If – A Frank Angle Challenge

Good evening, my Peeps!  It’s finally here.  Frank’s “If” challenge.   To remind you of the “how” it works, please click here.

Should you like to participate – and please do, please add your link to the comments in Frank’s If post here.



Before I start…

IF Frank at aFrankAngle had not issued this challenge, I would not have taken the time to be reflect on the past 20-some-odd years!


If I hadn’t listened to my friend Kathy’s suggestion to try out “Telepersonals”, I’d never have met Mick.

If I had known how to count, I would not have become pregnant with Austin, our surprise Angel.

If Austin had not been born with a heart defect, I’d never have seen just how capable I am.

If Austin had not died, I would not have learned how much I can handle.

If Mick and I hadn’t realised that, despite all we had gone through in such a short time, we still wanted to create a family, I would not have Iain and Aidan.

If Mick had not had the courage to start his own business, we would not have bought this house.

If we didn’t believe it was important to enjoy life, we would not have travelled.

If Mick had not given up on finding a cause for his breathing problems, he might not have had a heart attack.

If Mick had not died, I wouldn’t have learned the term resilient.

If I had listened to all my fears, I would not have gone to Tuscany alone.

If I had not gone on all those stupid dating sites, I would not have met some really nice guys who’ve become friends.

If I had not kept good relations with past co-workers, I would not have been invited to work at the golf club.

If I had not worked at the golf club, I would not have met François.

I would like to end this “If List” with my mother’s favourite “If”:

If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle!

All jokes aside, we could convince ourselves that “IF” one something happens, another “IF” will be the result.  It’s all supposition, isn’t it?  Supposition sounds a bit like suppository and we know where that goes!!

I like to give “If” a smaller role in my life.  If I want something, I will set a goal. If I do the necessary work, If I accept the necessary help, If I don’t give up, If I believe in myself.  Then, I will achieve said goal.  Oh, what the hell, a little luck is allowed – If we believe in luck – though we also create that, don’t we?


Footprints in the Sand – An AFA Challenge

Frank, over at A Frank Angle, a wonderful blogger and expert in getting his readers to participate in various challenges, has created yet a new one.  Write a 150-or-less word story on the image below.  Well, as an avid participant of Friday Fictioneers, how could I resist?  Plus, an extra fifty words – What??  The rules and regs are quite simple.  We all get the same picture and must title our story:  “Footprints in the Sand”.  Frank first mentioned the challenge on July 2, explaining just how this whole party works.  Go ahead and join in on the fun!

Genre:  Contemplation

Word Count:  150


It was early.  Way too early for the regular folk and she loved it that way.  Alone with her thoughts, she felt peaceful, almost meditative.  As she gazed across the sand into the indigo of the ocean, she noticed a set of footprints.

They reminded her of her late friend, Roxanne.   She still carried the plasticized card with that biblical “Footprints” poem.  She couldn’t remember when or why Roxie gave it to her but she had kept it all these years anyway.  She wasn’t the praying kind nor the church-going type but that card definitely had a special place in her heart.

She never thought she was being “carried by Jesus” when she lost her son, father, husband over the years.  She was resilient.  Life was tough sometimes and you just had to deal with what came your way.  But maybe, without focusing on it, she’d had a little help?


For those of you who’ve not read the poem, here it is:


It’s a Choice – Friday Fictioneers

Hello, hello!  Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, brought to you on a Wednesday by our lovely hostess, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, artist and author of growing renown.  This week, she has given us a most interesting photo submitted by Ted Strutz.   What do you see?  If you care to let us know what this image brings to mind, please do no hesitate to join our special family by clicking on the blue frog and submitting it!  No?  Just want to snoop and read?  Well, here, it is not a criminal offense, so do go ahead!

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©Ted Strutz

Genre:  Fiction

Word Count:  100

It’s a Choice

You drive me crazy, you know that?

Why, what did I do now?

“Miss Positive”.  Heaven forbid you get mad and rant…

Of course I get mad!  I refuse to stay there.  We all have the same choice.  Focus on the negative or focus on the positive and beauty in the world.  The choice is always ours.

You’re so bloody naïve; people will take advantage of you!

Maybe. Better naïve than cynical, I say.  Besides, isn’t that negative weight getting heavy?

Pffft.  Let’s just hide the shitty reality with flowers while we’re at it.

Not hide, choose what you see.

Friday Fictioneers – Barriers

It’s Friday!  That means Friday Fictioneers is here!  Oh my yes, I am posting on a Friday instead of a Wednesday or even a Thursday.  Must keep you all on your toes!  That, and the fact I have a serious virus in my official computer and after a couple of days of trying, I gave up and have resorted to my old laptop.  Thank goodness this one works!

So, without further ado, let us thank Mr. c.e. Ayr for his lovely photo and Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this party every week!

Click on ye olde blue froggie if you would like to add your own story to go with this photo and if you still dare not, then at least enjoy the wonderful stories linked to it! 

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© c.e. ayr

Genre:  Fiction

Word count:  100

The Barrier

It’ll never work out between us.

Why ever not?

We don’t come from the same background.  We are different people and want different things.

I don’t understand how you can say that based on a couple of dates!

I just know.  Your real Prince Charming is out there.  I just know it isn’t me.

How can you possibly know who or what would make my “Prince Charming”?  We barely know each other!  You can’t judge based on the few hours we’ve spent together!  Why are you putting up these barriers?

I need to protect my heart. You will break it.

Friday Fictioneers – Yes or No?

Oh yes, ’tis Friday Fictioneers on a Wednesday!  Well, technically, it is always on a Wednesday but we do have three days to submit (as far as I’m concerned).

This image, graciously given by Mr. Roger Bultot, gives so many views, I can fully understand why Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, our lovely hostess, chose it!

C’mon, folks, click on the Blue Frog to submit your own 100-word story or, at least, read some fabulous writers’ interpretations!

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Word count:  100

Yes or No?

© Roger Bultot

© Roger Bultot


“The power of ‘No’.”  It may be difficult at first, but you’ll see, it gets ever easier with each ‘No’.  You will feel liberated; your stress levels will diminish. Don’t be afraid. Go ahead. Say No.

“The power of ‘Yes’.”  It will be scary at first but once you start, you will open yourself up to new possibilities, new adventures. Don’t be afraid. Go ahead. Say Yes.

Both sides held a power not to be underestimated.

Stop feeling pressure to say yes and regret it once uttered.

Stop saying no and missing out on possibilities.

Which one, yes or no?


Friday Fictioneers – Take the Leap

Friday fictioneers is here.  I’m a tad late today but all for good reason.  Friendship, sushi and wine!

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, our Hostess with the Mostest, has challenged us to write a 100-word story with beginning, middle and end and it must stand alone.  So here I am, faced with a fabulous photo by Sandra Crook.  Do you feel like trying it out?  It’s a lot of fun – and challenging too!

Click on the Blue frog to add your submission or to simply read what all the other wonderful writers have seen in this photo!

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© Sandra Crook

Word Count:  100

Genre:  Sort of fiction

Take the Leap

She was a strong woman.

It sometimes seemed like nothing was too insurmountable for her.

Resilient became the adjective du jour to describe her.

She just took things in stride, moving one foot in front of the other, regardless of what obstacles were presented.

Through it all, she never totally believed in herself, believing she was incapable.  She allowed others to take the reins and lead her where they would.

It would be so easy to choose this same modus vivendi.  She wouldn’t have to stress about a thing.

Not this time.

She was finally ready to take her leap.


Friday Fictioneers – What Could Have Been


Time for another Friday Fictioneers (yes, I prefer to submit on Wednesday!) hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, our newly minted, Fairly Blog Mother, who celebrates her third year running this shindig.  And, let me tell you, she is doing a most fabulous job!

This week’s photo is from Ron Pruitt.

If you would like to submit your own story or read more, just click on the blue frog!

Genre:  True Story (Yeah, yeah, I know, should be fiction!)

Word count: 100

What Could Have Been


© Ron Pruitt

The tourists pack into the bus for a tour of Liberia, Costa Rica, laughing and chatting amicably.

The bus pulls forward and stops with a jolt.  Looking around, we try to figure out what is happening.

Is there a doctor on board?

What?  I push Patrick:  “You’re a nurse, go see what’s up.”

“Aww c’mon, no!  I’m on vacation!”

Begrudgingly, he goes to see if he can help.

Turns out the driver had passed out with his foot, thankfully, on the brake.

We imagine the headlines:

Bus Crashes in Dangerous Curves of Costa Rica.

Six Vacationing Canadians Among the Dead.