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Remember Brooklyn? – Friday Fictioneers

Good Thursday, my peeps.  It’s a grey day here and I wanted to go for my daily walk but I was on slo-mo and now I can’t go because my contractor is coming for some last minute thingies and I’ve run out of time.  If I had been smart and organized, I’d have been out the door by nine but hey, I’m nothing if not go-with-the-flow.  As a result, well, why not play Friday Fictioneers?  Go on over to Rochelle’s blog by clicking here to find out the how-to’s inspired by Roger Bultot’s photo below.  Got a 100-word story simmering in your noggin that just needs release?  Click on the the lovebirds below and add your link.  G’head, it’s fun!

©Roger Bultot

Infant's Class Teddy - Kermit the Frog - Charleville National School

Dear Bill,

Going over some old photographs today, I found our trip to Brooklyn.  Do you remember?  It was November and the trees were still dressed in golden yellow leaves.  We were excited to be together again.

We were determined to cross into Manhattan by subway (getting lost in the confusing labyrinth), so we could walk back over the Brooklyn Bridge.  Such tourists we were. 🙂  We decided to stop for pizza at Grimaldi’s and had to pool our money, because they only took cash. Best pie ever!

Just thought I’d bring you for my walk down memory lane…

Lotsa love,



141 thoughts on “Remember Brooklyn? – Friday Fictioneers

    • Thank you, Tim. Seriously. It’s one thing to know ahead of time and be prepared… but when you’ve already paid for this, that and the other, the cash dwindles. We didn’t want to go searching for an ATM, either.

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  1. What a nice gentle story, Dale. I’m intrigued though – she’s writing him in a letter which suggests maybe they were friends not lovers, or lovers turned friends. Oooh, or maybe friends she’s hoping to kindle into lovers in the next chapter. See? You’ve got me romancing now!

    Hope you get the walk eventually, although it’s tipping rain here today, so not the best weather for it.

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    • Thank you, Jen. Excellent! One hopes to bring the reader in 😉

      I dunno. They are calling for 100% rain to start any minute now. Methinks I shall have to find another way to get my exercise in!


    • Thank you, Eliza. I’m thinking not. The rain should start any minute now and shall not abate until tomorrow. Maybe. I shoulda coulda woulda have gone out the door earlier!

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  2. What a fun post and now I want pizza. I missed my walk window. Now it’s raining. Just went back to walking yesterday, after being sidelined with my arm. Hoping to get back to it full time again soon. Sounds as if you had a wonderful time and I’m happy for you.

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  3. What a sweet, uplifting letter Dale. It brings that wonderful photo completely into focus because now we know the story behind the photo. And there’s always a story, right? Some memories should never be shut away in a shoebox in the back of a closet.

    Those old photos may tug the corners of our mouth up or tug at our hearts, but we need to be tugged every once in awhile, lest we forget.

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    • Thank you, Ginger. I love how a photo can bring up so much. And you’re right. We create photo albums, then never look at them.

      Yes. They do need to be tugged. Thank you so much, lovely lady!


  4. Dear Lianne,

    Isn’t memory a wonderful thing? How could I ever forget?

    You may be interested to know that I own the only Grimaldi’s franchise in Austin, Texas. The company allowed me to add a specialty item to our menu. It is called the “Lianne Subway Special.” It is a ‘cash and couples-only’ item: a Brooklyn-style pizza served on yellowed, white subway tiles. When customers ask, I tell them our story.

    Some things will never be forgotten.

    More love back atcha,


    PS: Send pictures.

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    • Let’s just say it’s surprising in this day and age to still find them! Haha! Let’s just say if it really was a serious urge, I would go out and find a damn ETM. (I’m not 100% there wasn’t one in the restaurant, but hey…) Cheesed! LOL…

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  5. We had a cash-only bakery here. It didn’t change until the owner passed away. Sad, but true. Frankly, I’m glad we can pay by card now. I liked your sweet letter, but like others, wonder why a letter.

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  6. This reminds me so much of my lone trip to New York. We took the subway from New Jersey, where it was far less expensive to stay, came up under MSG, and hailed a cab that drove us around the city to take us to a comedy club two blocks away. When we got there, we could still see MSG. “Oh, so we should walk back.” “Yeah.” We were still early, so we got a small pizza, or as I was corrected, a pie. It was huge and the best ever.

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    • Nothing worse than a taxi cab driver that takes advantage of tourists! I know what you mean, here, I say pizza, there? Pie! Us, too, it was huge but since it was plain, we almost ate the whole thing. I brought two slices home to share with my kids then didn’t even share it! LOL

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  7. Q

    Brooklyn in DA house! And if it wasn’t for the parking and the traffic and the lines in every direction and the ass backwards rail lines and the weather and the whether and the . . . okay that’s enough. Because they do gots the Brooklyn Bridge, which some people actually refer to as “overrated” . . can you believe that? Putzes. It’s a definite wonder of the world and for good reason. And to think they have the best pie tucked underneath its big toe!

    Win? Meet WIN!


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