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Late Spring? Not Quite Up Here

For Haibun Monday, hosted by Linda Lee Lyberg on dVerse.   Since Spring has finally sprung, why not, eh?

I am asked to write a Haibun about late spring.  Problem is, we are merely at the beginning of it up here in the Montreal region unlike my fellow writers below the 49th parallel who have been sharing photos of their blooms since end of February, beginning of March!  Up here, we go from temps begging for sundresses and sandals and the next, it’s full-on garb, including coat, hat and gloves (for those of us of a more delicate nature).  Exposing toes at this time would be foolhardy.

How can we ask for crocus and daffodils when we expect them to be covered in snow?  And yet, they do just that.  They take the risk to pop up out of the partially frozen soil next to naked branches and we delight in it.  During my latest walkabout, I am delighted to see yellows and blues and every shade of purple with some pink interjected here and there, just because.

I’m particularly beguiled by the random pops of sweet violets, striped squills, and Siberian squills that seem to scatter willy-nilly wherever they please.  Not that the more formal gardens with hyacinths, daffodils and the early tulips don’t have their own special charm, of course.  It is the wild ones that captivate me.

Frozen ground holds on

Battle royale in progress

Blooms unrepentant



108 thoughts on “Late Spring? Not Quite Up Here

  1. Spring is often up and down here in Central Pennsylvania, Dale, although not as cold. I watched my friends planting herbs a few weeks ago, but we’ve had frost for several days now, so I’m waiting for mid-May. Stay cozy!

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    • Yes. Though you’ve had some much warmer temps than we have! We never, ever plant before Victoria Day (Third Monday of May) 🙂


  2. Q

    It’s nice to see colors creeping out from under the monochrome landscape here and there. It’s as if spring is aware that it has to get it’s ass moving but it wants to make sure the winter doesn’t smack it down again.

    Judging by your captures and verse, I like spring’s chances.


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  3. You captured such a beautiful bounty of colors in these photos Dale. Spring is finicky here too. Frost last night and again tonight! WTH! Perfect Haiku.

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    • Thank you, lovely lady! We are still a tad limited (I find) but they seemed to pop over night. We’ve avoided frost overnight in the last couple of weeks – but it’s still not a safe bet! Glad you enjoyed the pics and the Haiku!


  4. It’s like nature bumping up against nature. Somehow, it all works out in the end. Right, Dale? Lovely poem.

    It’s been cloudy and not sunny here for a few days, so all the sissy Texans are home. One last breath of cool air before Satan sends the summer. 🙂

    Well done, my friend.

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    • Good morning and Happy Wednesday, Frank!
      Glad you liked my description 😉 I went out with girlfriends last night. I hate this time of year only because you just don’t know what to wear. Everything is too heavy or too light. 🙄


    • They are and they amaze me, year after year. We’ve had snow in May, too. The tulips were like, hey man, what up? Then yes, continued to bloom (makes for pretty pictures, too).

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    • I like that: a taffy pull (especially since we do have those sugaring off parties with maple syrup boiled down to taffy and served on snow… mmmmm)
      Spring does prevail in her own sweet time 🙂

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  5. When Winter borrows from Spring, Spring waits for her chance to turn that around. And so it goes, Spring|Winter|Spring|Winter…. humph. These seasons have no regards for us humans.


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