Haiku – en français and in English

It is getting ridiculous!  I walk the dog and find myself, fingers muffled by mittens, counting out five – seven – five!  Not only in English but in French!  What have you done to me, Sarah Potter?  I admit that I was warned that haikus could become addictive.

‘Tis true!  For goodness sakes, I even have one prepared for when spring arrives, for real, in my neck of the woods.  Yes, the calendar says it’s Spring but frankly, when the mercury is hovering around the -20ºC mark, I find it a tad difficult to get into the mood, if you know what I mean.  No, you folk in the UK and southern States have no clue what I’m talking about but those of you in the north-eastern States and Quebec (obviously) and definitely in the Maritimes, know of what I speak.  There are no crocuses popping up, nor rhubarb, nor buds of any kind to be seen.  Vast expanses of snow?  Plenty of that!

So, rather than stay indoors, in the warmth of my house, I trekked outside with Zeke, dressed like an Inuit and traipsed about my town, snapping pictures, capturing anything that took my fancy.  Frankly, it was a most gorgeous day today:  the blue sky, the few fluffy clouds, the crisp air ~ might as well enjoy it, eh?  I was feeling particularly happy and peaceful, a true sense of life is good.  Can’t explain it.  And don’t for a second think I am NOT looking forward to ditching the boots, mitts, scarves and other winter paraphernalia!  Bring on da flip-flops!  Till then, enjoy my attempts at both French and English haiku today…


Skating rink is closed
No more skating for children
Spring is on its way




Melting Away

Oh yes!  The weather is finally cooperating!  The sun is shining and the temperature is warm enough to start the “damage” ~ that springtime process of melting these mountains of snow!

I needed to get away from my kitchen, having been a slave to it since yesterday morning (returning to it after this short break!) so I went with Zeke for a small walk around the block, trying desperately NOT to step in too-deep puddles as my boots are “tired” and not very waterproof any more…

And, might I say, doing so with a big smile on my face?  Funny how NOT sad I am about getting my feet wet…

I couldn’t decide on the one picture for my haiku (because suddenly, my thoughts have been going in 5-7-5…) so here are three!

Happy Melting!

A Haiku For Monday

Cold weather and cooking jobs have kept me from my usual walks about my town.  This morning I decided it was necessary and would probably help me be more productive in the end!

Decided to have fun with it!