The SPAM Files

Might become a series, might not. I shall see 😉

I was doing that fun job of emptying my SPAM folder here on WordPress. It is amazing (read: annoying) just how many land in there. And heaven help us if we don’t go through it regularly (at least once per day if not more).  I made the mistake of missing a couple of days.  Matter of fact, I started this here post with the nine I had “saved” before supper. When I came back, I was up to 28.  Jayzus.

Anyhoo, that is neither here nor there. After flushing the twelve pages (yes, twelve) of offers for this drug or that one; warnings about this or that malady, the Russian-Who-Knows-What-the-Hell and the offers for porn, I found myself with a few comments that looked like they could have been from real followers.  Followers whose comments end up in SPAM through no fault of anyone’s but WordPress’ aleatory decision.  They were not.  This is what they were:

outline for writing an argumentative essay told me:  You commit an error. I can defend the position. This was for my poem “Highs and Lows” – which means, I guess, that I may not feel what I felt when I wrote about Mick’s presence being felt at all gatherings? I feel I am no longer certain.

the 5 step essay writing process told me:  Excellent. For my post “Fête Nationale au Québec” – where I explain the June 24th holiday celebrated here in Quebec and in a few French speaking areas.  At least this one garnered approval, right?

independent essay writing question toefl told me:  I here am casual, but was specially registered at a forum to participate in discussion of this question. – for my post “Friday without Plans” – a silly post about going with the flow, weeds, flowers, stuff.  Not sure what they mean. Maybe I need to join a special forum to deal with this?


writing study abroad essay told me:  This variant does not approach me. Who else, what can prompt? for my post “Top of the Hill – What Pegman Saw” – A little story taking place in The Lake District of England about two people meeting at the top of a hill. This was a prompt post – apparently not a good one or maybe this story didn’t resonate. I’m not sure… it happens. We can’t please everyone…

writing good opening sentence for essay asked me:  Analogues are available? for my post “Advent Calendar – Day 24” where I introduce Yesterday and Today:  Merril’s Historial Musings – Hmmm… I dunno. I’ll have to ask Merril’s opinion on this one. Merril? Are analogues (sic) available? 😉

harvard summer school writing college essay exclaimed:  Here so history! for my post “Fun Night With the Piano Guys” I dunno… does nine years in business warrant being part of history already? Maybe these peeps foresee that these guys will make history or are making history. They are right, actually. These guys are fabulous.

essay writing format for high school students said:  So happens. Let’s discuss this question. for my post “A Better Plan – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #23” – about a couple spicing up their love life.  Maybe these peeps think I need therapy. I’ll consider it even though I think Bill and Gin are onto something…

And finally:

what is the big picture when writing an essay who apparently needs more deets:  I apologise, but you could not paint little bit more in detail. This for my post “Disturbed to Centred” – Maybe I should have given even more details, though these posts of mine tend to already be wordy. Maybe they didn’t understand what I meant about going from being frazzled to calm via a nice walk with Zeke and a chat with my new friend Marco. Not sure.


You may have noticed that all these “writers” have one thing in common.  They are all seemingly attempting to write essays.  Should I help them?