My House – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday and I never thought I’d find something to write for Friday Fictioneers – no reflection on your beautiful image, Dawn Miller!  However, as Zeke and I took our walk in the pretty deep snow (at places), wind in our faces (on the way back), a memory came to me… And the irony of life hit me in the face so, I had to go there. Thank you, always, Rochelle, for hosting this – sorry I scared you by saying I would not play this week!  Remember, I won’t be here in two weeks, so, I really won’t be playing!  😉  To play along, click the frog below and add your 100-word story to this beautiful image.

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My House

“This is my house!”

“Stop calling it your damn house. It’s our house! Four of us live here!  It drives me nuts when you say this.”

“What do you expect? It feels like I’m the only one who does anything around here! You guys are lazy and don’t pull your weight.”


Five years later


“This is my house!”

“Oh right, and you just can’t wait for us to leave YOUR house right, Mom?

“Maybe if you guys helped out by pulling your weight, I would call it ours! I feel like I’m on my own and you guys just squat!”

Her Morning Dose – Friday Fictioneers

I had plans, big plans, for this photo.  Instead, you are getting this… a morning ritual, if you were 😉

Thank you Rochelle for not only hosting this wonderful shindig but for supplying this photo – that I am sure will bring much clearer results from the rest of the “crew”!  Maybe I’ll double-dip later… with something better. In the meantime, click on the frog below if you want to read more stories or better yet, add your 100-word story.

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Her Morning Dose

Her eyes are bleary; she can’t focus, no matter how many times she rubs them. What the hell is wrong with her? Maybe a coffee would help clear up things. She knows it makes no sense but she feels she is on slo-mo this morning and a shot of caffeine couldn’t hurt.

The scent of coffee tantalizes her nose as she pours the fresh brew into her cup. She adds a dash of milk.  She closes her eyes in pleasure as the elixir slides down her throat. Opening her eyes, she sees clearly.

I really need to start getting more sleep!


Not Yet – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday so it’s Friday Fictioneers!  Time to tell a 100-word story based on a picture, this week supplied by Ted Strutz.  Our fearless leader, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields always manages to keep us coming back for more week after week. I don’t know how she made us take the Kool-Aid but she did and now we are all addicted.  She hasn’t poisoned us. Yet.  Do come and play with us by clicking on Rochelle‘s name for the howsits or on the frog below to add the link to your story. G’wan… you know you want to!

©Ted Strutz

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Not Yet

The toe of a boot nudged him awake.  “C’mon, Frank, time to go.”

He rubbed his eyes with the palms of his grubby hands and blinked.  “Jaysus, Mary, and Joseph! It’s finally happened! I died and de Lord’s come to take me to heaven.”

“You eejit. They ain’t angels. School choir off to some show. And you ain’t dead yet! Hurry up and get yer shite before we both get into trouble.”

Frank took the proffered flask of scotch. “Thanks, Bob. Gotta spot for me tonight?”

“Yeah. Can’t have your sorry ass freezing in the street.”

“You’re the best.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Skating Lesson – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday!  Yep… that means I had to come up with a 100-word story based on my very own picture this week. Why is it hardest to write to my own?  Thanks to Rochelle for asking me to put my © on a picture shared on FB 😉 And, of course, for getting us together to play week after week.

Oh, and click the skates if you are inspired to add your own 100-word to go with this picture.

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Skating Lesson

They skated ’round the deserted rink.

“Hey, ever watch the ‘Battle of Blades‘?”

“No, what’s that?”

“It’s where figure skaters teach hockey players how to really skate!” she laughed.

“Hockey players can skate!”

“Yeah, until they get their feet into figure skates.”

“Hah! I guess it’s not easy.”

“No, it’s not. And just think, the figure skaters trust the hockey players to pick them up and not drop them!”


“You said it.”

He grabbed her around the waist and they twirled haphazardly, landing in a pile on the snowbank.

He leaned down for a kiss.  “Guess I need lessons…”


Just to give you an idea of what the skaters went through, here is a sample of one of the boot camps…

And, no skater achieved what Valeri Bure did in Season 2… If you want to skip ahead to their skate, go to 1:55.  They won that year and you can see why.



Repurposed – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday!  Hope all is well in your necks of the world.  This week’s Friday Fictioneers, as always hosted by the wonderful Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is brought to you through J. Hardy Carroll’s picture.  I could not help but go to Montreal for this one.  Should you have a different idea that you’d like to share, click on the frog below and add your 100-word story!

J. Hardy Carroll

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Let’s go visit the Biosphere on Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Wasn’t that the Expo ’67 American Pavillion?

Yep.  The most famous geodesic dome created.

Didn’t it burn to a crisp?

Yeah, sadly, a welding accident in ’76 while fixing the acrylic cover.

That blows. But then they fixed it up, right?

Took forever and by the’90’s became a water museum.

Cool. Wait. What happened during the ice storm in ’98?

Some damage and it was shut down for five months.  By 2007, Environment Canada decided it would be called an “Environment Museum”. Only one of its kind in North America.

So, worth a visit, then?




For more on the Biosphere, click here





Camping? – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday already. You know what that means! Yep, time for some Friday Fictioneering. This week’s photo is brought to us by c.e. ayr and reminded me of the Christmas/New Year of 2013/14. We spent Christmas in the Keys and New Year’s in Naples…

Thanks, always, to Rochelle for her willingness to keep this party going! If you want to join in, just click on my frog below and add your link with your 100-word story!

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This is how the rich like to camp, I take it?

Yep! They each have their lot for a season. It’s like a community.

And they save some scraggly spots for those of us just passing through…

Uhhhh… Not so scraggly.

Right. Not loving it, to tell the truth. We are a bunch of sardines in a pretty can. And our sardine is lacking.

It’s not! We are one with the hoi-palloi!

You do know that means the riffraff, right?

Really? Shit. I thought it meant the rich and snooty.

Nope. That’s hoity-toity. Let’s go to a nice quiet wooded area.

That’s Not Kosher – Friday Fictioneers

Happy New Year my peeps!  I wasn’t sure where to go with this one so I went back a “few” years to a memory.  A very fond memory of a family vacation.  To play along, just click on the frog below and add your own 100-word story to go with this photo.  Thank you, always, to Rochelle for running things so fantabulously all these years.  As well, this is her photo so, yanno… thanks for that, too!

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That’s Not Kosher!

In the summer of ’75, Dad brought us to Golden Acres Ranch in the Catskills. We must have been the only Gentiles in the place.

“Good morning! Good morning! Good morning!” Our wake-up call every morning through speakers in the cabins.

There was horseback riding, dancing, sports – think Housemans of “Dirty Dancing” fame, but not quite so ritzy – at least, I don’t think it was.

I can still hear my not-quite-five-year-old sister, Tracy, ask Joel, our waiter, for a cheeseburger.

“Sorry, Kiddo, that’s not Kosher.”

“But I’m not Jewish!”

What a great way to teach us about other religions and cultures.