage will be mine again and I can park there. It makes a huge difference for my poor hands that suffer from that stupid Raynaud’s Syndrome.

          You have a point. And while most of my pics were pretty damn good, I didn’t want to bore all a y’all with too many 😉

          He does!

          They were pretty flirtatious.


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  3. Dale, I have NEVER had a bird eat right out of my hand, so I’m a bit pea-green with envy!! What a cool experience, ma’am. I’m glad you got out to enjoy the warmth — remember, it’s fleeting, and we’ll be regretting its passing before too long.

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  4. The weather has been amazing to be sure, I’ll take it! 🙂 “The muted beauty of November” I love that.
    You got some great shots at the park and I love that you can get the birds to alight onto your hand. I’ve never had the patience to stand there long enough (and usually it is pretty cold when I tried it)!

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    • The weather has been surreal. And November – especially mid to end – is usually so miserable and grey that I had to acknowledge its beauty yesterday.
      Thank you. Those birds are pretty used to humans because it does not take them long to alight. So cool and it thrills me every time.

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  5. The critters seem to be enjoying the warm weather. Great shots of the chickadees eating from the children’s hands. I love the sassy squirrel shot. You still have a lot of pretty fall colors.

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  6. I’m so glad you went for every possible reason. thank you for sharing your beautiful pics and stories with us. I went through the same thing today and made my way to a beautiful park, a good choice for me –

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    • Me too, Beth. Glad you enjoyed my photos and commentary 🙂 And I am so glad you got yourself out of yours by going to a beautiful park. It’s always a good choice for me, too.

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  7. This is fabulous! Thank you for sharing this with us! It was oddly warm yet quite lovely outside today, wasn’t it? Between the unseasonable warmth, the light of fall through humidity more fit for September, and the change of the clocks (we moved them yesterday night), the atmosphere was surreal. I am so glad you took your camera, and spent some time outdoors. I spent some time in the park, too, today. It was impossible not to!

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  8. Not too long at all, Dale. It was a beautiful excursion. I love the muted colors of November. How wonderful, too, to have the birds eating out of your hand and then sharing that with others. I bet the children remember that for a long time to come. 🙂

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  9. What delightful pictures Dale, and well done for introducing youngsters to the wonders of nature. That is a memory that will stay with them for ever and you helped plant it. That’s one of the joys of life that make up for all the other rubbish stuff that is going on. Keep up the supply of wonderful photos, we love them!

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  10. Great post, Dale, It was a pleasure reading about your being out and about, being one with nature. You still have some colors to enjoy up there. (It’s been crazy warm here and we are enjoying the same!) Feeding those birds and having some help doing it was definitely a memory-maker for the helpers. It’s often the little things that make the biggest impression on us…also, like including those cute captions with the slideshows. Perfect accessories for the photos!

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    • Thank you, Bruce. So glad you enjoyed the pics, the writing and the captions (I always wonder who takes the time 😉 ) It was ridiculous how warm it was! Had to take advantage of it. It was a joy to share with these little kids.

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  11. Dear Dale,

    Great photos, especially the birds eating out of your hand(s). I never did make it out the door yesterday. Glad you did. Thank you for sharing your walk.

    Shalom and lotsa entertaining hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thank you, my friend. It’s a thrill each and every time, I tell ya. And I kinda liked sharing it with those kids. Glad you came along.

      Shalom and lotsa sun-kissed love,



  12. You may keep me as long as you like 😉 Those are lovely photos, Dale. I’m envious. And how kind of you to share your nuts. A long time ago, a chickadee sat on my and ate some nuts. My husband and I were camping (honeymoon) in the White Mountains (border of California and Nevada). We were (thankfully) alone. One afternoon while enjoying a beer and some nuts, a chickadee came by, apparently scrounging for leftovers. I sat very still, with my hand out, palm up and covered with nuts. It was all I could do to keep from giggling because the bird’s little talons tickled my skin 🙂

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    • You are so very lovely to say so! And thank you. They were so adorable and thrilled to no end to have a bird eat out of their hand (as am I, every single time!) They do tickle and the first time I jumped and scared him off. I was so surprised this little guy just hung out on my hand – for a good 30 seconds. I was tickled pink 🙂

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  13. As you cd notice, I haven’t been with you guys much lately but THIS merits my ‘story of the week’ star! Just wonderful and heart ❤️ filling in beauty., spirit, joie de vivre, observation and joy-giving. Ta my dear sister.

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  14. Crazy weather and beautiful pics. Love that you had a bird land on your hand. Obviously more tame than anything here. But for all that warmth, the colours are fading, then even the smallest glint of colour will be like a gemstone to be cherished 😊​

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    • Crazy, for sure. And there is no way I was not going to take advantage of it. The chickadees are awfully friendly – and the nuthatches, too! I love it. I bring everyone I know to this park and they are all thrilled to be able to feed them. And yes, I am frankly surprised there were any colours left at all. Which makes them all the more prescious 🙂

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  15. All of this, you do so well. But, I must say, you’ve outdone yourself with this post, Dale.

    The stories you wrote about yourself, others (including children), wildlife, and the colorful scenes: A++++!!

    For someone who said she was needing to escape, or “get out of these annoying doldrums,” you experienced and wrote of a fairytale day in early November.

    The photography adds so much to your already excellent post. I would say you had an artistically productive day. You are magnifico, my friend. 🙂

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  16. OMG! I want a bird in my hand!
    Mr./Ms. Squirrel is NOT chicken liver. He/she is stunning.
    Beautiful shots, my dear.
    I get it, Dale! Sometimes I just need to put one foot in front of the other, walk out the door and keep going.
    Soon your place will be done, and life will change, again!
    Also, remember, this is the light deprived time of year and we all feel more sluggish.
    I suppose Vampires get energized.
    xoxoxo ⚡️💥

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  17. Late to the party, Dale, but these are great shots! You really do have a talent for capturing both scenery and living things–you get the spirit of it as well as the technical bits in one fell swoop:).

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