Farmer’s Daughter – Crimsons Creative Challenge #30

I struggled with this one. I ended up reading all the other submissions and ditched one idea after another as they had already been done. I resorted to YouTube and landed on the song below so, voilà, my story was totally inspired by it. Might be cliché but hey. Why the hell not?

Thank you, Crispina, for issuing this weekly challenge! In an odd way, I like when I’m stumped and have to search 😉

Farmer’s Daughter

Rodney and Claire parked their shiny new tractor on the edge of the field, grabbed their picnic basket and took to their trail. They spread out their blanket under the huge willow next to the stream.

“I can’t believe we are married, Rod. To think you just came for a summer job, all scrawny and green but willing to work hard.”

“Life is funny that way. To think I was about to up and quit till you showed up. Sometimes I think Bob tried to hide you from me!” he winked.

“Haha! Nah. I was away at boarding school in the city you were escaping from. Guess the Universe had other plans for us.”

“Have I told you how much I love you and your ‘Universe’?”

Claire took his face in her hands and kissed him. She then looked deeply into his eyes. “Think you have enough love for another?”


Word count:  150

A Family Represented – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #29

I know, I know. I should NOT be hanging out in front of my computer. I have boxes to schlep!  However, I took a look-see at this photo and knew exactly what I wanted to write.  Plus, it’s good to take breaks, right? Thank you, Crispina, for taking me away from my “duties” for a few minutes! And how cool that the challenge number 29 was issued on May 29.  Coinkidink?  Mayhaps…

A Family Represented

Marie returned, once again, to her family’s window ledge in their church. She placed the fifth candle, to the right, lining it up with the other four, and allowed her tears to fall. She could not believe she was back here again so soon. Within less than six years, she had lost her whole family.

First Mom with meningitis.

Within two years, her brothers Steve, Paul and Rick. Each of them hemophiliacs. Each of them recipients of blood transfusions over the years. Tainted blood. Before testing was as rigorous as it is today.

Her father grew ever more despondent. His broken heart couldn’t take it anymore and it stopped working.

He couldn’t stay, not even for Marie.


Word count: 120


Based on a true story – an ugly bit of history.  I know it didn’t only happen in Canada.  More here.

Fields of Green – Crispina’s Creative Challenge

A lovely Thursday to you all! The sun is shining (finally) but it’s not overly warm. I’ll take it over rain any day! Crispina’s challenge draws me in so… a little poem between our images! Why not?

Far and away, over the fields of green

One could be treated to a lovely scene

Just follow along the flowers of white

A gaggle of geese before they take flight!

Worth the Risk – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #26

Crimson’s Creative Challenge is upon us once again.  Though we can respond in so many ways, I was compelled to go with both poetry AND  responding photo (OK, I often include a responding photo without saying so 😉 )

To find out how to respond, just click here and Crispina lays it all out!  Thanks for the challenge!

Worth the Risk

Way up high and out of reach

Visible but to discerning eye

Accessibility, an illusion

To most, the climb too high


No path to speak of, here

Must not have fear of risk

Briers and brambles will hinder

And still, arrival guarantees no bliss


No promise made, is the one thing certain

Though a measure of satisfaction may be derived

To have made the journey with heart wide open

Will always be better than to never have tried.


~ 81 words

What is Normal? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #25

Crispina’s CCC challenge is one that I enjoy as it is open to pretty much anything!  All she asks is that we not go past 150 words.  To see just what you can do, click here.

What is Normal?

“She doesn’t get out enough!”

“Has she no real friends?”

“She should try to be more sociable.”

“Must she always be drawing on her pad?”

“I really don’t think this is good for her.”

“This is not normal behaviour.”


Why can’t they just leave me alone?

They don’t understand that I am happy.

Who determines what is normal?

I have a terrific on-line community.

Not sociable! I participate in Comic-cons and expos. Seems to me that takes sociability.

I just wish they would stop judging me and accept me for who I am.


Jennifer’s thoughts disappeared as she sat by the pond, drawing in her ever-present pad, the latest of many she had accumulated since she was old enough to hold a pencil.  How lucky she was to have parents who encouraged her, allowing her to become a successful artist, earning a living doing what she loves.


This video is close to my heart as my niece created this as her graduating piece.  She dedicated it to both my late father and late husband, both who inspired and encouraged her.  This video also won her a trip to Switzerland!

Getting the Goods – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #24

So, talk about last minute, eh?  This challenge is issued on Wednesdays and here I am on a Tuesday, finally submitting something.

Crispina’s rules and regs are wide open.  Click here if you care to join, or to see the link-ups to other stories.  I went way out there with this one.  Without divulging a thing, let’s see if you can see who my characters are…

Getting the Goods

“Left! Mumble! Left! — Left! Right! Left!  Forwaaaard, march!”

“Bloody hell, Marty, where are we going?” whispered Pete.

Before he could respond, Sargeant yelled, “Quiet, Private! No talking in the ranks!”

Out of the corner of his mouth, Marty said, “Can’t you see?”

“I can see, alright.”  Then louder,  “What I don’t understand is why we can’t just go under, Sarg.  We can get in, grab the goods, get out.”

“Do you not remember the last time, Private? We were ambushed by toxic powder.  This time we go up on the side and then go in and follow those ridges.  They will give us a great grip on our way to the opening.  Once on the other side, we will gather the goods and get out.”

“We don’t even know if there will be any goods!”

“I sent a scout. There is a huge bowl of jellybeans on the table!”


149 words


A Better Plan – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #23

Thought I was gonna forgo Crispina’s weekly challenge.  My head was too stuffed up to think up something half-assed decent.  Feelling better and since Zeke is too tired to go for a walk with me as he already went a-running, I figured I’d let him rest whilst I cooked up something for Crispina’s wonderful cabin photo.  Now I don’t usually do sequels, but I couldn’t resist. To find out the rules and regs (I mean, there are still two days before her next one, so… yanno, if’n ya want to) click here.

A Better Plan

Do think I’m going to trust you after that last crazy stunt you pulled trying to add spice?  Talk about overkill.”

Bill had the grace to look contrite.  “Not one of my finer moments, admittedly.  But Harry’s plan backfired, too, remember?  Helen had the crap scared out of her but it all worked out in the end.  Now they’re both spies!”

“For the love of…. that was a movie, you fool!  Plus Harry really was a spy so he was better equipped.”

” Yeah. Anyway.  Trust me.  Let me blindfold you.”


“Gin, I promise.  This one you will love.  Turn around.”

“You better not—”

“Shhhh.  Now, sit quietly while I drive, please?”

Seething yet curious, Gin sat back, arms crossed, lips a thin line.

Bill stopped the car, opened the door for her, helped her out and free’d her eyes.

“Ta-dah!  Our weekend getaway.  Just you and me.”

“Oh, Bill!”


150 words