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icy decorations dot my window

creating a lacy pattern


delighting for its brevity

with one kiss of the sun

nothing left but a memory

114 thoughts on “Imprints

    • Actually, this was taken two days ago – right after those two brutal days (but still quite cold). I do love that word. It came to me after I published a version of this one elsewhere.


  1. Lovely, Dale.

    I bought the photo at face value until I read the poem and realized it was the window frost. And the poem, excellent on its own, pairs beautifully with the art of the pic.

    Nicely done. πŸ™‚

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  2. Well done, Dale! While I have fond memories of winters in northern NY, we did delight in the brevity of icy windows. These lines gave me a chill (no pun intended):
    “with one kiss of the sun

    nothing left but a memory”

    Fantastic way to describe how quickly icy decorations disappear!

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    • Thank you, Marie.

      I kinda like the patterns left by Jack Frost. It seems like they are few and far between, despite the cold.
      Love that you enjoyed my efforts! Thank you!

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  3. Q

    Here and gone but always blessed the same as if a million years had spent their time on that window. Which is the wonderful translation you have gifted us with this lesson in perspective, to which I say Brava!



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