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Weekend Writing Prompt #308 – Confession

A little word prompt from Sammi (thank you!) to get me back on the blogging beat after a week or so of wonderful Stay-Cay!Β  And since it is Earth Day, I figured I’d somehow incorporate something seasonal.

wk 308 confession

This is my confession:

I love living in a

place with four seasons;

I might complain about

summer’s humid heat

and winter’s bitter cold

but they make spring

and autumn all the sweeter




130 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #308 – Confession

  1. Damn girl, you aced this! Thirty-three words and you summed it up perfectly. And the four seasons around that bench is the perfect touch.

    I’m glad you had some time off but I’m also glad you’re back so we can enjoy you!

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    • Thank you, Ginger! I love that bench and tree and take it almost every time I pass there!

      It was so lovely to be with my guy for 9 days… Sigh.
      Glad to be back!


  2. Your confession I hear with glee
    Of four seasons you speak to me
    Each one with its unique flair
    A time to revel, a time to care

    Summer’s heat might scorch the land
    But without it, we wouldn’t stand
    The autumn leaves wouldn’t glow so bright
    Nor winter’s snowfall glisten with light

    Yes, winter’s chill may bite our skin
    But it’s a season we revel in
    For when spring finally blooms anew
    Its beauty is all the more true

    So don’t apologize for your love
    Of the changing seasons up above
    For each one brings its own delight
    And fills our world with wondrous sight.


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  3. Amen to that! For all my grouching about winter and all my pining for summer,, I would not want it to be summer year-round, and I adore the ever changing beauty of nature in transition. LOVE the photos!

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  4. Dear Dale,

    Love the photos of the changing seasons. Not sure I share your confession. πŸ˜‰ I did like your verse. At any rate, I share the changing seasons here in Missouri.

    Shalom and lotsa springtime hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thank you. Glad you like the photos and the verse if not the sentiment πŸ˜‰

      Shalom and lotsa seasonal love,



    • I think I would miss them, were I elsewhere. It might be fun for a while but I dunno… I do enjoy all four seasons and spending Christmas in Florida now and again is fun but I don’t know that I would like it on the regular…

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    • Thank you, Marie. I have been wanting to do a four-season post with this bench and tree for ages! I didn’t realise you used to live in a four-season place. And yeah, bitching comes with snow πŸ˜‰

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      • Recently one of my cousins in New York (Albany area) sent me a photo showing a pile of snow near his workplace. I’m planning a visit up there in June. I’m hoping it will be warm enough to travel light … lol.

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        • Hah! I do like to think that come June, you are safe! We actually had upper 70s last week (been in the lower 50’s since, but still). June, for us, usually brings one really hot week, then crap before the summer really arrives in July. New York is further south so they are warmer.

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          • As I always do when I visit New York, I’ll wear layers so I can shed clothes if it’s too warm. Actually, I’ll also be traveling light because my brother-in-law wants me to go through my sister’s wardrobe, see if there’s anything I want. Oh, boy. 😦

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          • Yeah, it’ll be hard. I haven’t been home since the funeral. I’ll probably pick out a couple of things to be nice but I’m thinking the best thing would be to donate her clothes and shoes to a battered women’s shelter or something like that.

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          • I don’t doubt that.
            When my father passed, his girlfriend donated all his clothes without talking to us. We were so pissed and she had to go retrieve them so that we could go through them before bringing them back for donation. He had 3 sons-in-law plus four grandsons who might have wanted an item or so. (She was not shy to let HER son go through them first…) Anyway. All’s well that ends well and all was forgiven.
            You will see how you feel when you are there.

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          • Wow. I would have been pissed too. And that gives me another idea, that my brother-in-law could give a few other family members and friends an opportunity to go through her clothes, shoes, and jewelry. I often imagine wrapping myself up in one of the shawls I knitted for her, but I’m not going to ask for one. I think my brother-in-law is rather attached to those as well πŸ™‚

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          • Yeah, we were not pleased.
            And there ya go!
            As for the shawls – all depends on how many she had from you πŸ˜‰ He might be willing to part with one…

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  6. Q

    It’s so true, the four seasons gives us so much that we usually take for granted (complain about), but when I think about living in a clime where it’s the same old same old all year round? I dunno . . it doesn’t really fit my personality.

    Great thoughts as per usual bebe.


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