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One Day – Friday Fictioneers

Well, well, well… would you look at that?  Rochelle really is sneaky!  She must have missed my participation coz why else would she lift ask me to “John Hancock” my photo.  Not to subtle, my friend!  But that’s okay coz it HAS been a good long while and maybe my mojo is slowly coming back, just like my remodel is coming together… not quite there yet but almost functional!  Should you want to place, just click on Rochelle’s name to be brought to her site for the how-to’s and once you see how easy-peasy it is, add your link to your 100-word story by clicking on my frog below. G’head, you know you want to!

Autberry Frog Reading Book Statue

She sat there daydreaming, or was she reading? head resting on her hand; elbow, anchored to the table.  She took an absent-minded sip of coffee now and again.  It was a Friday morning ritual that had now become his.  His being to gaze at her through the sheer curtain of the restaurant.  No, he wasn’t stalking her – never something so creepy as that!  He just marvelled at her sense of peace.  She seemed to be at ease with herself and, while he really wanted to make her acquaintance, he was afraid to disrupt that sense quiet grace.  Maybe next week…

151 thoughts on “One Day – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    Moi? Sneaky? Hey, whatever works. And it did so I smile. 😀 Happy to see your mojo returning.
    I love this piece. How sweet that he appreciates her. Hopefully he’ll jump his self-imposed hurdle. 😉 Well done…both story and photo.

    Shalom and lotsa peaceful hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Toi… muy sneaky! Very glad I made you smile. And I didn’t want him to be a stalker or a Peeping Tom, either! More like Parry, in The Fisher King 😉

      Shalom and lotsa appreciative love,


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    • Thank you, Jen. It’s kinda nice to have been missed! And, no, I refuse to have him as a stalker. I’m hoping she notices him and gives him that nudge to open the door 🙂


  2. Hey, Dale.
    I’m with Merril and others. The rest of the story, please.
    The mystery of the pic is so tantalizing and romantic.
    Really though, more story for your story, or you can just do sequels.
    You are so talented, Dale. I hope we keep getting more of your work. 🙂

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  3. Q

    This is so romantic. And to think it is happening like . . all the time! People just work their ways into the lives of others and those we all know and understand. But how about the stories that may never get told? The ones where two people exist on either end of a window and all that ever comes of it is the longing and the questions of “What if?”.

    You elicited so many scenarios in one hundred words!


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  4. I’m glad you’re back. Of course, I’ve missed so many of these lately that I wouldn’t notice who else has been missing. Great picture, too. It fired up my muse. Thanks for signing it. That gave me the perfect hook. As for the story, I’ve been there far too many times. Well told.

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  5. Sounds like he knows what a disruptive force he could be and doesn’t want to inflict it on her. I wish he would consider that maybe some of her peace could lighten his load? Fingers crossed for these two. Good story, young lady.

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  6. Oh, Dale, this is SO SO beautiful! The photo, of course, is a lovely choice by Rochelle … evocative and simultaneously peaceful and pensive and possible more (as my piece steered itself to). But the little narrative your wrote holds worlds of stories in it, and I can see it in my mind’s eye. Lovely. Really really lovely.
    Thank you for writing it! Na’ama

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