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2nd class - moi!

2nd class – moi!

What to say about me? How to put into words that adequately describe me without blathering on? I am many things: Lover of words, widow, mother of two fabulous teenage boys, excellent cook, dreamer, social butterfly, photographer, seeker of all things good health…

My dream to visit Tuscany finally became a reality in September, 2016.  It has only made me want to go back!

I would love to make a difference in this world by just being me so I am striving to let my authentic self shine

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  1. Hi Dale – it’s nice to meet you over here from Lois’ Friday Favs. I loved your rubber band baby video and shared it on Facebook. Took a quick tour of your site. I like it – it has a good feel. 🙂

    • Hello Pat! I love how my circles are ever widening (I saw comments from Lois and Bethany) in this blogosphere we share. I, too, took a quick tour of your site and like it (and subscribed)! I am so happy mine has a “good feel” – it’s exactly what I hope to give! Thank you for your visit and comment and looking forward to sharing!

      • Hi Dale — I’m tickled to connect and meet. I love how it all comes together so perfectly and seeing our mutual fellow bloggers. Thank you for subscribing — I did too!

        I’m truly looking forward to having you visit and sit around my kitchen table exchanging stories. Take care and hoping you have a blessed holiday weekend. 🙂

    • Thank you! That means the world to me (one wants to be seen as genuine… well I do, anyway!) and thanks, Zeke is not only beautiful, he’s a darling!

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  3. Dale you have a very nice site. I looked in because I noticed a like on a comment I made on the site Stephanie has. Hope it gave you a chuckle and thank you. I am reading some of your post and enjoying the sense of humor that goes with each post. ;O)

    • Thank you! I am frankly loving your comments. You are most hilarious and almost always give me a chuckle. Glad to meet you and am going to check out yours! (Isn’t that what we must do to up our readership? ;-))

  4. Hello Dale, I found you after you commented on my blog. I’ve so enjoyed exploring your thoughts, they jump from the page with such immediacy, and I am so very sorry to hear that you lost your beloved Mick.

  5. Dale, you decided to be a follower of my blog, and I didn’t even have to offer you a bribe! I’m very glad, even more so because I didn’t have to resort to my poor hypnotism skills, which I neither possess, nor care too. Seriously Dale, thank you, I always appreciate every reader, but I’m thrilled to have you follow me. I promise to try to be a good leader. Have a great weekend! Oh, P.S. love your photo on this page, it flatters you! :O)

  6. All right I admit it, I stalked you back here… you left great comments on Frank’s blog so hey…plus a fiction writer to some degree right? I love that. That’s my thing. Plus a great cook! I love cooking. But best of all (drumroll), Canadian! I’m in Ontario but used to live in Montreal (West Island). You are now the acquaintance of the single largest Montreal Expos fan who ever lived. True story. Oh yeah, go Habs!

    • Woot! My kind of stalker! You’re forgiven for going west… I am, admittedly, quite the commenter! But only in certain places! Yes, to some degree. I used to write only my real stories but got snookered into the Friday Fictioneers and now Frank went and challenged us (I was part instigator, apparently) Used to love going to Expos games (why is baseball fun “live” but, sorry, boring as hell on TV ~ unless it is a movie about baseball!

      So what area of Ontario? Oh wait. My turn to go stalk!

  7. I am delighted that my strange relationship with a large pink pachyderm has not prevented you from following my blog.
    Always a pleasure to see you there.

  8. Hi Dale! I’ve seen so many comments of yours on Frank’s blog, and you are always so cheerful and happy! Been meaning to follow your blog for a while now, so here I am! Looking forward to reading your posts! 🙂

    • I am, mon ami! I just took a little break. Matter of fact was planning on starting as soon as I get home from this little getaway weekend.
      Did ya miss me?

        • Not only a weekend getaway…a weekend getaway sans kids!
          An old friend from elementary school with his son (he’s a happily married man – AnElephant still has a chance! 😉
          Awww shucks. It’s so nice to be missed!

  9. Thank you for sharing yourself so candidly with us. I love the “lover of words” part, and am so sorry about the “widow” part. Your smile is radiant in that photograph, and I hope your love of life and people stays with you always.

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    • Hey, Eric! Thank you for caring enough to write me a note! I know…I’ve been in a funk lately but I’ll be back after my week of “far niente” in the sun…I think I’ve been way more tired than I thought. Hugs to you for caring.

  11. all dreams have a place .. All the best for your dream of living in Tuscany.. I have read the novel and seen the movie, it’s just so beautiful place to ignore and not wish to live at.

    Have fun writing dear.
    Take care 🙂

    PS> when you do get there, do post. I sure want to see that day.

    • Well, Hemangini, guess what? I am HERE, in Tuscany, as we speak! I will be writing about it upon my return as the wifi is too slow and frustrating for me 😉

        • Beyond awesome! 😀 I am having a great time and there is but one full day left! 😦
          I want to bring some but was told it often pops open! If I find a baggie.. maybe!
          Yes, you will see me soon! 😀

  12. well I have enjoyed your writing before making it to this about page – and so coming here i could see “lover of words” fits you!
    and then this:
    make a difference in this world by just being me

    if only more people could embrace this !

      • Good for you. It took my HOURS but then I’m so analytical. I forgot to mention that…
        Texting this morning I made a typo in your name in my first try at a comment — thankfully my phone wouldn’t send it. That thing is smarter than I am. ;( But I figured out how to switch it back to English prompts. 🙂

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