What’s In My Tin? Banana-Chocolate Chip Muffins


This NaBloPoMo thing has me all buggered up for my usual series!  The days slip by and I find myself wondering where to slip in a post not related to the Prompts!  I then end up doing two posts in one day and I worry that I exaggerate!

Soooo… as mentioned in the last edition of What’s in My Tin? I have left the apples behind and now give you healthy Banana chocolate chip muffins.  I’ve even added some nuts for texture.  Why not? They can be switched in or out, the chocolate chips increased or just nuts, up to you and what your family likes.  I like to put half and half as nuts are healthier than chocolate chips and I get no complaints from the Peanut Gallery.



What’s not to love in that glorious mix of bananas, chocolate chips and nuts?  Even if it is the healthier version, my kids don’t even notice (or is it because Mom is always trying to give the healthier version and they’ve just gotten used to it?)


You can get the full recipe here.  Enjoy!

What’s In My Tin? Apple Oatmeal Wheat Fingers

I promise, for now, this is the last of the apple recipes! For now.  Maybe.  I can’t guarantee it!

I have many (seriously, I have loads) cookbooks in my bookcases(s).  Yet, somehow, when it’s time to find inspiration, I often end up on the Internet.  In an effort to justify the purchase of all these cookbook  purchases (some dating back to longer ago than I dare think), I have decided to get inspired by them instead of the Web.  Well, I try anyway!


This recipe was taken from Barry Bluestein and Kevin Morrissey’s “The Complete Cookie, cookies for every occasion”.

I’m a fan of cookbooks that have lovely photos, so this one, which I’ve had since January 31, 1997(!), must have been purchased through Book of the Month Club.  There are no pictures, no drawings, nothing.  Oh, sorry, I lied.  There are a grand total of 8 photos in the middle of the book.  That said, they do have quite a few nice cookie recipes, including this Apple Oatmeal Wheat Fingers one.


I was astounded at how just 1/4 teaspoon of allspice could completely change a flavour profile.. We all know that apples and cinnamon go together but who knew that adding this smidge of allspice would take it to a whole ‘nother level?  Not moi, that’s for sure.

These were delicious, healthy and disappeared faster than I could say “Boo!”

You can find the recipe right here.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  They will definitely be ending up in my tin again!

What’s in my Tin? Apple Gingerbread

Yes, yes… I am still on the apple kick!  I promise you, after the next one (because I do have one more…) I will share something else!  The boys are not complaining that the tin holds apple-something for the past four weeks so, hopefully, that means you won’t complain either!

What's in my Tin?

What’s in my Tin?

You know that warm taste you get from gingerbread cookies?  Well, you can have that without all the fuss, muss and mess in less time than it takes to make the cookie dough!  I kit you not.  These babies are just plain delicious.  Word.  I have made them for snack time, school lunches and, when I’m feeling fancy, served on a pool of crème anglaise in a fancy plate – for those days when you are having people over for dinner but really don’t have time to make something fancy and time-consuming.


Delicious warmed up and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or just plain with a cup of tea and a girlfriend for some deep conversation.

It is an easy peasy recipe you can get right here!




What’s In My Tin? Maple-Apple Muffins

Welcome back to another edition of “What’s in my tin?”

I’m still pretty much on my apple kick because, well, I still have a bunch of apples from David’s orchard!  These recipes only call for one or two apples at a time so expect another in the next edition!


These muffins take minutes to prepare and 22-25 minutes to bake so the boys often get spoiled with this first thing in the morning.  Or rather, they get to smell them being baked and then can take one or two to school for lunch!

Added bonus is these muffins are actually low-fat and healthy…  I’ve been making recipes from my Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too book by Susan G. Purdy


You can get the recipe here!

Remember, they are guilt-free… unless you choose to eat three of them but that will be just between you and your tin…