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Nimble to Zen


Fingers laced through the handle of my coffee cup

warming my hands

I gaze out through my patio door

It’s a colourless February day

Yesterday’s rain and wind have melted the piles of snow

But I know, winter is far from over.

I look up and see a squirrel scamper nimbly without a care

along the wires that criss-cross my backyard

From there heΒ jumps onto an outstretched tree limb

runs along it then up and around the trunk, making

his journey all the more interesting

as no other beastie, two-legged or four

is chasing him and I see him no more

Was it that long ago that I was so intrepid?

Without a thought I would climb

to the top of the monkey bars

and stand on the summit, arms outstretched

fearless, though heart thumping

(there is no proof as no way would

mom or dad have approved)

There is not enough money in the world to get me to do that again.

Β©Ron Jones

Just last September, I gingerly made my way to my roof

stepped onto the rusty little table, then up onto the fence

(around my propane tank)

holding on for dear life to the house roof

as I hauled myself up onto the garage roof (lower)

I stood up, legs wobbly, heart pounding

but feeling exhilarated

(No matter that I have watched my son

hop, step and jump his way up with nary a care



I am not so feeble that I daren’t try

And how it was worth it!

I may not be as nimble; I may not be as quick

but that’s okay because I still do things

that make my heart quicken and me feel alive

I have also learnt that it is quite okay

to step back, centre, stretch, meditate

and find my Zen

Even the squirrels find the time




114 thoughts on “Nimble to Zen

  1. This pic of the jungle gym took me way back to when I was first married and we used to take walks. We would walk to the park with a playground and swing on the stuff they wasΒ nobody ever there. Β I thought no problem. I’ll just hang by my knees like I used to do when I was 10 years younger. Ha ha I achieved it but I bruised the back of my knee is so bad they were sore for a week. There are just some things that are best done when you’re 10 instead of evenΒ 20.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    • Oh Cheryl, tell me about it! There are many a thing I would not even attempt. As it it now, my tummy did backflips sanding on edge of the roof!


  2. Dear Dale,

    We had a jungle gym just like the one you pictured on our playground when I was little. I was never brave when it came to heights. Love your well written sentiments and photos.

    Shalom and lotsa Zen-type hugs.


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  3. Wonderful, Dale. You bring back memories of the days when I was nimble and never thought the least about balance. Now, balanced is something that begins with “un” for me.

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  4. What memories this post has exhumed from my memory bank. We had that same jungle gym on our school playground. Girls and boys alike climbed all over it….us girls never giving consideration to the fact that we wore dresses, or skirts and blouses. No trousers for girls then!

    The merry-go-round couldn’t go fast enough, yet many a kid went flying off it laughing their bazonger off. What fun.

    Seesaws. Remember being held up high in the air by the class bully and he suddenly got off the seesaw leaving you to crash to the ground? Not so much fun! But no serious injuries either.

    Then the swings. Pumping like your life depended on it trying to swing over the top rail. Or sometimes swinging so hard the whole swing set shook, and then you flew off the swing, on purpose, and thought you were Super Man!

    We collected our share of scrapes and bumps and bruises, but they were worth the fun we had.

    Hmmm, today I walk with a cane, and not too steady! I wonder if…….

    The photo of the squirrel chillin’ out is too cute. Maybe squirrels meditate! Or contemplate their nuts! Peanuts, that is. Lol!

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    • No dresses for this lassie, I can tell you! Those monkey bars are no longer to be found anywhere, considered dangerous. Same for those merry-go-rounds.

      Where are the seesaws now? I cannot remember the last time I have seen one, now that you mention it.

      But oh, the swings… Yes! Flying as high as you can, thinking you can go all the way around… and jumping off – how we didn’t break limbs, I know not.

      Nah… you had your fun and time is a thief of stronger limbs.

      Wasn’t he the cutest?

      Glad you went down memory lane with this, Ginger!

      But yeah,


  5. Lovely photos and poems. Girl! On the roof?! I had a fit because my husband went up on the roof ( his father fell off a ladder and broke his back). Anyway be careful. Love your post today and always πŸ₯° lovely!

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  6. First of all…I love the last picture of the squirrel. Adorable and so sweet. Second, yes, doing things that were once natural now make our hearts pound and we give them second thoughts, but we still do them. LOL I am finally realizings my limitations and admitting to myself I am no longer eighteen (for a LONG time). Great post that everyone can relate to, for sure.

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    • Isn’t it great? I was so pleased with it!
      And yeah… not 18 anymore but not dead yet, either. I’ll keep on doing things that make my heart palpitate!
      Thank you, Gigi.


  7. I love everything about this. And it made me realise, time was I’d climb trees no thought of falling. Yet in later life I shied away from the edge of cliffs in terror! I think it’s the knowledge of what could happen!

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  8. Q

    When nimble in body starts to wane, the spirit gives it a hand. At least that’s what I tell myself every time I bend over for something and then realize I’m not twenty-something on my way back up. And yet, I still feel okay about it.

    You’re more nimble and sprite than you give yourself credit for. It’s all about the perspective you bring to it. And that nimble spirit.

    You doing just fine grasshopper, πŸ˜‰


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    • Thank you, Derrick. Watching that little bugger race across the line, hope to a branch and make his way is what started this whole thought!! Glad you enjoyed πŸ™‚ And right, you have a point, their lifespan is not overly long… πŸ™‚

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  9. I like this. I look at squirrels and mutter about the damage they do to the house BUT your take is more positive about what they teach us: dare, try, then stretch and center yourself before you begin again.

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    • They are rats with nice tails, to be sure; and bird lovers loathe them, with good reason. However, I am glad you enjoyed my positive take on the little buggers.
      So glad you like, Ally πŸ™‚

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  10. Love that last pic which seems to scream zen. Although I’m sure that little hoodlum was just picturing some form of mischief to make around your garden rather than anything bliss in a human sense of the word (although mischief is probably as bliss as life gets for a squirrel).

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    • Isn’t it great? I was thrilled when I discovered it! That little hoodlum lives in a park with deer and birds and whatnot. And you are right. mischief is bliss to those little destructos.

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  11. Other than that the squirrel pics stole the show, this is a wonderful post.
    Anyway, you don’t need to be nimble, as you have mentioned. After all, you have Thunder Power!

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  12. A fun and charming read, Dale. It is wonderful when we find we still can. However, what you did, squirrels or not, is no longer on my personal ‘good idea’ list.
    Adventures are great, broken stuff, not so much. πŸ™‚

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