Fountain of Youth? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #87

I was going to go a whole ‘nother route. Even had a kinda/sorta matchy-matchy but then this popped into my head so I felt it best to just run with it.  Thanks to Crispina for hosting this fun party weekly.

Fountain of Youth?

I think we found it!

Found what?

The Fountain of Youth!

Seriously?  Looks more like a wishing well to me.

Ye, of little faith.

Don’t you find it a tad small to be anything of that sort?

Maybe that’s why it’s been so hard to find. People must have been looking for something way more grandiose.

Maybe it’s been hard to find because it only exists in myths! Besides, it’s not even deep enough to go to your knees!

Who says we have to go IN it?  Maybe all we have to do is drink from it.

You may have a point.

Hah! You willing to agree this might be it?

Ummmm… sure.  So, go ahead. Give it a taste.

You go first.

Your Fountain, YOU go first!

Fine. The water looks clear enough.

Yeah, you can see all the coins people have thrown in, thinking it’s a wishing well.



The Message – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #85

A tad late – okay, more than a tad – but Crispina is not a stickler for these things. She’s so generous, the prompts stay up forever so, should the mood strike whenever then we can still play.  I couldn’t find a matchy-matchy but when I started looking I thought, I dunno… maybe this can work. And so, here is an itty-bitty poem in pictures and words that I wanted to share yesterday but didn’t.  Here it is today!


The Message


Follow the path, she said.  It will be easy to find

Keep on looking at the fences made of wood

With something special used to bind

He searched and he searched, as best as he could

Suddenly there it was, in pink entwined

And he knew, it true; with him, she stood


Voilà… short and sweet at 52 words 😉



I Wanna Do It Again! – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #83

Thought I was going to wait until tomorrow to post but got blown away by the wind outside and came in for a break.  It is time for Crispina‘s CCC number 83.  I seem to be in a reminiscing mood. Or the photo prompts are jarring old memories.  Either/or.  The horse in the background made me think of one of the horses at the ranch because he had the colourings of an Oreo cookie There was a fight between calling him Caffoon or Oreo, so they compromised and called him Cafforeo.  The things that remain in my memory banks, sheesh…

I Wanna Do It Again!

Summer of ’75, our family vacation was at Golden Acres Ranch in the Catskill Mountains of New York.  Think “Dirty Dancing” but with horses.  And I dunno if we were the only Gentiles there, but it sure felt like it.

(My youngest sister, Tracy, has been a horse fanatic since she can talk and walk. She tried to convince Dad that we could keep a horse in our backyard and she’d take care of it, promise!)

We were having a lesson in the main ring when Tracy’s horse, Cafforeo, took off like a bat outta hell, Tracy holding on tight, a smile the size of Canada across her face.

Mom and Dad and Mike, our teacher, ran like crazy to catch up with them, now safely in Cafforeo’s paddock.

“What did you do to make him take off like that?” Dad yelled.

“I dunno!  But I want to do it again!”

Didn’t have a picture of Tracy so here I am on my favourite horse named Muddy


The Right Thing – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #82

Well, hell. Here I was, minding my own business, reading blog posts when I happened upon Na’ama’s take on Crispina‘s lovely image below.  I dutifully left a comment, telling her she had no business leaving us hanging with her post and that I was probably not going to play as I had no ideas. We back and forthed in comments till she retorted with:  Wanna write ‘chapter 2’ to what I’d begun…?  And well, here I am. Nothing like being coerced challenged.  While mine can stand alone, please, do me a favour and read Na’ama’s post first right here before reading mine.  Thank you Crispina for hosting this here party weekly!  No matchy-matchy this week again 😉

The Right Thing

The attorney frowned at Juliette over his reading glasses. “You’re sure you want to leave that old farmhouse to this Morris guy?

Juliette nodded weakly. “Yes, it is the least I can do. Besides, I made a promise all those years ago.”

“An old promise. Ridiculous!  Does he even remember you?”

“I might have broken his heart.  I couldn’t tell him I had this heart condition. I didn’t want him to feel obligated to stay with me.  So I let him go.”

“That was a big decision for you to make for him.”

“Yes.  It was mine to make.”

“As a result, you dealt with this alone.”

“I felt it was the right thing. Better to break it off in the beginning than for us to get in deeper and then still have to lose me.  This way he had a chance at finding happiness.”

“I hope he appreciates this.”

Ponte Vecchio – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #81

Good Thursday afternoon, my peeps!  I haven’t played in a while but when I saw this photo and knew I would this week.  Crispina is most generous in her rules and regulations and to find out just what she expects of those of us who participate, just click here. You’ll see, just about the only thing she stresses is not more than 150 words, which I, phew! did not surpass.

Ponte Vecchio

Diana and Anne sat on the wall beside the river, under the bridge, and watched the slow flow of the river.  Anne was regaling Diana with her stories filled with imagination.

“Let’s pretend we are in Florence, or, like they say in Italy, Firenze!  We are walking along the Arno River and come upon the Ponte Vecchio.  Isn’t it just the most romantic thing, Diana?”

Diana could only nod her head, unable to add a thing.

“You’d have your beau and I’d have mine—”

“Gilbert Blythe!”

“Bite your tongue, Diana! He’s vile and I’ll have nothing to do with him!” Anne’s eyes flashed.

“You doth protest too much, my friend. But please, do continue with your story.”

“Hmph! As I was saying, you have your beau and I have,” she looked at Diana with warning, “mine.  We would secure our love forever with padlocks.”

“What a silly thing to do!”


Word count: 150

The above picture is the central part of one of the bridges crossing the Arno, and the one that inspired my little visit with Anne of Green Gables.  (Don’t ask, it’s a mystery what goes on up in my noggin, at times.  For those unfamiliar, Diana is Anne’s best and bosom friend and kindred spirit.)  The story went in a whole ‘nother direction than planned.  As can happen, right?

Below are two pictures of the real Ponte Vecchio I took during my dream trip in 2016 and I cannot believe I have NONE with all the locks!  There were so many people in front of it, I thought I’d pass by later but guess I didn’t. Oh well. Thought you’d enjoy nevertheless.




Unwelcome – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #78

Well now.  I dunno where this came from… oh yeah, right.  Once I found the good pic to go with, the story formed.  How often do we read (or see movies) about the person who moves into a town and is not accepted? Not a fun proposition, I suspect.  Click here to see more stories!.


Is he gone, yet?  I can’t bear to look at him!

Yeah.  He’s leaving.  I scared him off, good.  I told him we didn’t allow his kind around here.  I don’t know who he thought he was believing he could just fit in.  His horns are not long enough; his coat is too short plus it’s black!  Honestly.  We are a close-knit community. He would have caused all sorts of problems.

That’s right. We don’t like newcomers thinking they can just move in and join us. They bring ideas and disrupt our peace of mind. Good riddance.

The Next Chapter – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #77

Good Thursday afternoon/evening, Peeps!  In looking at Crispina‘s lovely photo, I eschewed my usual “look through my own gallery to find a matchy-matchy” and instead have chosen to do something I almost never do.  A part two!  Yesterday’s Friday Fictioneers sent me down one path and today’s CCC sent me down the next one.  They are both stand-alone, but should you wish to, part one can be found here.  No pressure! If you wish to read other stories or poems inspired by this lovely cottage, click on Crispina’s name above.

The Next Chapter

That snowy day at work in February had set into motion a desire to change her circumstances.  She spent hours reflecting on what she enjoyed doing and how she could put those joys into a profitable living.  Retirement wasn’t an option yet (dammit) but the thought of throwing herself into some job for the next ten-fifteen years made her shudder.

She loved to entertain and to cook.  She also loved her quiet time.  How to balance the two?

While perusing the “Want Ads” she came across the picture of a little cottage.  An affordable one.  In the country but not too far from the city.  “That’s it!  I know exactly what I want to do…”

And so she sold her home, purchased the little cottage and opened up her Air Bnb, which also offered suppertime meals. When it was time to vacation, she simply made it unavailable.

Win? Meet, Win.


Location, Location, Location – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #76

Good very late Thursday my peeps… well, for the next half-hour anyway!  Crispina’s lovely photo (third one – my bad) made me think of faeries right away but then she, herself, Crispina, that is, wrote about faeries and I thought, damn, so much for originality… After a little back and forth between the lovely Crisp and I, it was determined that I could still, which I knew I could, but yanno…  So… I did my thing – going through my photos trying to find inspiration and lo! It came to me in bits and pieces (or is it in holes in trees?) You decide!


Location, Location, Location


“Hello, you two!  I have arranged the visit of three homes that should fit the bill. Shall we?”

“Lead the way, Sereia!”

“This first is a condo in a lovely highrise, giving you a beautiful view of the river. ”

“Oh. No. We don’t want to feel like we’re living in an apartment building!”

“Right, no problem.  Let’s go to the next one:  a very simple triplex. Top unit. No one above you yet you are part of a small community. The rooms are spacious and you have a fabulous view of the park.  What do you think Aerwyna?”

“Honey, this is nice, isn’t it?”

“Well, yes, Magus… I do like it, but… condo fees? Do we really want to deal with that extra headache?”

“Never mind, you two. I saved the best for last!  A small cottage in the woods, no neighbours, no fees, peaceful.”

“Where do we sign?”


Word count: 150


Outta Here – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #75

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve participated in Crispina‘s fun challenge. Trying to spend a little less time in front of the computer. Not really succeeding but still trying.  Got inspired by this one so just had to go with it!


Outta Here

“I gots dreams, yanno? Just coz my folks chose to move to this god-forsaken cold, rinky-dink, fish-stinkin’ place, doesn’t mean I have to stay here, do it? I’s tired of freezing me arse off from October till May. An’ after that spending all my time haulin’ and guttin’ and freezin’ fish.  I’m done. I am outta here.”

“What’re ya at, Billy? Talkin’ to yerself? Why’s this dock such a mess?”

“I’m lookin’ at whats I gots ta get rid of and whats I gots ta keep, Charlie. I’m gettin’ da hell outta here and goin’ somewheres the sun always shines and I’m not cold to me bones!”

“And how ya gonna get there?”

“By boat.”

“That boat?”

“Yeah, why ya ask?”

“Ya gots ta cross da Atlantic, fool. Yer boat’s too small!”

“But my dreams are big!”  He showed Charlie a picture. “I wants this!”

‘Ya gots the boat right…”

A Shed of One’s Own

Wow… would you lookit that. Me, combining two prompts. Who’d a thunk? It’s like this, see.  I have been trying to find an original way to use Crispina‘s fabulous photo (since Thursday) – including finding some of my own to accompany it (which I did) but the words would not come.  Merril told me hey, dVerse today is a quadrille – a poem in exactly 44 words, not including the titel – in which you must use the one word provided.  So I did, Today the word is close.  After a day out there, and despite many kind comments, I have revamped this. I didn’t like it.

A Shed of One’s Own


A room of one’s own, said she

It’s but an excuse

To close out distraction

And let her thoughts roam free


House is too crowded, she cried

Must escape the noise

A shed in the woods she found

‘Tis the perfect place to hide