Repurposed – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday!  Hope all is well in your necks of the world.  This week’s Friday Fictioneers, as always hosted by the wonderful Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is brought to you through J. Hardy Carroll’s picture.  I could not help but go to Montreal for this one.  Should you have a different idea that you’d like to share, click on the frog below and add your 100-word story!

J. Hardy Carroll

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Let’s go visit the Biosphere on Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Wasn’t that the Expo ’67 American Pavillion?

Yep.  The most famous geodesic dome created.

Didn’t it burn to a crisp?

Yeah, sadly, a welding accident in ’76 while fixing the acrylic cover.

That blows. But then they fixed it up, right?

Took forever and by the’90’s became a water museum.

Cool. Wait. What happened during the ice storm in ’98?

Some damage and it was shut down for five months.  By 2007, Environment Canada decided it would be called an “Environment Museum”. Only one of its kind in North America.

So, worth a visit, then?




For more on the Biosphere, click here





2019 Attitude of Gratitude Challenge

Funny how things work, sometimes.  I can’t remember if it was Thursday or Friday (2nd or 3rd of January) when I thought to myself: I wonder if Dawn is doing her Attitude of Gratitude thing this year. Not two days later (or three) what do I get in my inbox but Dawn’s post! Serendipity at its best. Let’s just say that if she hadn’t, I would have been sad and maybe, just maybe, I would have done my own anyway. It’s kinda nice to be part of something that already exists, dontcha think?

The rules are really simple.  Set the timer for 15 minutes and start listing – very stream of consciousness, this thing.  I will do exactly that by listing whatever pops into my head and at the end, shall return to my list and clean up typos, remove duplicates or even maybe cheat by adding more deets to the items, because, well, if I stop to write all the whys, then my list will be shorter.  Then again, this isn’t a contest so, does it matter just how many I have? Maybe cheating won’t even be necessary!  Okay, Rogerson, just shut up and write already.

The following are the things for which I am grateful or simply bring me joy and peace:

  1. B – for what you give and what you agree to receive;
  2. My sisters – no matter what’s what, they will be there
  3. Mom – same thing, without you, I’d not be here
  4. Dad – no longer here, you still influence some of my decisions
  5. Mick – no matter that you’ve been gone five years, you are still a huge presence, not to mention a great muse for my writing
  6. Writing – the ability to share what I want to say and have people receive it
  7. Reading – we learn so much about life, the world when we open ourselves to reading
  8. Friday Fictioneers and Rochelle in particular for being the first challenge that opened me up to writing more
  9. Blogosphere – for introducing me to so many fantastic writers
  10. Friends made over the blogosphere – it’s amazing how close we can become, like you, Sawsan, now a flesh and blood friend
  11. Julie, Giselle, Linda, Cathy – my girlfriends who are there to drink, eat and be merry with
  12. My guy friends – who keep me laughing
  13. My boys – for keeping me real – whether I like it or not
  14. The scent of petrichor in the summer
  15. The sound of rain on a window when lying in bed
  16. Being able to sit outside on a covered porch when it rains
  17. Big fluffy snow in winter, especially on Christmas Day
  18. Zeke – for giving me a reason to get out and enjoy the fresh air
  19. Standing outside, and realising all is silent and being in the moment
  20. Coffee!
  21. Wine (and beer or spirits 😉 )!
  22. The sound of the wind in the marcescent leaves
  23. My house – it keeps me safe from the elements
  24. My health – it might have blips from colds but otherwise, I’m healthy
  25. DK – for introducing me to soooo many books and for being you, who shares such beautiful things
  26. My laptop – which keeps me connected to so many people
  27. Hang Outs – which allows me to chat with my bestie face-to-face
  28. Warm thick socks in the winter
  29. Dresses in the summer
  30. My capacity (capability?) to smile through the tough stuff
  31. My ability to love freely
  32. Photography – a way to capture everything that grabs my attention
  33. Sunsets
  34. Being by the water – lake, river, ocean
  35. Travel – introducing me to cultures and broadening my horizons
  36. Cooking – not only to nourish but also to show my creativity
  37. Discovering my creativity, which I was so sure I didn’t have till it was pointed out to me
  38. Movies – being able to escape into another world for a couple of hours
  39. Merril – for introducing me to poetry and inspiring me to keep trying it
  40. Frank – because you introduced me to sooo many fabulous bloggers and your concerts were the best that I was honoured to act as your Maître D’ and because I want you to know that I am going to miss you – blogging. I shall hound you elsewhere 😉
  41. Light to see
  42. Dark to rest
  43. Love, in general – amorous or friendly
  44. Sex and the joy of sharing intimacy
  45. My eyes – so I can appreciate what is out there
  46. My ears – listening to the sounds around me, music, my loved ones’ voices
  47. My limbs – though they sometimes let me know they need more limbering
  48. My sense of humour – which helps keep me out of trouble
  49. My ability to connect with people of all stations
  50. My intellect – which permits me to have proper conversations on all sorts of things
  51. My curiosity – which keeps me learning always
  52. My snarkiness, which keeps me from not being taken seriously
  53. To you authors who trusted me with your works and allowed me to be a beta reader – I am beyond chuffed

Camping? – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday already. You know what that means! Yep, time for some Friday Fictioneering. This week’s photo is brought to us by c.e. ayr and reminded me of the Christmas/New Year of 2013/14. We spent Christmas in the Keys and New Year’s in Naples…

Thanks, always, to Rochelle for her willingness to keep this party going! If you want to join in, just click on my frog below and add your link with your 100-word story!

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This is how the rich like to camp, I take it?

Yep! They each have their lot for a season. It’s like a community.

And they save some scraggly spots for those of us just passing through…

Uhhhh… Not so scraggly.

Right. Not loving it, to tell the truth. We are a bunch of sardines in a pretty can. And our sardine is lacking.

It’s not! We are one with the hoi-palloi!

You do know that means the riffraff, right?

Really? Shit. I thought it meant the rich and snooty.

Nope. That’s hoity-toity. Let’s go to a nice quiet wooded area.

Satisfied – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my peeps!  Hope the sun is shining for you today.  Here, we have been graced with a lovely white blanket of snow, just enough to brighten things up a bit.  I was getting worried we’d end up with a green Christmas this year… Course, that is still a week away…

This week our lovely leader, Rochelle chose my picture. How cool is that? And, as it would have been Mick’s 56th birthday today, I felt a little something that represents who he was, was in order.  Do join in on the fun and add your own 100-word story by clicking on the frog below!

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The location was perfect – a wonderful unobstructed view of his beloved river. He’d always wanted a property by the water.

The gazebo was perfect. As she knew it would be. He never failed at whatever he built. He always put such meticulous care into every thing he created with his talented hands. Only he ever saw whatever small flaws there might be. Try as we might, we could never find them but they drove him crazy. Perfectionist, he was.

She could just picture him sitting there, legs stretched out, beer in hand, grin on face. Satisfied, a job well done.

When Natural Was Normal – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #57

I wasn’t going to participate this week as I’m just so darn sick. But the story kept running around in my fuzzy brain and insisted I wrote it. Plus my body is tired of lying down, though I am going right back to that position after I hit publish. I so wanted to find a picture of Matante Bertha and Mémère together but didn’t have the energy to go through the albums so, you’ll have to make do with my grandmother and me 😉  Needless to say, there is no way in hell I could “matchy-matchy” this photo!

When Natural Was Normal

Honestly. What has the world come to? Once upon a time all eggs were free range and all beef was grass-fed. Now? You have to pay a premium to get your food in its natural form.  As for proper milk? No longer available here in Canada.

I remember going up to Mémère’s when she’d get her milk from her sister, Matante Bertha, who’d put it into glass bottles.  I never knew how long it took for the cream to separate from the milk.  That luscious, thick, pure cream… My mouth waters at the memory.  Mémère would get us to pick fresh raspberries from her garden, which we would carefully pick through (unlike my cousin Mike who ended up with a bowl full of worms!) and put them into a bowl. Then Mémère would sprinkle some sugar and spoon that fresh cream onto the berries. Yum!

We’ll never get those days back!

Mémère and me at her 88th birthday – my grandmother/godmother/hero

*Mémère means Granny

*Matante is how we say Aunt or Auntie in my family. Though it should be written in two words as in ma tante (my aunt); many of us in Quebec have put the two together to form a single endearment.  We even go so far as to say Ma Matante Bertha… 🙂


Rebuilding – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my peeps. It’s Friday Fictioneers time and our leader, Rochelle chose this picture from Michael Sublett to challenge us. And challenge she did. Of course, my brain is full of a head cold so I’m working twice as hard to get half the words. Ugh. I still have one weekend to work. Now is not the time!  Oh well… while I go soak in the tub, you can read my little 100-word attempt.

©Michael Sublett

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Like the detritus caused by a wrecking ball to a no-longer-useful building, her life lay in a mess about her feet.   She walked through, kicking at the pieces, thinking life as she knew it was over. And it was. That part, anyway. Were there pieces she could salvage?  Should she even? Or should she simply walk away from this mess and start anew.  It scared the shit out of her, to be honest. She’d started over before, she could do it again.

It was so much bigger this time. She grabbed a framed picture. This could be her starting point.



Artistic License – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #55

Alrighty then… Over time, this challenge has come to mean a way for me to get out some old (or not so old) photos and try to match them to Crispina‘s.  Then write a story to go with.  This one didn’t quite work out for me.  However, I have taken artistic license and since there are no rules besides not going past 150 words… A little silly never hurt anyone, right?

Artistic License

Didja get the plan I gave ya?

I shore did.

And, you think you are following it?

I shore am.

Really? Do you see a house in my picture?

No, but—

Do you see a fence in my picture?

No, but those posts look like an unfinished—

Do you think you are still following the plan?

Well, no. BUT.  I thought I’d use a little artistic license.

We cannot do our ritual in the place you have chosen.

Why not?

First off, the circle is unfinished.

I know, I was going to get to that before you arrived.

And that’s not how it’s done. It needs to have more of ‘henge’ feeling so not a fence, just the posts.

But this looks rustic, no?

Yeah, it’s lovely for a home.

I thought it rather nice.

Still, we can’t do our ritual here.

Why not?

We’ll wake the neighbours!