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A Little Something for Sheree

*Wow, just realised this is my 1200th post!

Yesterday afternoon I went for a nice two-hour walk, camera looped around my neck (no camera bag, so no zoom lens, as my back was barking), hoping to find something for today’s Wordless Wednesday, over on Sorryless.  Of COURSE, there was more than one occasion where I would have liked to have my zoom.  Live with our choices, I say.  So what if I couldn’t get a nice closeup of this tree filled with robins and one blackbird who was lording it up top, and that I had to manipulate the hell out of to help you see their red bellies?

I count 15 robins, what say you?

The forecast was for partial sun and lemme tell you, it was partial a’ight (or ayt, as my kids write it).  I walked around the corner towards my usual park (which feels like an eon since I last walked to it) it started to lightly snow.  By the time I turned to the next street, snowfall had become nil.  But the sun was a tease.  Or maybe it was the clouds that were just too damn possessive and wanted to keep the rays all to themselves?

The clouds did open their jaws for a brief moment…showing some blue

Allowing a small area to light up for a short period of time…

Oh no, wait.  Not that light!   This one.

And the one that made trees cast shadows, added sparkle to pine needles, and pop to playgrounds.

It got me to thinking man, oh man, where is the golden hour from last week.  LAST WEEK!  Oh! How could I forget?  I promised Sheree, from View From the Back, the church bells!  After last week’s Wordless Wednesday on Sorryless, she said how much she enjoyed church bells and I promised her some…

I had shared some images without including the Sainte Anne de Varennes Minor Basilica, so why not share them now, right?

The video is a tad long but hey, I was in the moment and the light was so beautiful and the wind crisp and when the second person was headed into the video, I stopped. Plus, they were dying down.

Hope you enjoy, Sheree!







115 thoughts on “A Little Something for Sheree

    • Thank you, Timothy! They did toll for me, didn’t they? I just about jumped out of my skin when they started because it was at an odd time, not even on the hour, I mean.

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  1. Oh! Dale, you get an A+ for this post. That is an impressive, elegant church. As I watched the video, more than once, I don’t know what I loved more… listening to those bells or watching them working their magic.

    Fantastic pictures chronicling your walk. Girl, you don’t need a zoom lens. The photo of the beautiful robins and the one show off blackbird (must be a male!) is awesome. I can almost count the feathers on these guys.

    When I take a photo, you can count on red eyes for humans and animals alike. Most will have the tops of their heads cut off or a bit of blur. That’s why I so admire your ability and that of other bloggers I follow to take such great pictures.

    This post made my day Dale! Thanks

    After your kitchen reveal dinner, you probably needed that walk! 🥴 Just sayin’…..

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    • Why thank you, Miss Ginger! I am ever so glad you enjoyed the bells. It is such a beautiful old church.

      Thank you! Trust me, there would have been more detail… however, maybe it’s a good thing because I probably wouldn’t have taken the whole tree…

      Haha! I get red eye, too, and you would not believe how many blurry photos I have to throw out (or keep to use in a more abstract way).

      You’ve just made mine, Ginger!

      And, um… you maybe correctomundo in my needing that walk 😉


    • These bells ring weekly (as do the ones in my home town). And one or two robins, okay, but a treeful? I was surprised and delighted (even while I was dismayed at not having my zoom, which, in the end, worked out well!)

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    • Thank you, James. I am steeling myself to go out there and shovel. We got close to a foot of snow since yesterday afternoon. If the sun ever comes out, it will make for some gorgeous shots.

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  2. Such a beautiful post, Dale–birds to bells! The robins in the tree photo has such a delicate beauty, like a painting. I enjoyed hearing and watching the bells. I wonder why it was at an odd time. It might not be so pleasant for anyone who lives nearby if they ring often.

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    • Thank you, Merril. Those birds… Makes me happy they have resonated.
      I just looked at the time stamp and the bells either started or ended near 4:17 (not sure when the time stamp stamps! Beginning or end?) If there had been more cars parked, I would have thought it was a wedding – being a Saturday – but the doors never opened as they would, right? One would think? I think they ring on the noon hour daily – I’ll have to check! It probably becomes like the train tracks I used to live by – we never noticed the train anymore but anyone who visited, stopped when they felt the rumble!

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      • You’re welcome.
        I didn’t know the church, or I would have looked it up. There’s an episode of the Gilmore Girls where the town gets the church bells repaired, so they ring for the first time in many years. Then it becomes so annoying that some townspeople break in and break the mechanism again. 🙂

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        • I added the name after (didn’t realise I had forgotten to!)
          And where this church is, a small area might be bothered by them. They are rather loud, aren’t they? I was surprised it went on for two minutes (I missed the first clang and the dying down) so I’m thinking this had to be for a special reason…
          That’s too funny re: the Gilmore Girls (I really should check it out. My daughter re-watched the whole thing recently and then called me so we could have supper together because she missed me…)

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    • Yes, who would have thunk? We think they disappear for the winter but nope! But to have them all hang out in one tree is something I have never seen. Glad you liked the church bells 🙂

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    • Thank you, Laila! If I hadn’t done a thing, you would see little blobs of grey and barely a hint of red (I just looked at the original pic again… yep. WAY too dark!)

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I am delighted that you enjoyed my walk and photos. It was a beautiful day (and no snow pants were needed so that tells you how mild it was).

      Shalom and lotsa warm love,


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    • Thank you, Ally. It felt good to be “oot and aboot” again! We just got a serious dumping of snow from yesterday afternoon till this morning – close to a foot, I should think. I’m hoping the sun makes a bit more of an effort to show up as it would made super lovely photos. Less so with a grey sky, yanno?
      Glad you enjoyed the bells, too.

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  3. Lovely post and pictures! I so envy you the snow! 😊 All grey in grey here, sometimes a couple of snowflakes dare to cover the streets before melting away. Have a great weekend and congrats to 1200 posts! Amazing!!!

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  4. Q

    You’ve gifted Sheree on two counts.

    The brilliant as ever captures that makes Wednesdays appointment viewing, and the narration of this beautiful gallery with passages that POP. Seriously, this is what I was talking about with you as far as a food blog goes. The captures that are your signature boom, coupled with this kind of witty and smart banter that adds so much.

    Loved every minute of this. As per.


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  5. You do so well, Dale, what blogging is all about.

    As for the walking and back discomfort (as they call pain), me too.

    But I carry only a phone and maybe a headset. If I did two hours (and snow?) — I would not anticipate a good outcome.


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  6. The winter wonderland of Dale is a marvellous happening!
    Thank you, Thunder.
    The Sainte Anne de Varennes Minor Basilica, is gorgeous. Thank you! ⚡️💥


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