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No Expectations – dVerse

On Monday, the lovely Merril hosted dVerse Prosery Monday.  I promised her I would participate but it took me two days to get the words I wanted.  These are still not the ones that popped into my head as I was walking but that’s how it goes, sometimes.  We were challenged to use the following poetry line, but NOT in any poetry form whatsoever.  We have 144 words to work with (not including the title):

“This year’s a different thing, –
I’ll not think of you.”

from Charlotte Mew, “I so liked Spring”


It’s the same thing, year after year.  I tell myself not to expect anything, that way there will be no disappointments.  It’s like I can’t help myself; my mind goes off on its own, raking in one thought after another, building up a scenario until I find myself thinking, yes! that’s exactly it.  That’s what I want.  Then I wait for it to happen ~ for some mysterious entity to come along and do the necessary to bring that random scenario to fruition.  How foolish is that?  I know better.  I’m past the fairy tale age.  There is no myth to getting what you desire.  It requires effort.  On MY part.

I promise myself this year’s a different thing.  I’ll not think of you as that mysterious entity come to swoop in and make it happen.  Having you join me will be a bonus.





90 thoughts on “No Expectations – dVerse

  1. As the years go by, “the same as it ever was” becomes an ever present mantra. But despite the church’s banning miracles so many centuries ago, sometimes, just sometimes, shit happens and it’s like a miracle. Excellent piece.

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  2. Thank you for writing to the prompt, Dale. I love your take. It seems a very healthy way to look at things–but I hope you get that bonus. 😊
    (Also, I think maybe you left out a word, “That’s I want.”)
    I love the photo! So dreamy. It’s like an image from an old black and white movie.

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  3. Wow! You’ve summed up what goes through my pea brain, that’s for sure. Well done. It will take effort on MY part too. But if you’re game to give it a go, I am too!

    I’m not exactly sure why your photo is a perfect marriage with your words, but it is. The bare trees and the dark gray clouds as seen through the window….like some relationships, a bit out of reach, but not entirely.

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    • Gimme a break. No pea brain for you! But yes, we need to work at/for what we want. I am definitely game!

      You have summed it up perfectly. Seen through a veil… there but you have to go get it. Love that.


  4. Interesting post Dale. It is well written and nice headline. In life to avoid being disappointed in a good way it is to just not expect anything because life is a mystery and the best way to live with it is to go with the flow🔥⭐⭐

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  5. Yet there is an ‘entity’ which delivers to us what we most want, though often we don’t acknowledge that want (even after we get it). I see it at play throughout all my life. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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  6. you already know I love the photo because it sings to my heart. Appropriately moody.

    It would have been easy to make it about a failed outside relationship. That you focused it upon your own “failings” made it wonderfully introspective. Combined with your reflected tree, it’s a great analogy of self-reflection and growth. Well done.

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    • I knew when I took the photo that I would use it somehow. Glad it worked for here.

      And yes, it is actually nothing to do with any relationship (failed or otherwise). I am so pleased you read it for what it was. Self-reflection and grown. You’ve just made my day.


  7. Q

    Looking inward, I think most of us eventually come to that realization that “Yes! This is who I am and it’s who I always professed to be!”, and when they get there, it doesn’t have to be the way anyone else envisions it. Like the window that looks out into nature, we always understood who we were best of all.

    Excellent look inside, and out!


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