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Monday Meandering Mind

“They” say it takes twenty-one days to create a habit… Right?  Oh hell, naw.  I just looked it up (coz I really don’t like to spread fallacies) and NOPE! The book you wrote in 1960, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, you lied!  Apparently it can take anywhere from two months to eight months to build a new behaviour in your life.  Well, shit.  Doesn’t that just blow my whole post to smithereens.  Maybe ya shoulda looked it up before, dumb-dumb.

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Neither here nor there.  I am officially proclaiming that I have been in the process of creating a habit since my first run of the year on March 5th.  Why didn’t I start sooner?  Coz I didn’t.  And I live in a place that has too much snow (still) and ice and crappy conditions (until now) and besides I’m not a even close to being a die-hard runner like those I see run past my house, no matter the conditions:  sleet, snow, wind, using crampons on their shoes… no, not for me, thank you, very much.

Now that the bicycle paths are mostly clear and the temps have been hanging on either side of the freezing mark, I have made it a mission to go every other day.  So far, I’m five runs in and have increased my time.  Woot!

What Am I Bingeing?

I’ve had a few shows on the go.  I like to watch one, then another, and another rather than binge just the one show from start to finish.  I have noticed that when I do binge 2-3-4 episodes of the same show, I barely remember them later.  It’s like mindlessly eating popcorn until you finish the bowl and are surprised to find it empty.  I’d rather savour.

I have been challenging myself.  I am watching “The Empress” in German, with English subtitles.  I am surprised at how many words I pick up (I took German for two semesters in college, waaaaay back when.  My goodness, is it possible it was almost thirty years ago?)  It’s been interesting to learn about Elisabeth, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary.

I am also watching “Women at War” in French (don’t need the subtitles, though I keep them on just in case, that French from France accent occasionally gets me).  This one is darker and is the story of four women during WWI.  I’m only one episode in.

I am also watching “The Offer” – this is so enjoyable.  It’s about the making of “The Godfather” through the eyes and experience of Al Ruddy, producer.  Tell me, in the umpteen times you have seen this movie, did you ever pay attention to who the producer was?  I can tell you I did not.  Had zero clue.  Halfway through the series, and trying to stretch it out, the urge to watch The Godfather NOW, instead of at the end of the series, hit.  So, why not?  And, to make it perfect, make it dinner and a movie by having spaghetti and meatballs and wine – I mean, how can you not?  It’s so cool to see the vision, the troubles they had (No Al Pacino! He’s too short and  he’s a nobody theatre actor!), the negotiations… And recognizing bits from the movie in the series and vice-versa. If you are a fan of The Godfather, this show is like candy.  I want to gobble it up at the same time as I want to stretch it out.

Se The Offer - Stream Online | PlayPilot

What Am I Reading?

I am not a re-reader.  I can count on one hand how many books I have read more than once (and not more than twice).  For me, I figure there are so many books out there, why would I read one I already have?  I am impressed by those who have their favourites and have read them countless times.  This is the case for all the other members of the informal group from Sammi’s Scribbles. They are huge Tolkien fans and have read the books over and over, and in the case of Sammi, have multiple versions of the books.  I decided to join in for the fun of it.  We are now reading the second book from The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers.  Last year we read The Fellowship of the Ring. It’s pretty cool. We read half a chapter per week and exchange thoughts on Sammi’s blog.  It takes us most of the year to read just one of the books.  Sammi must have been busy last week because Tolkien Tuesday did not happen.  I’m wondering if I should just read the second half for tomorrow or what…  And since half a chapter per week is not much reading…

I am also reading Das Parfum, by Patrick Süskind – the French translation, since my friend Linda leant it to me, but also because I like to keep my French skills up by reading a French book every 3-4 books.  I prefer to read in the original language but in this case, the original is in German and so reading it in English or in French didn’t matter.  I saw the movie many moons ago and remember the gist of it.  I prefer to read the book after seeing the movie anyway, because I am never disappointed.  I am not with this one, either. The writing is so rich.  I read this one in bed…. and,

I am also beta reading a book for Rochelle.  Since my Kindle is being a biyatch and won’t let me download it (I think the cable is the issue), I have to read it off my laptop – only so much book I like to read on a computer.

Do you ever read more than one book at a time?  I never thought I would.  I have gone so far as to tell those who do that they are nuts and how can they possibly follow all the plot lines?  Turns out, it is more than possible.

Oh! And before I forget.  With all those peeps sharing their flowers, and me still buried in snow, I was beyond excited to see this:

Right next to a foot of snow.  In my front yard.  Go figure.  For a little perspective:

How do you like them apples?  No wonder I had a spring in my step and the energy to start running!

Thanks for hanging with me and I wish for you a lovely week.




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  1. I once saw a nun with a bad habit. She said she’d had it for years. It might take women 21 days to eight months to change behavior. We men never change. 21 days. 21 years. 21 decades. 21 millenniums (or whatever mil it should be), still the same ol’ same ol’ for men. Good books and cute sproutlings.

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  2. Q

    You’re taking the wrong bent on this habit thing. It IS twenty-one days! And you know how I know that? Because back in January I ditched my method of operating as per my diet and began anew with a more agreeable assortment of good stuff at the expense of the not so good stuff. At twenty-one days, I had achieved contact, and it went from there. Two months? Eight months? Fuck that shit, twenty-one days worked better for me. And so it is mid March and guess what? Why wait?!

    As for the running, I don’t even give it a second thought when I miss a day now because I know Imma double back and get it back. Because running has become an established expectation for me at this point. I just look forward to that time.

    I need more meditation though. Been doing it more consistently since my back flared up, because that is what turned the trick last time. Why not?

    The Offer is great stuff!


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    • B

      You know I am exaggerating for the purposes of a few words. I actually do believe it takes 21 days when you focus on achieving it. You’ve been doing fabulously. And how about this? 21 days at a time.

      That’s because you are a tried and true runner and, while I’ve been off and on for the past couple of years, I am not yet established. But I am working on it!

      I agree. More meditation and self-focus is needed. I have restarted my yoga (which works as meditation, for me) and am adding a nighttime one which is supposed to help with sleep and we know I have a certain gap, we call “lacune” in French when it comes to that.

      It is SO good!


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      • Heeeeeeey, I like that!

        And you’re actually enjoying it too, eh? I mean, if you’re not getting some kind of enjoyment out of it, why do it?

        I think for me, sleep is mostly psychological at times. I know I’m tired and yet, I can talk myself into not sleeping. Like the other night when I only got a couple hours sleep. Dumb.

        SO good!

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        • Glad you do!

          I’m working my way up to enjoying it 😉 I love that I am challenging myself. And that with each run, I feel I am a little better and less feeling I’m gonna die!

          Yes, that is exactly the same with me. I’m tired, can barely keep my eyes open, I get to bed and nope.

          Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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          • Uh huh!

            Yeah it does take time. Forget twenty one days or forty two days or two months or eight months. It will just happen one day and you’ll know it.

            That SUCKS.

            Woo hoo!

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          • Si! Si!

            Yes. I agree. I shall just keep plugging away as I get closer and closer to it.

            It does! But! Tonight, after walking for two hours after dinner, and as soon as I do my WW, I like to think all that fresh air will help me get to La La Land!

            Yeah baby!

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          • Ce Ce Peniston . . . classic all timer.

            I went for a run this morning, but I screwed myself. I had decided to forego the run yesterday because it was cold and WINDY. So this morning, I get out there and guess what? Yeah . . cold and WINDY. So I did 15 minutes because I figured just being out there at that ungodly hour in that ungodly weather was truly enough.

            It should! Fresh air helps. I will say this, that run kicked me into gear . . . NOW. It was a serious delayed reaction kind of deal but hey, it still counts.


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          • True dat!

            Woo hooo! Except for the cold and WINDY part. As far as I am concerned 15 minutes is righteous – especially at that ungodly hour in god-awful weather.

            And so did it? No, it did not. Da hell? So glad that run kicked you into gear. I forwent (is that a word?) my run this morning since my head was pounding. I shall, however, go later as the sun is supposed to shine.


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          • I figured so. And that’s okay because I got back to it yesterday with a great run. Imma have to take a break from running before mid April, otherwise I’ll just wait until May.

            As past tense perhaps? I dunno, but it’s not a word I’m familiar with. So of course I really like it.

            You always got this.


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          • So glad you did. Why take a break?

            It it (I just checked it out) I surprise myself sometimes! I like it too.

            I do – ‘specially when I have the best cheerleader ever!

            Love and MWAH!

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          • I take a break a few times a year. It’s good for me to give myself a week off from time to time throughout the year. And it’s even better when I go back and I have that extra kick

            It’s great, really, it is.

            Wow! So do I!

            Love and MUAHs!!

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          • You know how the internets are, so many crazies out there spreading all kinds of fake news. I mean, just because we have accumulated a million miles worth of comment threads on WP, they think we’re messing around.



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          • Yes, they are filled with all sorts of stories. I mean to judge a million miles of comments as a sign of messing around? Where do they get that Idea?



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  3. It sounds like you are very busy in all sorts of wonderful ways.
    Good for you with the running. I keep up my walking–with occasional jogs or sprints–but in bad weather, I do it inside. (I had something like a two-year+ streak that got broken with my ER visit. Sigh).

    I have the Empress and Women at War in my huge queue. 🙂 I started Perfume years ago, but I didn’t get into to it. Maybe something to try again.

    Doesn’t it raise your spirits to see signs of spring, even with the snow?

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    • It does sound like I’m busy, doesn’t it? I should think I’d get more done were that the case 😉
      Thank you. It’s been working great and on the non-run days, I add walking. It is, of course, snowing today. But I will still go out because. Goals!
      I’m really enjoying The Empress. The one who plays Sissi (Elisabeth) is wonderful.
      I watched Perfume, the movie years ago. I honestly would not have picked up the book but my friend leant me a stack and it was in there so… why not? I’ve not reached his serial killing yet.

      It does! I’m not happy to see said signs being given the snow treatment!

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  4. This is a fascinating post. I am pleased about your running. Many years ago I facilitating a support group for senior probation officers. On one of our very rare properly snowy mornings I ran the 8 miles to it. I was the only one who got there. Those with cars couldn’t manage it. I have probably stopped reading French novels in the original language, but used to watch French films with French sub-titles. For the first time I am reading two books at a time. One is the Balzac Droll Tales which I am featuring one at a time – so it made sense to read a novel as well.

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    • Ooh. I love that you have given the word fascinating 🙂 I am so very pleased about my running. Wow! How impressive, Derrick! I can’t run 8 miles – yet 😉 Kudos to you.
      I went to schools in English and French; my mother’s side of the family, while dwindling alarmingly, is French. Here, in Quebec, any job requires good bilingual skills – and if between me or another, will often go to me for that very reason so… I figure it is a good idea to keep it up.
      I’m planning on celebrating my 60th in Italy next year so, will be searching for Italian movies and shows 😉
      Yes, when reading two or more books, they must not be in the same genre because that would be confusing!

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  5. Wow! I’m exhausted just reading about your busy life.🤗 I love to read, but only one book at a time, and I never re-read books.

    I saw the Godfather and once was enough for me!

    I used to walk every day. At least 2-3 miles. But age, arthritis and other health issues have brought that to a halt. Additionally I need a cane to walk (or wobble). So I make do with walking in the house, but I need to increase that.

    Your flower sprouts are very brave to poke out against all that snow. It stands to reason that flowers of yours would have spunk!

    I don’t know the timeline on creating habits, but It seems bad habits take hold much faster than good habits! WTH?!

    Have a great week Dale, walking, running, biking, reading, bingeing and watching your flowers grow!

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    • Oh stop! If you only knew just how much time I spend on my ass doing nothing but watching TV…

      I hear you. I don’t usually re-read – which makes my keeping of all of my books a ridiculous thing, don’t you think? I actually donated at least half of my library when I moved and renovated. Some, just could not because, who knows?

      I think the Godfather is more of a guy thing, though I do enjoy it. So many people reference it.

      Well, needing a cane does change things, Ginger! You do what you can.

      Yes, so brave that they are now being sprinkled by the blasted snow that has been falling all morning.

      It does seem that bad habits are easy-peasy! I think it doesn’t really matter how much time, as long as you are focused on achieving them.

      Have a wonderful week, you too, Ginger! It looks like my walk will be with snowflakes 🙂


  6. Dear Dale,

    Wow! I’m impressed by your running and reading. Perhaps I’ll get out and walk today even though it’s in teens this morning. (Elliptical is still down.)

    I’d always heard 30 days to create a habit. Now I’m feeling a bit let down myself.

    I hope LDWA isn’t too much of a chore on your laptop. 😉 I’m looking forward to your comments and any corrections you might suggest.

    We watched The Offer and hated to see it end. Matthew Goode was amazing as Bob Evens. I went back and watched actual footage and Goode nailed him!

    Thanks for sharing this encouraging post. Just think, before you know it, we’ll be kvetching and moaning about the heat and humidity.

    Shalom and lotsa multitasking hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      So am I! 😉 It’s snowing for today’s walk. I am so done with it, It’s no longer pretty, yanno? Elliptical, at least can be fixed. Eventually.

      I had always heard 21. Then, looking it up saw that it can be anywhere from 19 days to 8 months. Sounds like the weathermen. I think it’s all in our own power.

      LDWA is lovely, don’t you worry. So far, barely any typos 😉

      Matthew Goode is more than Good. And honestly, I really enjoy all the characters. We’ve only four episodes left. Three, after tomorrow. Waaaahhhhh.

      So glad you enjoyed it. I do worry when I ramble, press “publish”, then realise I didn’t even write what I had set out to… 🙄

      Shalom and lotsa productive love,


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  7. Kudos for taking those sneakers out for some exercise! Gonna have to take a break today with this storm, ugh. It is nasty out there right now with the heavy white stuff and now the wind is starting, double-ugh.
    I don’t read two fiction books at the same time, but usually run one or two non-fiction along side of one fiction. 🙂

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    • Thank you, I’m pretty pleased with myself. And my walk today might not happen, either. It’s snowing here, too and windy. Snow, is fine (not really, coz I’m sick of it) but wind? It just makes everything miserable.
      Exactly. They cannot be of the same genre because that would be too confusing! The three I am reading are fiction but worlds apart.

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  8. Thanks for sharing your update. You are a busy person, that’s for sure. Good to get out there for exercise. One thing you need to add to the dinner while watching the Godfather. A big white napkin tucked under the chin. Keeps the sauce at bay. Plus, it looks more formal when the guys come through the door with machine guns for the hit.

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  9. You’re a far better person than me by returning to running-so kudos for that. I doubt even a gun to my temple could ‘encourage’ me to pick up that painful exercise in misery. I’ll walk 10 miles or better but run…nope, nada, nein. And speaking of ‘nein,’ coincidently I’m reading Jac Jemc’s latest novel, Empty Theatre, or The Lives of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and Empress Sisi of Austria but now I may have to watch the Netflix series. I have a strange fascinating with the mad king, who was a dreamer and such a tortured soul. Sisi’s life wasn’t all peaches and cream either but she likely found some happiness with Franz over her cousin and dear friend, Ludwig. Clearly wealth and power do not guarantee happiness.

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    • Oh, I would not say better. I’m just trying to find the easiest way to get the heart beats up. My doctor said my walking 10k steps was fine and dandy but he wanted me to up the beats 15 minutes per day. I do dance in my living room now and again, too 😉
      How interesting that you are reading about them. And no, her life was not all peaches and cream and the happiness with Franz seems to have been short-lived. It’s fun to watch something outside of England 😉
      I am enjoying the series tremendously.
      Did you happen to catch “The Great” – Russia, this time. It was so much fun.

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      • I tend to forget Netflix as there’s so much content to watch on the satellite. Besides this time of year is usually filled with all manner of hockey (well except for the Bruins or the Lightning (my two favorite teams to loathe all year long but who the league just can’t seem to get enough of-bleh). 😈

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        • I hear ya. When I am in no mood for hockey – my Habs are killing me – I find all manner of entertainment on Netflix.
          Bruins! I spit on them! (Forever rivalry between the Canadiens and them) and do NOT get me started on the effing Lightening. Ptoo! Ptoo! Ptoo!

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          • The Habs are having an inexplicably rough season and completely understand the need to reset one’s mind with better diversions (gawd knows I’ve done it all season long when the Av’s infirmary grows and from those games lost when they should have been won (i.e. the ‘Yotes-WTH!?!?). And speaking of WTH… what is going on with the league? I ask that question constantly whenever it comes to the B’s. Burns my chaps that thug and dirty player Brad Marchand gets away with murder in the eyes of the league as well as TNT, ESPN and NHL Network who just have this enormous bromance for him and the B’s. Grr. And if I hear one more comment about “Pasta” as if he were the second coming, I may just go into orbit!!

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          • Rough season? Can you say years – sans counting that surprise when they ended up in the finals to our shock and amazement.
            I don’t know what to tell you, my friend. There is no honour in pro sports (not a whole helluva lot in amateur, either).
            Between the Marchands and the Deshaun Watsons and all those of their ilk, I am discouraged and disgusted.

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          • The league loves certain teams and allows for some pretty abhorrent behaviors by a handful of players who push the limits. I’m sure we can agree on a handful of various knuckle-dragging skaters who think cheap shots are ‘just part of the game.’ A pox on them all, including the league who only seems to be interested in boosting revenue at the expense of decency and safety.

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  10. Congrats on your new habit, Thunder! Yayayay!
    I’m not running!!! I will, however, walk.
    The sidewalks here are a mess. I’ve almost hit the cement several times because of slabs sticking up. How can I look for art, if I’m looking down for uneven slabs.
    Landsakes, it safer in the alleys.
    I’m hoping Thursday will be a biggie walk: no snow rain or high winds predicted.

    Sounds like you’re having a good time with reading and watching.
    I read “Lord of the Rings” years ago. ( & The Hobbit) As you say, no need to read twice.
    6 days to spring, but who’s counting!
    Have you ever seen “Once Upon A Time in America”?

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  11. The Empress? Oh nooo!!! Everything about the portrayal is so wrong and awful and as an Austrian who has read many books about them and the monarchy, visited Schönbrunn, the Kaiservilla in Bad Ischl, Hofburg etc … I couldn’t be more disgusted. The wardrobe, hairstyles, jewelry, castles, historical facts, the personalities, the Viennese court … everything is just utterly and completely wrong. I already see myself visiting the Kapuzinergruft again, apologizing again for those incompetent Germans who once again totally fail to respect absolutely anything. (Just like naming a burger franchise after this famous couple because they think it’s funny). Having said that, kudos for watching in German language!!! And yes, I’m one of those persons who reads two to three books at the same time. 😁

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  12. We have a hyacinth which pops out each Spring, and this year it came up about a month earlier because of the lack of snow and cold. You earn bonus points from me for running period, let alone while Winter is still in play there. I am not a big book reader, but I have never undertaken more than one at a time. Thanks for the viewing tips. Always like to know what folks are watching – so many choices…so little time!

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    • So many people got their spring super early!
      I thank you for the points. Winter is definitely still hanging around (woke up to snow falling) but, as long as there is asphalt, I’m good.
      It’s a recent thing, this multiple book reading!
      I’m enjoying them 🙂

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  13. First of all, I don’t think I’ve seen the Godfather. I know that’s sacrilegious. Speaking of sacrilegious… Did you read The Hobbit first!?! When it comes to Tolkien I am adamant they should be read in order. The Hobbit first and then The Lord the Rings. I could not take that much time to read a book. It’s just not in my nature. I read the Tolkien series every time I was supposed to be studying for Christmas exams in university. Yep, I’m a purist.

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    • What? No way! I jest. I know more than a few who’ve never seen it. I did read The Hobbit first. And it has surprised me to enjoy reading this soo very slowly.
      You’d fit in with the others. I’m the total neophyte compared to them!

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  14. I am always reading multiple books. I try to stick with one fiction at a time, the rest being non. But since I am now in two book clubs, sometimes I have to double up the fiction to get it all in. There are some books I’ve read twice. The Harry Potter series, for example. Couldn’t do Lord of the Rings, though I managed The Hobbit.

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    • Exactly. I think two of the same genre would be harder to keep track of. Harry Potter – would you believe it took me three tries to read the first one? I couldn’t get into it. My sister urged me. And once in? I loved them! I plan on re-reading them one day.
      I did enjoy The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. To be completely honest, I will never be on the fan level of the other ladies…

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  15. Wow…okay…I ALWAYS read more than one book at a time, like three, at least. I love that you’re wee plant is coming up. I haven’t seen any yet but my cousin said she has a couple in her yard. I NEVER read a book twice, since I agree with you, there are too many to read for the first time. I have tried to read LOTR’s so many times, and just can’t do it. I’m glad you can read it. I can’t believe you can read things in more than one language. OMG, I’m so impressed. When I saw the Godfather, when it first came out, I felt like I was visiting my grandparents. LOL Lace curtains, the whole thing. So funny. This was a fun post, Dale. 🙂 Lots of fun.

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    • Too funny. I never thought I could and now I almost always have three on the go.
      I was beyond excited to see green! Honestly, I think the only other book I read twice was Jane Eyre. Eons apart so it felt new again 😉 LOTR is best in these mini doses for me. Too many bizarre names and places to keep track of.
      Yes, madame! I can read in English and French.
      Buahaha! Love it. We had nothing like the Godfather in my family.
      So glad you enjoyed, Gigi!


  16. The green pushing through the ground was a great ending and had that spring hope
    And interesting about the 21 days debunked – it does seem likely that two months + would be more realistic – but I think behavior change also depends on mindset, approach, strategies, and other variables (like weather – as you noted with running)
    And speaking of habits – and the question about re-reading – there is a wonderful book I have read twice called “Atomic Habits” by James Cleaf – it was my husband’s book of the year in 2019! I highly recommend it
    Also – another reread for me was The Brain that Changes itself (2013) – going on a third time

    Oh and cheers to The Godfather series

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  17. I do like this meandering mind of yours! I’m also a bit envious that you are (more or less) trilingual. Goodness, you do have a lot of snow! Kudos to you for getting back into running, and going every other day (weather permitting) sounds like a good plan. I don’t remember if I’ve ever read a book more than once, except perhaps when I was in college and might have been assigned the same book in different classes. These days most of my “reading” is listening to audiobooks yet I often already own those books in print. Listening lets me do other things like knitting at the same time, but I almost always want the print copy so I can revisit parts … that’s if, of course, I really liked the book 🙂

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    • Why thank you, Marie! I’m only truly bilingual. I’m going to start working on the Italian – in preparation for next year. The German is not even rudimentary, to be honest. I can sorta understand a little Spanish… I went out for my sixth run today! Woo hoo!
      I am not big on the re-reading… I never thought I would enjoy audio books but I do – they are great when I am walking for the sake of walking. I know what you mean about wanting the print. I have started getting more kindle books because I can highlight parts I like and send them to my computer. I would NEVER writing in a physical book!

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  18. I’m bummed about it taking 2 to 8 months to develop a new habit. I’m going to pretend I don’t know that and continue to believe it takes 21 days. Ignorance is bliss, and all that. I almost always read two or three books at the same time. I leave them in different places around the house, then pick up the one closest to me when I sit down. Women at War sounds interesting. I’ll look for it.

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    • You know what Ally? I have decided that to hell with the 2-8 months. I’m sticking to the 21 days. Besides, it’s all about determination, isn’t it? I never thought I would so enjoy having more than one book on the go.
      It is. It’s not fluff series, tell you what!

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  19. Phew, you exhaust me. But here goes: I’m a walker, not a runner (last run resulted in acute bronchitis), but I walk 5 mile plus weekly. Watching? Well I am a binge-watcher but of late, nothing of interest, except lots of YouTuber videos focus on history/prehistory. Reading? I’m one of those freaks who have several books on the go: one hardcopy, unusually non-fiction, one e-book on computer (writing craft usually) and another e-book on the kindle for night-time reading. And then, of course, I’m always writing…which involves reading. Phew, now I’ve exhausted me

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  20. Excellent items, Dale.

    My doctors make decisions based on statistics from research. When I ask them some questions (regarding me), I get, “Everyone is different.” Two truths. Life under the bell curve is confusing. I’m unique but also not so much.

    I have no idea about how long it takes me to habituate, but I have (often). I do not exercise out of habit. I do it for health. I would buy ‘about a month or so’ to get a new habit. Pleasurable things can become habits (or addictions) much quicker.

    I’ve read “The Things They Carried” several times and I’m considering downloading both the Kindle and Audio books (I have 3 PB copies) to read again. I read some poetry many times.

    BTW, my iPad stopped hooking up to other wifis a long time ago. Got a new internet provider, so now it’s virtually useless as a reader. I had to get a new Kindle Fire. It’s fine, but different (of course).

    I can read several books at one time (takes longer, of course). But, I’ve noticed that when books are similar, I can get confused. For example, a memoir by a person and a biography of that same person can get mixed up, esp. when they don’t agree on specifics (like dates).

    I’ve done the movie/book thing both ways. For me, it depends. I’ve been distracted by character or event changes in movies. I learned most about the dichotomy reading Larry McMurtry’s take on it.

    Good luck with the running, the weather, and the habits. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Bill.

      Everyone is different, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be some guidelines.

      I do believe in the 21 (okay, how about a month) to create a habit. And exercising for health is the best reason. It’s why I do it!

      I know there are those who read and re-read certain books. I kinda dig that. I’m just one one of them. I’ve realised that most of the beta books I have read, I then read the final copy so that counts, no?

      My iPad is older than old and is now just taking up space. I love my Kindle White. It weighs nothing (that iPad was heaaaaavy).

      That’s what I was saying. Reading multiple books works as long as they are not the same genre (especially, not the same subject – what were you thinking? 😉 )

      You do you re: book/movie. So far, I’ve never been disappointed by the book after the movie. The reverse? Too many expectations that get dashed.

      Thank you. Did run no. 7 this morning. So far, so good… and the weather is behaving, so that is a huge help.

      Liked by 1 person

  21. Wunderbar! Das ist so schön… (Valà, c’est à peu prés tout mon Allemand… MDR)
    (Je voulais dire pour courir)
    I try to alternate English and French books too. But I’ve just run out of French books. Though I do re-read. Actually a good deal.
    Bon week-end Dale.

    Liked by 1 person

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