Rediscover This Day and See Your Memories

“Be a person that others will look for your posts daily because they know you will encourage them. Be the positive one and help others to have a great day and you will find that not only they like you but you will like you too.”
― John Patrick Hickey, Oops! Did I Really Post That

Let’s talk about Social Media. No, I’m not gonna get all negative and fired up about the stupid stuff. I can’t because my nature is to focus on the good, not the bad. I rarely, if ever, share anything negative, quite frankly. I try to stay away from politics though sometimes, it’s awfully difficult… I will, on occasion, share the seriously stupid. Mostly, however, I choose to share things that make you laugh or go “awwww”… Because. You all know. It is a choice. We can rag on others, help grow hysteria or, how about this? Let’s share the happy, the laughs, the love.

That said.

It seems to be the “in” thing now. I don’t know who did it first, Facebook or Google, but they both like to go into your past pictures and posts (scary thought when you do think about it) and bring them forth one, two, three, nine years later. “See Your Memories” or “Rediscover This Day”… this can be fun or sad or, I imagine, horrifying… all depends on what you shared in the first place, eh?

I remember seeing a few memes on Facebook. Of course, the one I want, I cannot find… but here are a few to make you chuckle:

Why am I even going on about this? Because this morning’s “memory” on Facebook.

The boys were so cute and sweet. Then. 😉

So, I remembered that in December, Facebook thought it would be particularly perfect to choose the “Three years ago” timeline so that I could be reminded of my posts during Mick’s coma. For those not on Facebook, here’s what went down: in an effort to do something, because, frankly, I was feeling rather helpless, I posted a picture of Mick and some poem I Googled on either Strength or Courage or Faith or Hope… The end result was I got a lot of love from all over the world. Which I needed. So, to me, these were good posts. And no, it did not make me sad three years later to have these memories pop up daily – and kinda funny (Universe, that YOU?) that they stayed on the “3-year plan” for a week…. hmmmm. It reminded me of all the love and support I had received. Did I share these “Facebook Memories” like the one above? Nah. I felt they would make me look like I was looking for more sympathy, which I am not. I’m good. Really.

But, because I did mention it, here’s one…

On what would have been Austin’s 22nd birthday, I posted that I wondered what he would have looked like, and included this picture:

Not because I was sad. He has been gone for 21 years now. But, maybe because my dad’s fifth death anniversary is two days before Austin’s birthday, I was triggered. I dunno. But I shared it. So many people commented with lovely messages (as you can see above), sending love and hugs. I sure as hell was not looking for sympathy again, and hope no one took it that way. Though, I really don’t think so. I do feel blessed to have so many lovely people in my FB family.

Google’s “Rediscover” is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish!

They share albums. And make “stylized photos” and “Animations”… they go all out… Of course, if I didn’t take so many pictures and if they didn’t get uploaded into the Google Photos, I’d have zilch. Well, they do automatically from my phone. I haven’t set up my computer as of yet. I can only say thank goodness I did because I had some major computer issues way back and not all my photos had been backed up and The Google came to my rescue (for the one’s my bro-in-law, Chris, was unable to retrieve). Phew!

One of the nice things, is they – and by “they” I mean the powers that be who love to torment us peeps – make a collage page, then select a bunch of the pictures taken that day.

For instance, on May 28, I got this little popup.

There’s often a little surprise at seeing Mick’s face in an image I totally forgot I had taken… followed by a moment of reminiscing, usually followed by the thought “that was a fun day…”

Or, how about on May 20… 8 years ago, I had started karate three weeks before and signed up for the “cassage” – breaking of planks of wood – right away. What? You start karate at 46 and now you gonna break wood? What the hell? None of my pics made it to the collage so I’ve taken the liberty of adding two… The woman beside me, Sophie, started on the same day as I did and I coerced her to join me in the wood-breaking. We were like 5 year-olds, having learned how to ride a bicycle, when we broke our planks. High-fiving each other… Seriously. Such nuts. Big joy in the memory, followed by a little sadness because, Richard, completely on the left, is no longer with us, having died one year ago last January…

Since that fateful day, my planks increased to 4 thick, when I fractured my arm. Uh huh. Right…. Next step would have been cement… had I not stopped karate. Who knows? If my foot ever feels better, or my shoulder or. Yeah. No. Not gonna happen. Shall remain as a lovely memory.

One last thought on this whole Social Media thing. I have a Twitter account that my blog posts and Instagram pics get uploaded to. I just haven’t ever gotten into the whole tweeting thing… and no, there is no one I particularly want to follow. Instagram is fun when I take a walk and click a pic and upload. That I can spend some time scrolling, liking pics by those I follow. Not too demanding. Frankly, I am in LinkedIn but don’t use it in any useful way. Maybe when I truly get tired of having to soak my feet after a shift at work, and popping pain killers to try and get through, I will get on there and look for a job….

Meantime, enough of this for today. I have to clean the house. We have a potential buyer visiting tomorrow!

OF course, I don’t use Social Media like in the video below but…. when FB and Google are reminding you of stuff… they are the stalkers, no?

A few of the 10,000 things that make me happy and grateful

  1. Social Media – I use it for good
  2. Love. From strangers who became friends
  3. Peter, who will finish fixing my pool.
  4. Memories
  5. Being cancelled for work because of rain, giving me time to clean house for visit