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Survey Says! Because I Please…

When the mojo is not to be found and you read a fun survey post in which you know you can answer, well, you, hopefully, use this as a way to get things going.  So thank you Ally from The Spectacled Bean for nudging me to answer Maggie’s (From Cave Walls) blogging questions.

Hey, use what works, eh?

1. How many times per week do you post? Do you post multiple times a day? If so, how many?

  • When things are flowing and I am in the mood for participating in challenges or when I just have things to share, I could post up to three times per week.  Most times, it’s once per week.  However, this is my first post of 2023…

2. How many blogs do you follow?

  • I had to look this up.  I apparently follow 139 sites.  However, I do not receive email notifications from all of them – I did a major cleanup and some I access through the Reader.  Those multi-posters?  The ones I really appreciate and love, I had to change the settings to get only one email per day which gives me a link to three of their posts – I still can’t keep up.

3. Do you read all the blogs you follow every day? If not, how often do you read other blogs?

  • I read blogs every day.  Do I read all of them?  No. I spend so much time trying to catch up that every now and again, I just flush my whole inbox and start anew.

4. Do you seek out new blogs to follow?  If so, how do you find them?

  • While I don’t necessarily seek them out, I discover them from comments they leave on my blog or other blogs I follow. Have made some lovely discoveries that way.

5. Do you comment on the blogs you read? If not, why? Do you respond to all the comments left on your blog?

  • I comment on almost all the bloggers I follow (though maybe not all their posts – multi-posters, that means you!) and I respond to every one left on mine – note to anyone I might have missed, the key word is missed!  I often go back to make sure I left none behind…

6. Do you ever close comments on a blog you post? If so, why?

  • I close comments on reblogs, encouraging people to go visit the original post.  I’ve never closed comments on mine (and am now going to join the 21-day club and see if my spam reduces…)

7. Do you ever unfollow someone? If so, why?

  • Yes, I have unfollowed some that just don’t have anything to offer me, are too long-winded, too political.  Others I simply remove the option of receiving emails for their posts and can access them through the Reader on those days when I have more time.

8. What content inspires you to follow a blogger?

  • Hard to pick:  Some make me think, some make me laugh, some inspire me…

9. What content turns you off from following someone?

  • Not taking the time to even “like” a comment I left them (I mean systematically, not missing a comment as I mention in no. 5).  Why should I bother?  Also, if they are all about the “woe is me” and super negative and depressing, or very political and ramble on, I am outta there.

10. How important is it to you that you add a photo to every post?

  • What?  Post without a photo?  GASP!

11. Leave me a link for one blogger (other than yourself) that you think I should check out.

  • Now, I may be biased but that doesn’t mean it’s not for good reason.  He is funny, smart, well-read, snarky, but best of all, he has beautiful writing skills.  More than one writer has said they want to throw their own computer into the lake after reading his prose.  He writes at Sorryless.

129 thoughts on “Survey Says! Because I Please…

  1. Great choice, Dale, for your first post of 2023. I concur with crispina in that few of your answers surprised me or were “me too” (à la, marina) kinds of things. Some of us have lives outside of blogging, writing, or whatever else this is. 🙂

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  2. love your answers and I do my best to keep up as well, it’s a common courtesy to acknowledge someone who has taken the time to respond, and also try not to miss any, but there’s that human factor… thanks for the connection sorryless, I’m now following –

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Dale, I don’t know what took me so long to follow you, but here I am. I am not a blogger myself but I truly enjoy being a “reader”!

    I don’t know how any of you keep up with maintaining your own blogs, reading/commenting on those blogs you follow, and having something fresh and interesting to write about time after time. I can barely keep up with my grocery list!

    This is a great first post of 2023 Dale because it clearly lays out what those of you in the trenches go through to post a finished blog. I can truly appreciate the thought and effort that goes into these blogs that keep me informed, sometimes laughing, sometimes tearing up, and sometimes even thinking….and always entertained.

    Looking forward to your next post.



    • Ginger! How lovely to find you here! As you know from Pam’s posts, I love your comments over there so you have to know how chuffed I am that you have chosen to follow me. Thank you for that! I love and appreciate those of you who actively participate in the blogs you follow, as you do. So happy you’re here. 🙂


      • Hahaha! I love learning new phrases, but I did look up the meaning of “chuffed” to make sure it didn’t really mean (pardon my French!) “pissed off”!

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  4. Lovely to see this although there are no surprises here. I don’t normally join in with this type of post but have actually written my answers already so they will be appearing once I’ve rehashed them a little. My wife and I have just been having a conversation about the word NICE. She was discouraged, at school, from using the word as her teacher thought it lazy and said there were much more descriptive ways of giving a compliment. I think NICE describes the majority of WordPress just perfectly. We have a NICE safe environment, we meet NICE people, read NICE posts, make and receive NICE comments and, now, I shall have to add that thought to my answers! It was lovely to read your NICE answers Dale. 🧡

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  5. Thanks for linking to my post. I know you did because I can see it on your end, but it didn’t show up in my comments as a pingback… which seems to be the latest glitch with WP.

    I agree about bloggers who post more than once a day. I may enjoy what they have to say, but I get overwhelmed with their posts. I also like your criteria for who to unfollow: “too long-winded, too political.” Yep, right there with you.

    Great answer to #10. Made me laugh out loud.

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    • Sigh… WonkyPress it is!

      They can’t really expect you to read and comment and like every one, can they? I get extremely overwhelmed. Even if in the Reader I see nothing but their blog posts – it used to jam up my inbox… no merci! When you are reading a post and it goes on and on and you see the little bar to the right is still only a third-way down? No… TLDR for me.

      Tee hee! Glad it made you laugh 🙂

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    • And you’re retired!! And it’s true. There are so many wonderful things out there but let’s face it, we just can’t do it all.
      I am very glad you enjoyed, Linda. Happy my humour shines through 🙂

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  6. No surprise we are in agreement on all counts, Dale! Closing comments after 2 wks. has had an amazing effect on my spam load. From over 100+ daily to under 5, all coming in on my About page, which I haven’t limited. Astonishing and so glad I did it!

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    • Right? His way of putting words together often leaves me breathless.
      I hate doing it, too but have found that sometimes, I just need to get out and go on about my business so I must (and honestly, I am faster than the cashiers, too – IF the machine doesn’t give me a hard time…)


  7. Good choice on #11. He’s one of the best and ‘introduced’ me to you and Frank. Talk about good fortune. These days my own blogging has slowed sincer contracting COVID. I just haven’t had the energy to think of clever things to share but am hoping it was just a cyclical thing. I love my bloggers (you’re one of my favorite) and would miss them terribly. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend.

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  8. Geez, it took me eight hours to get to the bottom of the comments. I agree with all your answers and have a pretty steadfast rule about not doing more than one post daily. Sometimes I’m surprised by another blogger paying me an honor that needs to be shared in gratitude, but for the most part, one a day is it. I second your selection of the Pilgrim. Yes, I was the one who said at times I would like to toss my laptop into the nearest reservoir when I read some of his stuff. I enjoy your posts, Dale, and will follow you both to the ends of the Earth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Rochelle,

      You’ve got that right! And we just have to choose how much energy we can put into it. Glad you enjoyed my answers and Happy 2023 to you, too!

      Shalom and lotsa love in the new year,



  9. Great blog post Dale. I also have come across Ally’s blog on the Spectacled Bean and I also saw the very same questions from this post.

    Moreover, nice answers Dale and my favorite blogging questions is this “What turns you off from another blogger”? & ‘How many times do you post”? 👏👏

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  10. Not sure why he’s not called “Happy More”, but he just laughed when I pointed it out.
    You sound a lot like me re: blogging.
    A new irritation is COMPLETE POSTS showing up in my notifications thingy.
    Adore you dear Thunder! xoxoxo

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  11. Q

    I am such a schmendrick, you’ll have to forgive me. I was linked from you and then I replied with a gracias very much and then I never, ever thought to make certain it was just a re-blog. My WP card should be revoked and I would deserve it.

    As for your survey, you give the late great Richard Dawson plenty of kissable moments with this one. Remember how old Richard would take any and every opportunity to smooch the girls when he was the Feud Boss? Sure he was three sheets in the wind when he was hosting that show, but that ain’t why he did it. Your survey says! Smooch!

    So . . . Smooch!

    MUAH! too . . .


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  12. I’ve been on and off WordPress twice before, and maybe this third time is the charm and I shall “stick” now. After six months of this latest blogging sojourn, I can say that, a) WordPress has yet to stop trying up to screw up a good thing, b) there are still fantastic bloggers out there who keep WordPress in good standing, c) I still struggle with finding a rhythm towards keeping any kind of blogging “schedule.” The last item is the action item right now. I admittedly have other interests and might even wind up working again down the road, so as before, the challenge is to continue to carve out time for both writing and reading. I do think reading and commenting is an important part of the blogging experience, and I enjoyed reading and commenting here (as usual😃). Great answers and a fun post here, Dale!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel ya, Bruce.
      A) WP are a bunch of shit-disturbers who just can’t leave well enough alone.
      B) Yes, there are – you being one of them.
      C) Schedule? Whazzat? 😉
      I’m with you on the importance of reading and commenting – it is the point of blogging, don’t you think? So… I’ve been on slo-mo this year, so far because, honestly? I just can’t keep up and have been overwhelmed.
      Thank you, Bruce!

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