All In One – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday! It’s a chilly one in my neck of the woods! But boy does the sun shine bright (all the better to fool you into going outside!) I had no idea where to go with this one.  Stumped I was. Then I asked Rochelle if it was what I thought it was and she said it was, and then some, and then I thought well I know where Imma go with this one then… confused yet? Thought so. Thanks to Roger Bultot for allowing us to use his head-scratching (for me) photo. And always, ALWAYS, a thank you to Rochelle for hosting this weekly party.

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All In One

“Here it is!”

“Here what is?”

“Our new building!”

“Is that Hebrew up there? Is it a synagogue? Can they just sell religious buildings like that? And what do you mean, ‘our new apartment building’? What have you done?”

“Yes to all that. I bought us a building. We can live upstairs and have our businesses on the ground floor. My wood workshop will be in the back with a window to your café in the front so people can have a coffee and snack while they watch me build stuff. Whaddaya think?”

“I think you’re nuts.  I love it!”


Chopped! – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morn, my peeps!  Rochelle has given us a most interesting picture to use today. It is thanks to Ronda Del Boccio that I found myself immediately sent in the direction I went. Sometimes we just have to let it go, eh? To play along, just click on the frog below and you’ll be taking to the squares where you can add your own story to the mix.  G’head, you know you wanna….

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“What the hell, Mom?”

“What?” Mom’s voice was muffled as her head was deep into the refrigerator.

“What are you doing?”

“Looking for one more ingredient.”

“For what?”

“I am challenging you to create a dish with the black olives and the peach jelly and something else.”

“You have got to be kidding me.”

“You’ve seen the show. Made your snarky comments. Time to put your money where your mouth is.”

“Who’s gonna judge?”

“Jeff. He’s in town.”

“How about some beef? And we can use the pantry, right?”

“There’s the spirit!”

“Prepare to be chopped, Lady!”

“I think not.”





Decision Time – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my peeps. I know this doesn’t really fall into “story” category but rather a vignette but it’s what came to me so I’m sticking to it 🙂

If you want to play along, click on the frog below and add your link. If you need to learn the rules and regs, click on Rochelle‘s name – she gives the what’s what.

©Fatime Fakir Deria

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Decision Time

“Do you ever miss those days of working in an office, nine to five, no overtime, no running around ’til your feet fall off?”

“Sometimes. It’s nice knowing what time you finish work. And I miss the fringe benefits like dental, medical and such. And wearing nice clothes.”

“Would you consider going back?”

“The thought of being tied to a desk and phone makes me want to puke.”

“So, that’s a ‘no’, then. What are you going to do?”

“Not sure, honestly. I’m hoping to find a juste-milieu where I can move and put my people skills to good use.”

A Crazy Quilt – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my peeps! Here’s my take on this week’s Friday Fictioneers Foto from Jean L. Hayes, as chosen by our Fabulous Friend Rochelle. It’s great when an idea comes in, and you can actually put it down in words coherent… 😉  Should you have an idea that you’d like to put into 100 words, then do so by clicking on the frog below and additing your link!

©Jean L. Hayes

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A Crazy Quilt

Life is like a quilt.  It can be well-designed, symmetrical, and orderly, where each block is carefully stitched together with a proper deleniating strip of fabric. The squares themselves can be simple or complicated:  a plain square with an intricately embroidered image or a series of pieces, properly fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and repeated.

Or, it can be like mine. A crazy quilt created from oddly shaped, colourful pieces of fabric, carefully brought together with varying embroidery stitches, giving a sense of order to chaos.

Life is beautiful and complicated, even when we’re holding on by a thread.

Thoughts Become Things – Friday Fictioneers

I had a great idea for a story. Well, I had the beginnings of a great idea for a story.  Then I didn’t. But I did. But the words and my fingers had a fight. Irreconscilable differences, I’m afraid. So I fiddled and futzed and said fuggedaboutit.  And then pressed publish.

If your muse works like it should, then by all means, please click the frog below and add your story.  Rochelle, our lovely leader, is always thrilled when new peeps join in on the fun.

Clique Ze Frogue

Thoughts Become Things

Like speech bubbles, thoughts floated up, decorating the sky in glowing blue circles.

Those walking the street were oblivious to the goings-on above their heads, preoccupied with their own musings:  to-do lists, dreams and random thoughts.

Sharon sat in the doorway of her kiosk, looking, to anyone who bothered to even glance at her, like a simple kitschshop owner.  She could see their thoughts, and orchestrate them at will.  She swirled them around, bumped them together, made them trade places. She loved watching the bemusement cross their faces as aleatory thoughts popped suddenly into their head seemingly out of nowhere.

What’s Left – Friday Fictioneers

It’s a glorious Wednesday out there, I’m not working and I’m on slo-mo. Zeke is not pleased with me so before he decides I am no longer his buddy, I better send this out into the ether, grab his leash and get a move on before the sun disappears!  Thanks always to Rochelle for hosting this weekly party and thank you to Ted Strutz for sending most of us down memory lane. (I assume, which is not smart, but I never claimed to be.)

©Ted Strutz

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What’s Left

I’ve since gone digital, but I still prefer the old pictures. In all their glorious mess. You know what I mean, don’t you?

Most of us have them. Boxes of old photographs. I have Dad’s, with so few pictures of him as a kid. My aunt has my grandmother’s. Mom has “gifted’ me with hers, as she wants me to scan each one into digital form ~ I must start before it’s too late. And I have my own. Filled with memories, still to be sorted.

In all those boxes, dates and names are a scarcity.

And this is what’s left.

Family Dynamic – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morning!  It’s Hump Day! Or, for about 50-60 of us (give or take) it’s Friday Fictioneers time. And would you look at that? Rochelle has chosen my picture this week! I had a bazillion stories to go with this one and yet, none of them made it to the page, so to speak.  Maybe I’ll have to double-dip. Maybe not. We’ll see 😉 Maybe you have an idea on a story that would go with this picture. Why don’t you try your hand and add your link by clicking the frog below. Not sure how it works? Click on Rochelle’s name and find the rules and regs. G’head, you know you wanna…

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Family Dynamic

How could one feel so alone within such a close family?  Sure, they did lots of activities together but he felt he had no special place within the family dynamic.

Peter had Mom.  She favoured him, he was sure of it. When push came to shove, she always took Peter’s side, no matter what.

Paula had Dad. He protected her, defended her and gave her treats whenever she was sad.  She was Daddy’s little girl and while he understood it, he also resented it.

No matter how hard he tried, Patrick’s deeds went less noticed.

Where did that leave him?