We are doing the fashion show early…Resa’s Grand Valentine’s Day Fashion Show…4 pictures

Gigi has done it again! Wonderful MC for the lovely Valentine’s Day fashion show as designed by the lovely Sorceress of the Cloth Resa.

Rethinking Life

The show opens with Dale wearing a pink chiffon full length gown, tied at the neck, accented by a one-of-a-kind purple sash, covered with multi-colored hearts.  Her bracelet, made of hearts, is a tribute to this wonderful day.  Elegant, but sassy, she struts down the catwalk, throwing paper hearts into the delighted crowd.

Holly’s wearing a sleek, formfitting, gray, strapless satin sheath with a billowing heart bottom,  is destined to catch everyone’s attention, wherever she goes.  All eyes are on her as she tosses her long hair and  dances her way to the center stage, throwing candy hearts to the audience.  She too, is wearing a heart bracelet to remind everyone that love is in the air.

After a quick change, Holly is back, wearing  a one shouldered pink form hugging gown with a flared bottom.  Part way down her gorgeous gown, is a blood red heart that draws all…

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We Interrupt This Usual Broadcast to Bring You Something New…


Hello my blogging friends.

This is a short and quicky post to let you know that I have resurrected my Dalectables blog and have written my first (since June, 2014) post.  I could have simply done a reblog but that’s not my jam…

If you’d like to take a sneak peak, please, click here.  I would love to see you over there!


Show – Down at the Coral

Episode 3 takes us to a whole different world. Outstanding work by our creative Sorceress of the Cloth, Resa

Art Gowns

Princess Blue Holly showed up at noon by the coral in the Gulf of Mexico, her seaweed whip with with poisonous holly berries poised to fight Chainelle.

However, instead of finding Chainelle, she found a surging, gurgling black mass of gulf water. Chainelle’s wicked voice was luring Blue Holly into the black.

PBH knew it was folly to dive into the dark. Luring Chainelle up was a wiser choice. Chainelle’s weakness was her jealousy of the Art Gowns Models, and loathing of Ms. Rosso.

An underwater fashion show was the bait. Blue Holly looked into her Tangle-Heart, and had it send a message to all of the AGMs’ magic trees.

The AGMs were instructed to walk through the tall grasses on Tim’s magic tree sanctuary. Eventually the grasses would become sea grasses, and the AGMs would be transformed into Mermaids.

Dahlings, welcome to the Fashion Show down at the Coral…

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A Tangle of Music

Of course I have to share the latest AGM model post from our lovable and talented Sorceress of the Cloth!

Art Gowns

Dahlings, do you just love my hair done as red sails? I feel like I could fly. It makes me think of songs like: Sailing by Christoper Cross, Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin & Come Sail Away by Styx. This brings me to the theme of our Tribute today, Music!

Take it away, Rebecca!

Thank you Rene! We’ve decided to have a bit of fun with “A Tangle of Music”. Each AGM is presented with 2 or 3 bars of 12, that are the instrumental opening to a famous song. There are other clues, as well.

There is an obvious theme running though each AGM’s gown, that pertains to the opening lyrics. Also, as you can see, I am surrounded by the chords in the song. Note: I am holding an A minor in my right hand.

First out on the Catwalk, with the first 2 bars, is…

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Ahead Of The Rest

More than a discussion is needed. Questions posed must come with solutions. This has to change.

Be Sorry . . . Less

Buffalo shooting: what we know about the victims so far | New York | The Guardian

We’ve stopped counting all the losses.

There’s no reason to keep score at this point, considering how one tragedy bleeds seamlessly into the next. From Buffalo, New York to Orange County, California to some other town that is doomed to the same fate, real soon. To tell the truth about who we have become would be to admit defeat and that kind of self reflection ain’t in our DNA.

It’s been twenty-three years since Columbine introduced us to the future with a horror movie script that has become commonplace in 2022: The senseless carnage, all the warning signs left unheeded and the political war chests that cash in on the latest tragedy like vampires at the end of the world.

The reality of yet another lost day is that too many people have stopped pretending to give a damn. The media treats each new mass shooting like a severe weather…

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A Tangle of Sunflowers

A wonderful and important post from our Sorceress of the Cloth…

Any comments should be directed directly to Resa.  🙂

Art Gowns

Dahlings I love you all more than ever! It is with a heavy heart that I have postponed tonight’s fashion show. Instead, Art Gowns offers a Protest Post against all war anywhere, anytime.

The Sunflowers and colours are for Ukraine, and all its people fleeing, dying and defending. AGM Holly has written a special poem.

Thank you, Rene! I’m honoured to be here, and join in this protest.

“Hello, Art Director R. Budd here. We had a mind blowing show ready to go, then this beyond horrid war materialized. So, instead of the catwalk, the AGMs are out on the sidewalk protesting. PBH is MIA. There are reports that she has been spotted in Poland.”

“AGMs Dale and Gigi are working the protests in N. America.”

“AGMs Marina and Shey are working the lines in Europe.”

Peace and love! I’m Boogapony Holly. Ms. Rosso has asked me here tonight to…

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The Jazz Age

Our beautiful Sorceress of the Cloth has done it again. What a beautiful post!

Art Gowns

Dahlings! Rene Rosso here, welcome to the Jazz Age!

Defined by writers, performers and artists of the time such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Josephine Baker and Thomas Hart Benton, it was more than a Gatsby, Paris or New York moment. So let’s get the full string of beads from our glorious Art Director, Rebecca Budd.

Thank you, Rene! We know the Flapper dress was the cat’s meow and the Charleston was the hoofer’s delight. Still, we should acknowledge that Vionnet and Chanel were the first designers to get rid of the corset, defining the silhouette of the era. Palazzo pants made their debut, and the cloche hat was the keenest.

Here to show you what gowns were all about are the Art Gowns Models! First out on the catwalk is Gigi. Gigi wears a hand painted silk georgette dress, with asymmetric tiers, accentuated by hand rolled satin rattail. 

AGM Marina…

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Quadrille Monday for dVerse and I’m actually posting on the same day?  Will wonders never cease.  It must be because we had to use the word Tinsel…



Silent Night plays while
tears stream down her face
like tinsel cascading from the branches
of a Christmas tree


Where the silver strands hang on
hers roll off her chin
disappearing into her shirt
over her heart


It is but her yearly ritual





OtherWorld Redux

Our beautiful Resa has done it again! Here is the next episode (I say next because I don’t want her to ever stop)

Art Gowns

Princess Blue Holly’s Tangle-Heart guided her to a back window accessing OtherWorld’s tower.

Peering out the only window facing onto OtherWorld, PBH could see DracGoth with Evilomlap Etagloc. DracGoth must have helped Evilomlap escape his imprisonment in a picture frame! Using super hearing, she eavesdropped.

EE – Hissss – This OtherWorld you made is a bit creepy, Drac. Hiss, cough, cough! It’s so dim and dank.

DG – I disagree, Evil. I find it very pleasant down here. I can’t stand all the light and colours up in the real world. That’s why I need SheyGoth to move down here.

EE – Why can’t you just be happy with the effigy of SheyGoth I made you? Hack, cough, hiss!

DG – We used it to crash the Art Gowns fashion show, and suck the colour out of the real world, but all she does here is sit on her throne…

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Fun Stuff

She’d been walking for hours.  It was time to stop and put her feet up and relax. It was Sunday after all!  Oh wait.  Look at those glasses calling her inside.  Wine. Yes, a glass of wine would definitely start her off on the right track.  She went to the door and pulled the handle.  Damn. Closed.  Sigh. She walked to her car, drove home and poured herself a glass.  Would have been nice to have been served… but this will do!

I’ve been working on a post going nowhere, so I left that and caught up on my inbox.  There was Robin’s post, inspired by Karen’s post.  Things don’t always have to be serious, do they?