Writing and Music Are But Two

“It’s interesting how we can connect so deeply with friends so different from ourselves. In fact, perhaps it’s these differences ultimately bonding us the most. The opportunity to expand our horizons.”
Brownell Landrum

When one is curious, doors open to worlds that would have remained unknown. This is not a bad thing for those who are content in their own little rented space and have no desire to expand their horizons. I am not one such person. As a matter of fact, I am far removed from that type of person. As a matter of more fact, I am easily bored by those contented persons. I know, this is not a nice thing to say. I choose to surround myself, either physically or virtually, with people who have something to teach me – even if they have no clue that they do.

I never considered myself a writer.  Sure, I kept a diary on and off over the years. Then a diary became a journal, also kept on and off (I can’t tell you how many “theme journals” are lined up with but a few pages scribbled upon).  Still, I would never have used that term until quite recently.  After certain new writer friends told me to stop.  I’m not fighing it any more. I am a writer.

Like my diary/journal days, I started and stopped a few times. I’ve used Blogger, https://dalesdelectables.blogspot.com/ and Tumblr (discovering to my shock as I searched for my account that I had not one but two different blogs here!) https://dalesstuff.tumblr.com/ and https://dalesdelectables.tumblr.com/.

How I ended up in the blogosphere is beyond me. I cannot say how I discovered Blogger, Tumblr or even WordPress. Yet here I am.  I think I truly became a blogger/writer here at WP on August 12, 2013, when I wrote my first post.  Preparing for this post, I got lost in the dark hole that is the internet only this time it was my own stuff!

“The good writers touch life often. The mediocre ones run a quick hand over her. The bad ones rape her and leave her for the flies.”
Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

My curiosity with writing led me to “meet” unbelievable numbers of talented writers of all genres. Writers who don’t realise how much they challenge me to do better, to try new things. Things like different styles of poetry: haiku, double etheree, cleave, etc. Heck, I didn’t know there WERE styles of poetry beyond the twelve-syllable rhyming doohickies (OK, I jest, I know this one is an Alexandrine).  Trying to find my voice in short stories, keeping my personality involved. How cool is it that in these new writer friends, I have been asked to beta read their works?

“A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

I landed on my post I’m Inspired which truly sums up what makes me tick.  I am a Life Enthusiast who is always on the quest to move forward and learn.

“One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Speaking of song, I am no musician but I love music.  My curiosity has led me to go see bands I’ve never heard of in all sorts of genres. I won’t lie – there is stuff I really can’t get into like Hardcore Punk or Black Metal. I just sit there in a daze wondering when my hell will end. But that’s me. If you love it, then by all means, ignore me!  Thanks to friends, I have discovered wonderful music like Manu Katché or the band we saw last Friday called Snarky Puppy. To think when my friend Dany suggested it, I thought it was something like black metal – well, wouldn’t you with a name like that?  How wrong I was. A funky, jazzy, world music, rock mélange of music that I would have missed out on, had I been the sort to not want to go outside of her box.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”
Victor hugo


I have promised myself to go to an opera. At least once in my life. I know I am being influenced by the movies but if Ronny can bring Loretta to the Metropolitain Opera House (Moonstruck) Edward can bring Vivian to the San Francisco Opera House (Pretty Woman) and both those women  be moved to tears, maybe I can, too!



Quetzalcoatl – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday afternoon, my peeps! Hope your day is as fabulous as mine! (Got cut from work coz of the rain so… a rain day – think snow day in winter.)

I looked at this picture and thought… dang.  Then I sent it to my lovely buddy Marco (a man can be lovely, right?) over at Sorryless who said: Huitzilopochtli! And I said:  “How the fuck do you remember a name like ‘Huitzilopochtli’?” His response:  “Because he was an Aztec God.” Uh. Okay then. The man is brilliant, what can I say?  A whole discussion ensued and using bits and pieces and The Wickepedia, this nonsense was born. 

Thanks to our birthday girl, Rochelle for hosting this weekly party and thanks go out to Penny Gadd for causing me grief, I mean making me work… 🙂

As always, click on Monsieur Frogue below to add your 100-word story inspired by this image or to read others…




“Good God, Grace. What the hell kinda plant is that?  It’s positively evil-looking!”

“No idea, Steve.  I call him ‘Quetzalcoatl‘.


“Quetzalcoatl.  Looks more like Huitzilopochtli but he was into sacrifices. Can’t have that.”

“You’re weird. It looks like tentacles waiting for me to come close enough to grab.”

“You watch too many horror movies. It’s affected your perception.  I call him that because I’ve been reading about the Aztec gods. He was the god of wind, air and learning or wisdom and it seemed fitting to put him up there. Don’t you think?”

“I think you read too much.”


Weekend Writing Prompt #121 – Teapot

I started writing a story about my late friend Roxanne, only to realise I have done so three times. Methinks that has been taken care of, don’t you? So then I remembered another teapot story 😉 Thanks for this prompt, Sammi!

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  How you use the prompt is up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

Word Prompt



“We’re having a teatime-theme bridal shower for Fhum and want you to make the cake and cupcakes.”

“I’d love to!”

“Can you make the cake in the shape of a teapot?”


(Am I crazy?)

“That will be so cool! She’s gonna love it.”

“I sure hope so…”




Emma Why – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #41

Welcome to Crimson’s Creative Challenge. I didn’t think I’d come up with something and then, well, I did. I love that this challenge means pretty much anything is accepted, as long as we keep it under 150 words.  Can’t say I blame Crispina. For challenges, that means a lot of reading (and I try to read all the participants’ entries too, so. Yeah. I do my bestest to keep it at 150 or less).


Mommy! Look at the ducks!

I think they are geese, dear.

I thought ducks were white and gooses were black and white like the ones in Canada.

Geese.  And there are different types.

Why are they geese and not gooses?

I don’t know.

Why are these geese here in the parking lot?  Isn’t it hot for their foots?

Feet, not foots.

Why is is feet and not foot?

Good question. English is funny that way.

Can I pet them?

Oh no! Geese are notorious for being nasty.

What is notorious? And they look nice.

Notorious means they have a bad reputation.  Don’t disturb them; they probably think we are on their territory.

That’s silly, Mommy. They should be in the water or in the air!

You’ve got that right, Emma-Why.

Why do you call me Emma-Why?

Gee, I wonder why!


Word count 150


And since I like to add a photo of mine, here are some Canada Gooses 😉



Pick a Key – What Pegman Saw

Today Pegman travels to the Florida Keys at the bottom of the United States. Like the other Torch Keys, it was probably named for the native Torchwood tree.

Stroll and around and see if you can find something that interests you. When you’re done, write 150 words and link to the prompt using the frog below. Remember, reading and commenting is part of the fun!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy writing!

Now, it has been remarked that I like to write travel pieces. And in this case, I find myself doing so again. Couldn’t help it, Pegman was short on views so you are stuck with my picture of 7-mile bridge 😉  And a memory of a couple of trips, too 😉 Sorry (not)!

Pick a Key

“So, take three on going to the Keys?”

“Whaddaya mean, take three?”

“Forgotten 2009, have ya? We were supposed to join my sister and gang in Bahia Honda Key but instead you wound up spending six days in the Celebration Hospital.”

“Um. Yeah. That was an epic fail on my part.”

“At least you did manage two days in Disney.”

“Yeah, that blows that I caused us to miss the rest.”

“But what a story you’ve provided me with!”

“At least in 2013 we made it to Long Key.”

“But getting there we got a flat in Key Largo!”

“That I didn’t even realise was us!”

“I swear, the guys looked like a team from NASCAR!  Zzzip! Zzip! Zzzip!”

“They were mighty impressive, that’s for sure.”

“That time we went down to Key West, too.”


“And now you want to go to Middle Torch Key? I’ve never even heard of it!”

A quick change of tires on the road in Key Largo


Weekend Writing Prompt #119 – Tinker

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  How you use the prompt is up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments. Thank you, Sammi!

Word Prompt


A word I am more than familiar with as I have been surrounded by Tinkers all my life:  from my father to husband to brothers-in-law, cousins and friends.  Funny, I was going to go in a whole ‘nother direction but then this happened. Oh well. Why fight it, right?


Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor…

Which one should I favour?

A tailor would keep me in clothes well fit

A soldier would keep me in constant fret

A sailor would come and go as he please

A tinker would help to fulfil many needs

The answer is simple when given some thought

The house where I live, that I just bought

Needs rather a lot, not little work

A tinkerer would be more than a perk!




Getaway on Cow Island

Zeke and I went on a road trip last Friday. Jeff and Anne have a lovely cottage on Cow Island, which sits in Rice Lake.  Basically near Peterborough, Ontario, which means a 4.5-5 hour drive for me.

Thursday was a rainy morning and I got a text from my boss telling me to stay home. Woot! So, technically, I could have extended my stay at the Charnleys but I didn’t want to overstay my welcome and I figured I’d do all that needs to be done so I can leave early and upon my return on Sunday, not have to worry about washing my work clothes.  Plus the rest of the day was beautiful so, I did lovely day things 😉

Did I leave at the time I said to myself I would? Of course not. I left an hour later.  Seat pushed down so Zeke can be closer to up front, within petting reach, blanket laid with towel on top, bottle of Hertel in case he pukes – can’t find paper towels so grab a box of tissues, pack the car, load Zeke and off we go at 10 am.

The day was bright, the sun was shining and the roads were clear for the most part.  As I got closer to my destination, I became fascinated by the clouds. They were so low and varied in texture from cotton candy to whipped milk topping a cappuccino to rich and thick whipped cream.  It felt like I could reach out and touch them, they were so low.

The skies started to darken and I could see there was rain ahead.

Then this big block of black started creeping in from the left. Strangest thing ever.

The last hour or so of my drive was through sun and cloud and rain and sun.  By the time we got to Islandview Road, we were back in the sun. I called Jeff once I reached

as that means I was about 15 minutes away and he could time his pick up! His cottage is, after all, on an island in the middle of Rice Lake.

As I turned onto the final 500m drive, Zeke stood up and I saw him lick his chops. I pulled over. Ran around the car to open the door and. Too late. Fluorescent bile slid down the headrest into the floor mat below. All I can say is, thank you, Zeke, for aiming so beautifully.  Thank you, Dale for being too lazy to change from winter mats to summer ones because all I had to do was pick up the mat and rinse it off in the lake while Jeff wondered why I was not returning his wave. No worries, I’m not that weird that I would take a pic…

We no sooner dock and open the door that Zeke jumps out and into the lake.  Divot chose not to join his buddy – coz they had to get reaquainted. It had been four years, after all.

We lugged my stuff to the cottage and were greeted by Anne and Dylan (unfortunately Griffin had other places to be, so I missed him once again), got ourselves a drink and sat out back, away from the wind that was gusting big time.  But first, one must take note of the rules. I intended on following some of them for sure.

We sat on the front porch and caught up.

Jeff and Divot

I wish I could remember what the hell was so funny, and why I almost tipped over, but it’s nice to have someone else take pics 😉

Anne and me

Their neighbour Gord, joined us for supper – in return, he fed the boys.  After said delicious supper, we all went down to the firepit.  Now, Jeff has been posting some spectacular sunsets.  Did we get one of that ilk?  No. But it was still kinda nice.

At one point, Anne and then Gord disappeared and it was just us two old friends (to think we’ve known each other for almost fifty years, though in honesty, we reconnected thanks to FB about nine years ago).  The fire was lovely and after more than a few beers, we put out the fire and called it a night. It was, after all 3:30 am!

The next day was bright and sunny but oh so windy! Jeff got a call from his buddy, Bristow (birth name has totally escaped me as even his wife calls him that), telling him he and Kristin, along with Jackson and Riley (their cockapoo) were coming by boat. They were going to go through the locks and felt they would be there in a couple of hours. Well. I was NOT expecting this itty-bitty boat, lemme tell you!

These two and their adorable son were so much fun.  The clouds rolled in and besides a spit or two, the rain mostly stayed away, allowing for the dogs to have lots of fun. Zeke took a liking to Riley who thought he was such a pain in the ass, she ran to the dock and jumped into her boat!

I have just gone through my pics and have realised I don’t have a decent picture of Kristin, so this little video of the dogs chasing each other is the best I can do. Plus, she has the greatest laugh! And we get a sneak at Laura, Gord’s wife and owner of that crazy beagle, Jersey.

Jeff and Bristow were having a game of Bocci and Riley was only too happy to help.

I dunno if I should bug you with another video but suffice it to say we determined that Jersey was the equivalent of a veloceraptor attacking the T-Rex in Jurassic World… She was after Zeke non-stop and he was quite good about her over-exuberance!

After all that nonsense, it was lunchtime.  We had delicious nachos and some of us had Bloody Caesars made with my special vodka concoction.

Believe it or not, there is 40 oz of vodka in there!

Kristin was a big fan, as was Jeff. The dogs entertained us a bit more, each of them going for a swim and making us laugh.

By 4:00, the Bristows had to leave as the locks close and 6:00 and they didn’t want to take any chances of missing their passage.

Gord, Bristow, Jeff

Kristin was driving the boat back and I wish I had my phone ready to catch her exit. It was Don Johnson in Miami Vice Days worthy! Lucky she didn’t clip the dock!

We, on the other hand had another delicious meal of a fabulous roast chicken, roasted corn and tomato salsa/salad, roast potatoes.  Gord and Laura joined us for dessert of roasted pineapple with ice cream. Oh yum.

I played with my camera settings on my phone, trying to get a proper picture of the sunset. I was having a blast (seriously, who needs a camera?)

Back to the fire we went till Anne put the three boys (Jack and Liam (the neighbours’ son) slept over) to bed and we lost her.  This time we were quasi-reasonable and ended the evening at 1:30.

The next day, we took our time, having breakfast at 11:00.  Jeff and I were across the water before noon and off Zeke and I went. We Quebecers used to laugh at Ontarians for not knowing how to drive. Man, times have changed!  I drove most of the way home at 130-135kmh (80-85mph) most of the way!

I was home before 5:00. Waited around for one of the boys to come home and gave up, throwing in a frozen pizza for supper by almost 8:00.

Thank you Jeff and Anne for sharing your little slice of heaven with me!