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Weekend Writing Prompt #271 – Sibilance

When this prompt from Sammi came out in August, I knew not what to write, so I skipped it.  And then I started a new job in September.  I am slowly, desperately, quite possibly, going mad.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to find a way to survive.  Might seem drastic to you but to me?  I just cannot.  That said, I searched on Sammi’s site to find this prompt because I so knew what to write this time!!

wk 271 sibilance

I sit

kitty-corner from a

monologuing soliloquy

to the right


not-so-subtle sibilance

to the left

All day

I cannot tune them out

I fear I’ll go mad

Dylan’s face so perfectly represents my sentiments (thanks for letting me use it, J&A!)


No, seriously.  Is it not rude to think you are alone in your cubicle? Can you not shut the eff up?

121 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #271 – Sibilance

  1. And there you are stuck in the middle with you when all you really wanted was “The Sound of Silence”. If you add a catcalls and derision, you would have surround sound, but then you would break the 28 word sonic barrier.

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  2. Habits! We all have them and often no clue about their effect on others. I often wish for good hearing, but there are times when I bless my two hearing aids –and turn them off. 🙂 What if you take to humming really loud?

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    • They are annoying habits and the new one (the SSSSer) DIDN’T talk to herself apparently, until she started working there… Sigh.
      I do so when I’m fed up 😉


  3. I’m sharing your pain!!! People can be so annoying at the office … talking very loudly on the phone, or talking all the time in general … I so treasure being able to work from home. The peace and quiet to do my work despite the many video calls. And without having to wear ear or head phones … so I can imagine how annoying ear plugs are. 🙈

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  4. I abandoned my cube/space almost 7 years ago. I do not miss it.

    Your poem is great, making your point spot on. Very relatable by all.

    I agree with Timothy’s song choice, “Clowns to the left of me/
    Jokers to the right,” or soliloquy and sibilance.

    Well done, Dale. 🙂

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    • Hey there Val. It is surprisingly annoying. I went from one place where all I heard was finger tapping and mouse clicking to this. I swear, as I get older, I tolerate less and less. I shall be on the lookout for something that better fits my personality.

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  5. Can you not shut the eff up? I say the same thing about a neighbor who is on her phone all the time, like when she walks down her driveway to go get the mail, and when she is outside pulling weeds in her yard, and even in the grocery store shopping when I run into her. I want to yell SHUT UP ALREADY. These overly talkative people are ill, I feel. There’s something unsettling about them. And they’re rude.

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  6. Ssssssssounds like it ssssssssucksssssss!

    A cubicle? Oh my dear Thunder! I had no idea they put you in one of those.

    Are renos at least done? From cubicle to construction….. Aaiiieeeeeeeee!!

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  7. Dale, the first thing that popped into my mind here? “Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, Here I am…stuck in the middle with you.” Little did Stealers Wheels know they were describing cubicle life when they made this song. I have so many un-fond memories of cubicles, Headphones are the order of the day…with good podcasts or tunes!

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  8. Q

    I thankfully don’t suffer from this since my brain is a cubicle, hell . . it’s an office space, all its own. The talking, yelling, screaming, selling and barking are constantly going on inside there so the stuff happening all around me doesn’t stand a chance.

    It’s . . . . great?


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