Pieces of My Father in Song

Back in March, there was a dVerse challenge to use a list of titles of songs with the words Dad, daddy or father in them.  I started to write and then realised, no… I must save this one for today.  I am still struggling with the fact that it has been ten years today since my father chose to stop “our” suffering.


Today marks the tenth anniversary

of  My old man leaving this earth on his terms

His sideways glance and grimace at such term

meant, of course, to discourage us,

didn’t work


My father’s eyes twinkled blue

with mirth (mostly)

or turned steely grey

in anger (rarely)

How did none of us inherit them?


My Daddy’s hands were the standard

all my boyfriends’ were judged against

(few could compare)

His were capable of many things

and in my father’s house

was proof of his prowess


He always thought he wanted boys

to pass on his name, father to son

but soon realised how much he was blessed

to have not one daddy’s little girl, but three


My dance with my father was as special to me

as it was for both of my sisters

and he never hesitated to say

Your daddy loves you


For ten years, I have missed you, Daddy

and still go to pick up the phone

to share news or ask your opinion

So here is a a song for dad

I think of you every time I hear it



Late Spring? Not Quite Up Here

For Haibun Monday, hosted by Linda Lee Lyberg on dVerse.   Since Spring has finally sprung, why not, eh?

I am asked to write a Haibun about late spring.  Problem is, we are merely at the beginning of it up here in the Montreal region unlike my fellow writers below the 49th parallel who have been sharing photos of their blooms since end of February, beginning of March!  Up here, we go from temps begging for sundresses and sandals and the next, it’s full-on garb, including coat, hat and gloves (for those of us of a more delicate nature).  Exposing toes at this time would be foolhardy.

How can we ask for crocus and daffodils when we expect them to be covered in snow?  And yet, they do just that.  They take the risk to pop up out of the partially frozen soil next to naked branches and we delight in it.  During my latest walkabout, I am delighted to see yellows and blues and every shade of purple with some pink interjected here and there, just because.

I’m particularly beguiled by the random pops of sweet violets, striped squills, and Siberian squills that seem to scatter willy-nilly wherever they please.  Not that the more formal gardens with hyacinths, daffodils and the early tulips don’t have their own special charm, of course.  It is the wild ones that captivate me.

Frozen ground holds on

Battle royale in progress

Blooms unrepentant



Weekend Writing Prompt #308 – Confession

A little word prompt from Sammi (thank you!) to get me back on the blogging beat after a week or so of wonderful Stay-Cay!  And since it is Earth Day, I figured I’d somehow incorporate something seasonal.

wk 308 confession

This is my confession:

I love living in a

place with four seasons;

I might complain about

summer’s humid heat

and winter’s bitter cold

but they make spring

and autumn all the sweeter




Weekend Writing Prompt #304 – Mail

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  How you use the prompt is up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.  Love me the short ones.  Thanks for hosting, Sammi!

wk 304 mail

Mail is still delivered

directly to my front door

Unlike newer neighbourhoods

Requiring a walk and a key

No matter how you get your mail

A hand-written envelope

Containing news or wishes

Will always feel most special



Left Gasping

It’s Quadrille Monday on dVerse today and De Jackson (aka WhimsyGizmo) is hosting.  The word (or variation thereof) today is “Gasp”.  It’s all Merril’s fault that I went where I did and not where I thought I would.


Friends, south of the 49th

leave me gasping

their purple crocus and

yellow daffodils

blooming since February!


Sun shines, sometimes;

just above freezing, occasionally

bicycle path partially clear, for now

first run of the year

Gasping, I push on

Spring is coming, right?


Nimble to Zen


Fingers laced through the handle of my coffee cup

warming my hands

I gaze out through my patio door

It’s a colourless February day

Yesterday’s rain and wind have melted the piles of snow

But I know, winter is far from over.

I look up and see a squirrel scamper nimbly without a care

along the wires that criss-cross my backyard

From there he jumps onto an outstretched tree limb

runs along it then up and around the trunk, making

his journey all the more interesting

as no other beastie, two-legged or four

is chasing him and I see him no more

Was it that long ago that I was so intrepid?

Without a thought I would climb

to the top of the monkey bars

and stand on the summit, arms outstretched

fearless, though heart thumping

(there is no proof as no way would

mom or dad have approved)

There is not enough money in the world to get me to do that again.

©Ron Jones

Just last September, I gingerly made my way to my roof

stepped onto the rusty little table, then up onto the fence

(around my propane tank)

holding on for dear life to the house roof

as I hauled myself up onto the garage roof (lower)

I stood up, legs wobbly, heart pounding

but feeling exhilarated

(No matter that I have watched my son

hop, step and jump his way up with nary a care



I am not so feeble that I daren’t try

And how it was worth it!

I may not be as nimble; I may not be as quick

but that’s okay because I still do things

that make my heart quicken and me feel alive

I have also learnt that it is quite okay

to step back, centre, stretch, meditate

and find my Zen

Even the squirrels find the time





icy decorations dot my window

creating a lacy pattern


delighting for its brevity

with one kiss of the sun

nothing left but a memory

Weekend Writing Prompt #271 – Sibilance

When this prompt from Sammi came out in August, I knew not what to write, so I skipped it.  And then I started a new job in September.  I am slowly, desperately, quite possibly, going mad.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to find a way to survive.  Might seem drastic to you but to me?  I just cannot.  That said, I searched on Sammi’s site to find this prompt because I so knew what to write this time!!

wk 271 sibilance

I sit

kitty-corner from a

monologuing soliloquy

to the right


not-so-subtle sibilance

to the left

All day

I cannot tune them out

I fear I’ll go mad

Dylan’s face so perfectly represents my sentiments (thanks for letting me use it, J&A!)


No, seriously.  Is it not rude to think you are alone in your cubicle? Can you not shut the eff up?

Weekend Writing Prompt #280 – Amok

It’s only 35 words.  Plus, the key word is basically how my thoughts have been running inside my head for the past three weeks.  How can I resist?  Besides, I’m one who chooses to laugh rather than cry over stuff – especially stuff that’s out of my hands.  So, thank you, Sammi, for providing the way!

wk 280 amok

Fool’s dream

No hiccups, no surprises,

No scary electrical things hiding

behind now-exposed walls

No wonky plumbing

waiting to blow

As if that’s not enough

Let’s have tools running amok

Landing in wrong places

It’s only money

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #197 – Love in Sunsets

I was hesitant to participate in anything as I know I won’t have time to be a proper participant.  I leave tomorrow for a week-long getaway.  Nature: mountains, rivers, and whatever you have to offer, here I come!  That said, I figured I would use Crispina’s lovely image as an excuse to let ya’all know I’m not dissing you and will return to reading/commenting/participating in one week.

While searching for my matchy-matchy photo, I fell on the one directly below.  It sparked an idea so I’m using it and have added the “real” matchy-matchy below, just because I can.

“The first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of color — oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples…”
― Anna Godbersen, The Luxe

I’ll take a mix, please

Wild, hot, and exciting

Calm, peaceful comfort

Too much of either

Does not balance bring


All of one is exhausting

All of the other, dull


Keeping it alive require a little of both

In various combinations

Hour, days, weeks, months, years

Together and apart

Time is valuable

We must use it wisely


“They sit together, physically separate but utterly connected by the moment they’ve created”
― Stan Lee, A Trick of Light

Kinda-sort matchy-matchy…. right?

“Time is valuable. For all the time we’ve lost by not being together, it has made you the most valuable thing to me.”
― Courtney Peppernell, Pillow Thoughts