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We Interrupt This Usual Broadcast to Bring You Something New…


Hello my blogging friends.

This is a short and quicky post to let you know that I have resurrected my Dalectables blog and have written my first (since June, 2014) post.  I could have simply done a reblog but that’s not my jam…

If you’d like to take a sneak peak, please, click here.  I would love to see you over there!


44 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Usual Broadcast to Bring You Something New…

  1. Your Back! And all bad. Of course WP won’t let me like or comment on your delectable blog. It’s not giving me and option to follow either.

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  2. Oh! my Dale, I am beyond impressed and in awe of your talent in the kitchen.

    Congratulations on dusting the mothballs off your former blog and bringing it back to life. Clearly you are in your element when cooking/baking.

    This is going to be a fun blog. It will put a smile on a lot of faces and make a lot of tummy’s rumble looking at your fabulous creations!

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    • Thank you, Ginger! You are so very lovely to say!

      Yes, I am happiest when sharing my food.

      I will do my best to make it fun (can’t help be continue to be myself…)


  3. I’m following, I think. I commented, but WP won’t let me like you. I watched your Apple Jelly video. You are so adorable making jelly. That gas stove the powers that be are trying to outlaw is killer. Maybe that’s why they want to outlaw it. You have moved since then if I recall?

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    • Woo hoo to the follow! The liking part blows.
      You did? How sweet are you? It was way too long but hey. Really? The powers that be are trying to outlaw them? Hell, I just put in a brand spanking new one in this house. Because, yes, I moved and lost my professional kitchen and had to make do with shite for three years. Now? Oh, baby!

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      • Here in the land down under Canada they do. The administration and some whacked-out members of congress, I guess the way whacked-out members of congress since they all are pretty well out of their minds, got a notion that gas stoves cause asthma in children. So they want to ban gas stoves and force everyone to switch to electric stoves. But then, like electric cars, all the electric stoves will strain the power grid, and we will have to stop cooking and starve to death. I think it’s another attempt at population control.

        Happy you got a new gas stove. Keep your inhaler handy. We’ve been cooking with gas for years. Wheeze! Wheeze!

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        • Hah! What about switching to natural gas, isn’t that the way to go? Doesn’t matter… we just cannot win, eh?

          Oh, after having that last beauty, no way in hell I was going back to electric!
          I changed the background colour to match the burgundy(ish) in my business card – which is way too big. Gotta make it smaller.

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          • Believe it or not, even back cottonwood hicks like me use natural gas. It’s that so many of the power grabbing political dweebs believe anything that uses gas needs to be banned. They say there’s fire in Hell, but the demons torture sinners on electric stoves because while there’s no fire, there’s lots of brimstone, torture, and pure hell to cook on electric stoves.

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