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Weekend Writing Prompt #289 – Engrave

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  How you use the prompt is up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

This was supposed to go out yesterday but one thing lead to another and before I knew it, it was bedtime!  It seems that this time of year, a certain someone takes over my muse.  Yesterday was the eight-year anniversary of Mick’s heart attack and well, hell if this prompt didn’t apply.  So, thank you, Sammi, for once again, bringing forth a word that I can use…


wk 289 engrave


There’s nothing quite like

that person

who’s joie de vivre

is so infectious

They remain engraved

in your memories

long after they’re gone


Proof of how much Mick left his mark on any and everyone who met him, his (our) friend Leonard Yelle wrote this on his FB page yesterday:

“About 7-8 years ago I was misbehaving at my company’s Christmas party telling the band that it was a coworkers birthday. . As the band in the restaurant played happy birthday to my confused colleague my phone rang. It was my buddies wife Dale informing me that her husband had suffered a terrible heart attack. I left the party trying to understand it all. I went to see him the next day but he never came out of the coma.

I had met Mick about 10 years earlier on a fishing trip. We had loads in common and became great friends. He’d drop into the shop and as the press ran I’d hear the familiar cheerful sound of Mick’s voice shouting “Buddy” over the running machine , I’d turn and there would be standing Mick with his shit eating grin and mischief dancing in his eyes greeting me. He’d always try to include me into his adventures. Concerts, football tailgating , carting… whatever the outing might be laughter flowed like a tsunami,. His annual Christmas outings with the boys where he’d manage to siphon some money from the company he worked for and pay a few rounds of drinks instead of spending it on his clients and suppliers were an annual highlight. He was a force of nature and a gem of a man, son, father, husband and great friend. I got a chance to speak at his funeral and all I remember was starting off in a room of mostly strangers saying… Hello my name is Leonard and I’m a Mickaholic.
I loved him the minute I met him and I’ll love my dear friend to the day I die. His energy and outlook was infectious.
I hope you’re behaving with my brother buddy and I’ll be see you on the other side down the road.”

Every year, at this time, Leonard changes his profile pic or cover image to the following:


104 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #289 – Engrave

  1. Missing someone so is a testament to how loved they were. And I’m sending hugs. May the memories fill your heart and may the sound of laughter and the glint in eyes fill your mind. I can see why Mick chose you. That glint in your eye. And he holds the little one now, too. Two angels in sending playful mischief to remind you that they’re still around.

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  2. All the feelings with this post, Dale! 💙 He will always be in your heart–yes, engraved. Your friend’s tribute, which I had read on FB, is a testament to what a wonderful, unforgettable man Mick was.

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  3. Wonderful tribute, Dale. I once read something about if you can make just one person’s life better, you have been a success in life. Obviously, Mick exceeded that quantity. Sending a hug along, as well as the knowledge he is still with you, and always will be.

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  4. Dale

    There will never be a tear spent on a King, but princes are different. Their passing resonates differently because they make us feel and think and live differently. They don’t give a wit for the throne when the rest of the kingdom is worth knowing on a first name basis. And that was your Mick. That, as it turns out, was everybody’s Mick. A prince among princes who lived a million years in his brief time here.

    Beautifully penned for a beautiful man.


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  5. Dear Dale,

    Through your writings and talks I almost feel like I know/knew Mick. I imagine you were as perfect for him as he was for you. Thank you for generously sharing him with the rest of us.

    Shalom and lotsa comforting December hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I love that. He won’t stay hidden, anyway. I like to think so. I can’t help but share!

      Shalom and lotsa love through December.



  6. Je me rappelai que c’était ces jours-ci. Mais chuis très mauvais avec les dates… (Mais j’y ai pensé, hein!) Dans ces cas-là, je ne pense qu’une chose: ceux qui nous ont quitté trop vite continueront à vivre tant que nous vivrons. Leur nom et leur mémoire.
    Je t’embrasse, ma grande.

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    • December is quite the month. And you didn’t have to know him (I hope I make him real with my writings.) It is hard and yet we all cannot help but laugh and smile because that’s just who he was.

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      • Yes you do. Make him alive. And we have talked about him and your son… After a while, when can laugh and smile again about the dearly departed, it means we’re ok. And it’s probably their good influence. 😉


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