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Pieces of My Father in Song

Back in March, there was a dVerse challenge to use a list of titles of songs with the words Dad, daddy or father in them.  I started to write and then realised, no… I must save this one for today.  I am still struggling with the fact that it has been ten years today since my father chose to stop “our” suffering.


Today marks the tenth anniversary

of  My old man leaving this earth on his terms

His sideways glance and grimace at such term

meant, of course, to discourage us,

didn’t work


My father’s eyes twinkled blue

with mirth (mostly)

or turned steely grey

in anger (rarely)

How did none of us inherit them?


My Daddy’s hands were the standard

all my boyfriends’ were judged against

(few could compare)

His were capable of many things

and in my father’s house

was proof of his prowess


He always thought he wanted boys

to pass on his name, father to son

but soon realised how much he was blessed

to have not one daddy’s little girl, but three


My dance with my father was as special to me

as it was for both of my sisters

and he never hesitated to say

Your daddy loves you


For ten years, I have missed you, Daddy

and still go to pick up the phone

to share news or ask your opinion

So here is a a song for dad

I think of you every time I hear it



123 thoughts on “Pieces of My Father in Song

  1. Oh my–all the feelings, Dale. I’m not crying. . .
    We never stop missing them. 💙

    I love the photos, too. You and your sisters might not have your father’s eyes, but there is no mistaking that you are sisters. What a resemblance!

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  2. “Only a heartbeat away”, my sweet friend!
    What a moving and beautiful poem!
    By the way, you might not have the color of his eyes but you have the expression of his eyes and -of course- his hearty smile.

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  3. Oh, boy, this really choked me up. What a beautiful tribute to your dad. The missing never stops, but sharing your dad is a beautiful and, hopefully, healing thing. You all have his smile, but you especially.

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  4. Dale, you made your dad very proud today. This is such a lovely tribute. It is evident that every word was written with love.

    You have his smile and your eyes smile just like his. I’m glad you have these memories of him. Keep him in your heart where he will always be loved and safe, and you will forever be one of “daddy’s little girls”.

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    • What a lovely thing to say, Ginger!

      We are all three of us, Daddy’s little girls. He was so proud of us (even when he drove us crazy). I’ve been told I have his smile. I love that you think my eyes smile like his! Don’t you fear, we have many wonderful memories! xoxo

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  5. What a wonderful tribute to your father. As everyone else has said, you have his smile and the twinkle in his eyes. In fact, all his daughters, captured in one of the pictures, do. As my mom used to say about my sisters and me, “Your Dad and I didn’t have much imagination when we made you” because we all look so much alike. Thanks for sharing this. XOXOXO

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    • Thank you, Alicia! It’s so funny because depending on the photos, it’s either mom or dad so, I guess like your parents, mine had a part in all of us, too! Thank you for your lovely comment. xoxo

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  6. A wonderful tribute to your Dad. He was obviously a giant among men . A beautiful song to too.
    Thank you for sharing. …. The women in your family are all dead ringers for eachother other, lovely photos even better memories 💜💜💜

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    • Thank you, dear Peter! It was one of his faves. And yes, there is something special between Dads and their daughters. I was lucky to have him. Way too short a time!

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  7. You’ve got my eyes leaking here, Dale — what a lovely tribute. Your dad sounds like a truly special man (perhaps ALL girls’ dads are, huh?!) I empathize because I lost my dad nearly 15 years ago … and miss him every single day.

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      My sister Tracy, who shares his birthday, has the lightest eyes, but they are still brown, just greenish – no blue to be found!) I am told I have his smile and I can say that pleases me! We never do. And I thank you.

      Shalom and lotsa remembery love,


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  8. I like your tribute to your father. I’m sorry he’s gone and you still miss him, but am pleased to know you can think back on him with respect and love. There is a timeless comfort in that.

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  9. That is such a poignant post, Dale. Fathers are special, especially in a girl’s life. My father lived to be 100, but there are still times I’d like to speak to him, tap into his knowledge of gardening, maybe. And enjoy his special hugs. But no one’s immortal (not even the characters in my books)

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    • Thank you, Crispina. For many of us, they are. I know, you got yours for thirty more years than I did! And I don’t doubt that you still have moments of wanting to speak to him. And no, no one is immortal…


  10. Simply special, dear Thunder!
    I envy you.
    There are no songs for mine, with the challenge words in the title.
    “I Beg Your Pardon I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” popped into my mind. xoxo

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  11. Such a lovely post! I’m with you all the way and can so empathize! The way my father treated and appreciated my mother has always been an example regarding relationships. No one came close … and the way he always had my back. It’s been 14 years this year. I too miss him every day, his humour, his advice. How much I would have needed him …

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