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Ghosted – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Thursday and I’m a day “late” for Friday Fictioneers.  Which is silly, I know; it’s not Friday, for goodness sakes!  I wasn’t even going to play, waiting for something to help me move my previous story forward, but then the muse hit with this and it would be foolish to diss the muse when she shows, right?  Right.  So.  Hey, click here to find the ins and outs on how to play this here game and once you’ve got the how-to’s all set up, then click on the frog below and add your link to your 100-words story.  Thank you to Rochelle for hosting and this week, thanks go out to Lisa Fox for this great image.

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I cannot believe she ghosted me!  Me!

Why are you so special?  You may be handsome but you can be quite the dick.

I don’t get left.  I do the leaving.

Excuse me.  Are you not the one who left her hanging?  Not once.  Not twice.  But at least thrice?

Thrice?  Listen to you.  You think you’re so smart.

I’m smart enough to be honest and treat a woman with respect.  It’s about time you get a taste of your own medicine.

To hell with her.  I can get any chick I want.

You will never learn.

What’s to learn?


Eilene Lyon read this and said it made her think of a Lynyrd Skynyrd song and I think it fits so well, I just had to add it!


129 thoughts on “Ghosted – Friday Fictioneers

          • True. But there seems to be a lot of less than half-minded women falling for bretty boys. Speaking of half brain, I knew a woman who was in a car wreck. She was a little nuts after the accident. She said she got brain damage on one side of her brain, but luckily it was the side of her brain she didn’t use. I kid you not.


    • Thank you, Dora. It had been a while since I’d done one 🙂 He definitely is. She wasn’t going to waste another minute of her time on him 😉


  1. Q

    Better late than Ezra! Even if it was early . . .

    And having been ghosted by a handsome fella or two in my day, I gotta say . . they have the nerve to mess with our time like that? Where do they get off? Hopefully a short pier is what I’m saying, those bastids.

    And really, these peeps take themselves so seriously when they’re little more than amateur hour. It’s predictable that this clueless cretin wouldn’t appreciate getting hit with some of his own medicine. Getting what he is so proficient at giving should’ve elicited a knowing smile on his part if he had any sportsmanship at all!


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  2. Oh, yes, Dale. The proverbial narcissists, both male and female. So needy. So sad.

    I confess to ‘owning’ some friendships to the degree that I kept them going. I regret none of that. And then, there were some where “have a nice life” was all I had to offer.

    And, I am grateful to those folks who hung in there with me when I was the one at fault. 🙂 Of course, none of that fits your story.

    And then there are my moments of maleness when I have no idea what I did wrong, if anything. But my favorite is….

    when I fail to notice that I’m being ignored/ghosted. 🙂

    Great dialog story with “live and learn” moral.

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  3. Yeah, who hasn’t met some of those. The funny (or sad) thing is, it’s not only the handsome ones. Some not-so-handsome ones are convinced that it is their right to have ‘any chick they want’ and that she better be gorgeous to deserve their overwhelming maleness.

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    • I have met more than one and you’re right, it’s not only the handsome (beautiful – let’s face it, this is not a male-only thing) ones. And oh man, I think they are the worst!!

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  4. Oh I think I met this man once. And once was more than enough. He’s still searching for a soul mate, though he probably still thinks he’s just looking for a one-nighter.

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    • I think we all have and you are absolutely right, Sandra. He thinks he doesn’t want more but he does. He’s incapable of admitting it.


  5. Dear Dale,

    I really am late in my reads and comments. Sorry about that. I can only echo the comments preceding mine. This clod certainly deserves to be ghosted. Sadly this type of chucklehead is never going to get it. Love what you did with the prompt. 😉

    Shalom and lotsa near and dear hugs,



  6. Oh that poor guy, I don’t think he’s ever going to understand, but I imagine she won’t be the last to see through him and move on. Almost like the fault lies with him, isn’t it?!
    Glad to see you back – from the comments above, it looks like a lot of people are!

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