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88 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Ooooo Dale, your photo is like a Thomas Kincaid painting and a Hallmark card rolled up into one beautiful scene.

    Glad the rest of your Sunday you can hang out and relax and enjoy the quiet beauty that surrounds you….and enjoy your own quiet beauty.

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    • Why thank you, Gigi! That is a lovely thing to say!

      I am definitely staying indoors today (somehow managed to haul my heinie out there to run in the biting wind) and treated myself to homemade waffles and the rest of the day to do a whole lotta nuthin’!

      Happy relaxing Sunday to you, Ginger πŸ™‚


    • Thank you. Yes, we still have snow. A big chunk has melted, though, so that is encouraging. Mind you, I did run in small flakes this morning. Blech.
      Yes! Spring, please spring!


  2. Q

    You came up with this beauty last winter? I say ‘last’ because today is the first day of spring, which means that winter is in the rearview mirror and you won’t have to worry about ice and snow and all the mess that comes with it. Nope, it’s all gone . . till next winter! No need to worry, it’s all over now that spring has arrived!

    No guarantees of course . . .


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