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75 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Absolutely beautiful photo of winter in the flesh! Looks so peaceful. That bench would have loved it if you cleared off the snow and sat down for a bit. That’s assuming, of course, that a bench could love anything! 🤗

    Silence is golden they say, but here it is sparkling white.

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    • Thank you, lovely Ginger! It was lovely with the snow gently falling (and not thinking of the shovelling that ensued!). It’s funny, I did air down on a bench further down. Very wet (glad I had snow pants on).

      Silence was sparkly white.


    • Thank you. Damn stuff keeps falling… I have driven through more than enough yucky brown slush, thank you very much! Out in that partk at least it stays nice for longer (even if I’m done with the stuff).


  2. Q

    That bench is probably like “Yo! Mother Nature! Will you PLEASE stop busting my hump with all this snow! I mean, for the love of all things merciful, just take a week off and go on vacation or something!”.

    Oh well, he’s got spring in his sights.

    Nice shot!


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