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A Hole in the Clouds

Monday was Prosery Monday on dVerse, hosted by the lovely Merril D. Smith.  We were given the following line:

“In space in time I sit thousands of feet above the sea”
—From May Sarton, “Meditation in Sunlight

We have 144 words to play with and it must not be in any poetic form.  We must use the line, word for word, though we may change the punctuation.

Today, I was watching a talk show with and the singer Michel Rivard was the guest. He just so happened to sing the song “Un trou dans les nuages” (A Hole in the Clouds) that inspired me to participate.  I translated the song and added my two cents’ worth.

They came through a hole in the clouds, landing a few paces away.  I know I was chosen because they trust in me.  They gave me an imaginary stone, like a crystal carved out of the blue of the night.  I hid it in under the ferns in the woods and will have it in hand when they return for me.

I have suffered ridicule by all the townsfolk who point at the sky, mocking me, and calling me the village idiot for believing in them.  Yet I have faith and I wait.

And now the day is come; I read it in the clouds.  They alight on the clearing near the woods and shine a beam on my face. There are no witnesses, as they requested.

In space and time, I sit thousands of feet above the sea.  I’ve no memory of before.

The lyrics (in French) can be found here.  Deepl is a wonderful translation tool, should you be interested. 

125 thoughts on “A Hole in the Clouds

  1. There are cracks and holes in everything Dale and I am sure they have found all the openings … hehe … I wrote this little piece …
    “Cracks and Holes”

    There are cracks in the internet
    Is there a hole in the alphabet?

    There are cracks in the ground
    Is there a hole in the Pound?

    There are cracks in my skin
    Is there a hole in the garbage bin?

    There are cracks in the skyline
    Is there a hole in my shrine?

    There is a crack in my Mind
    Is the world a hole in decline?

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        • Hey… at least you DO understand French 🙂 I’m not sure if I should call myself Anglo or Franco, but I can tell you that the heavy Pikey Irish accent Brad Pitt had in “Snatch” caused me some grief. I was rather surprised that my husband understood every word!

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  2. Well done Dale. Otherworldly, yet not a stretch to believe. Your photo couldn’t be more perfect!

    Thank you for starting my day off on such a positive note. If there are any clouds around you with holes in them, I hope they are filled with glorious sunshine!

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    • Thank you, Ginger. I just wish my imagination was as good as his! I’m so glad you agree with my choice of photo 🙂

      What a lovely thing to say! And yes, we will need holes today! Hope your day is filled with sunshine!


    • You are so sweet, Marina. They are not my words (well, not the main storyline, anyway). But I did translate, so there is that. And yes! I was so pleased to have the right photo! xoxoxo


  3. Wholly, holy, hole-in-the-clouds inspired ad homily of a tell-tale told by the witness. Only fools mock and ridicule those who have surfed the waves in the fabric of space and time.

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          • I use it to translate lots of stuff, including myself. I had to run my first comment on this post through Deepl before it made any sense.😜

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          • Hahaha! You nut!
            If I have a long enough document to translate, I’ll put it through Deepl and then modify it, where I see fit. It is miles ahead of Google Translate!

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          • I’m doing away with anything Google as much as I can. I deleted all my videos but one off of my YouTube channel, I’ve used Duck Duck Go as my search engine for years, I use OpenStreetMaps as much as I can for maps, and now I’m using Deepl for translating.

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          • Oh really? Wow…
            I’ve never tried Duck Duck Go. I must look into it. I use Waze instead of Google maps but I’ve never heard of OpenStreetMaps either. My goodness, am I outta da loop or what?

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          • There’s a mapping service called What Three Words. They have laid a meter grid all over the glob, and assigned three random words to each grid. They have a social media app that people can use to locate where they want to meet using the three words. The idea is that by using the three words app, everyone will get to the same place, whereas, and address search between various map services can put you blocks, even miles apart from where you need to be.

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          • I discovered it through QGIS looking for geocoding plugins. I only have two live in-person friends outside work, and family. We know were we want to meet when we get together. So three words is of no use for me socially. However, it has great potential for geocoding.

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          • Geocoding is whenever you locate an address on a digital map. We have to geocode tens of thousands of addresses for various types of analysis. We have been geocoding with GIS apps since the late 1980s. Marketers, governments, the military, probably spammers, also, make use of bulk geocoding to locate people. Now most mapping services and GIS products have decided geocoding is a commodity and they want to charge a lot of money for it when you geocode bulk addresses.

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          • I particularly like that aspect!!
            Course, I still have gmail and such, for now. I have to consider my next steps. I am so fed up of all the crap that comes my way.

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          • email spam seems to be a problem no matter who you are with. It seems the longer you have an email address, the more spam you get. “Spam eggs, Spam, Spam, eggs, and Spam!”

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          • That’s probably true. I loathe gmail and desperately miss my sympatico account. I am SO pissed I lost it when I changed internet providers. I never thought of it…

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          • I have had a relationship with my ISP, SWCP, through work and personal accounts since 1994. When I had to change to Comcast to get highspeed Internet for Laurie to do online classes in 2020, SWCP let me change to a basic, inexpensive account so we could keep our email addresses. I have fiber through SWCP at the office, but they don’t have any highspeed options out here in the sticks. The big ISPs try to push out the local providers. The local providers are worth every penny in terms of service and reliability.

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          • I am dizzy from this explanation! I just want my stuff to work and work well and fast enough for a good price, of course. Videotron (my provider) could have told me I’d lose my account so I could have made some agreement with Bell. But they didn’t and when I found out, it was too late. Too late to find all the shit connected to my email account. And can we say that after 30 years there is a LOT?

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  4. Q

    You captured it . . you created it! Both!

    I always love the story that begins with a mystery. Like that hole in the clouds that makes you wonder if it was a haphazard melody the skies played into being or if there was a more specific design to the whole equation . . . one we are not privy to, unless we’re really lucky. It would be a cosmic powerball win, to know the secrets or to at least be given the chance to find them out, don’t you think?



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  5. This is a fabulous write, dear Thunder!
    Your words evoke:

    My mom (rip) waited many years to sit in space and time, thousands of feet above the sea. She’d wander through the prairie grasses at night. If there was no stars and moon, she’d take a flashlight.
    They laughed at her. I didn’t. I would go with her, when I went home for visits.
    She knew they would come.
    In some sense they did, and she is. xoxoxo

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    • Thank you, Sweet Sorceress!

      Oh! I love that share. What a beautiful soul your mama was. That is soo beautiful. I am so glad you went with her. xoxoxo


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