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Winging It – Quadrille from dVerse

I decided to play along today (well, started yesterday but you know how that can go…)  WhimsyGizmo hosted Quadrille Monday for dVerse and all we had to do was use the word “wing”, or some for of it, in a 44-word poem.  Why not, eh?

Like an actor in the wings

Suddenly called forth to perform

I must dazzle them with my brilliance

Or baffle them with my bullshit

And see what happens


Supposedly a far cry from

Winging it

According to MacGruber


Can be costly

According to me

115 thoughts on “Winging It – Quadrille from dVerse

  1. To be honest, baffling with bullshit has severed me well over many years.

    I was stage crew for my high school Thespians skits and plays. This also meant I was understudy to all the actors. Only one time was I ever called to fill in at the last minute. I had to read the lines while shaking in both body and mind. I’m sure the audience was both baffled and bewildered. 🙂

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  2. This is a good bit of fun, Thunder!
    The prose stands on its own, however with the MacGruber clip, it’s hysterical!

    Hey, where did the pic of you in the shadows go in the previous post? Maybe it’s just me?

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  3. Q

    I am the maestro of the stuff, but of course I use the sinister intelligence Satan gave me to up that ante. Just today it came into play when I was talking my way through a series of questions to which I had no good answers! But I had a lot of artful dodging answers and it worked like a mofo with mucho mojo.

    I always laugh at the image thinking, Snow White was here!

    And the quadrille. . I know its definition but I STILL do not get it! Other than to say, you do it so well. 😉


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