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One Day… Soon – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday.  That means Friday Fictioneers and this week I almost had to play as there were more than a few requests for a follow up to my previous story.  I had not officially planned to but when I saw this image, well… how could I resist?  Should you desire, the first part can be found here.   This week our illustrious (or is it illustrated?) leader, Rochelle, has chosen an image from Roger Bultot.  Thank you to both of you!

©Roger Bultot

25+ Best Kermit Looking Out Window Memes |

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Her chin rested on her palm, elbow on the table, daydreaming. She occasionally took a sip of her coffee as she watched passersby on the other side of the window.  It had become her Friday morning ritual; a time to dream, breathe, read, write. It gave her a sense of grace and gratitude. Her gaze fell on him standing there, looking in. Again. Was he stalking her? Somehow, it didn’t feel menacing. What was he waiting for?  He took a step, stopped, shook his head, squared his shoulders and, with a determined step, made for the door.  Soon was now

134 thoughts on “One Day… Soon – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    Merril beat me to the punch. Hm. Now I have to find a prompt to inspire the continuation. You can’t just leave me hanging at the door like this!!! Well done. Evocative. Emotional. Gimme more!

    Shalom and lotsa hugs of anticipation,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      All your fault! And you provide the photo, I’ll provide the next part… 😉
      So glad you enjoyed!

      Shalom and Lotsa patient love,



  2. Didn’t need to click back to know immediately what we were waiting for here, and you’ve at least taken a step towards delivering it. As others have said, more please! (It is Hallmark Movie season, after all!)


    • Soon had to be now before he lost his courage 😉
      And well, it will all depend on Rochelle’s choice of photo… I (you) may have to wait a week or so… we shall see 😉

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  3. Q

    I started reading and thought you done wrote a re-run! And then it got better and better and yes! That’s where it’s at! And thank God soon is now, but I guess we gotta wait until the next FF for the story to keep moving through that door. Hopefully the pic you get matches up! 😉



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  4. This is so intriguing, Dale.
    I like how you made it feel daring but not uncomfortable. My own story spinning wheels are turning. May we have another? 🙂

    ((4th? Someone was up with the Brits early Wednesday morning.))

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    • Did you know that “welp” is officially in the dictionary as of this year?
      And he didn’t leave unless you mean he left the outside to go INside where she is…

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      • I didn’t know “welp” was officially a word and all I can say is… welp. I thought he was inside going outside, walking away from her. I misread… kind the subtext of my week…

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        • Yes, officially this year 🙂
          No… You may have missed the first part I wrote two weeks ago where it was in his voice from outside, looking in. This week it’s her voice and she is looking out from inside. Maybe I should reread it and see where the confusion is created!

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