Advent Calendar Day 2

In the spirit of Christmas and the Advent Calendar that has been revamped and re-purposed in myriad ways, I have decided to do one of another sort.  Instead of taking one chocolate per day (or wine or whatever goodie is in vogue) or adding one item into a box to donate for a good cause (a very good thing, indeed) I have chosen to send a little love to my favourite blogs.


Good afternoon (for some), Good morning (for some) and (Good evening) for some!

Day 2:  A Frank Angle

A Frank Angle’s Current Header

What to say about Frank?  I’ll start off by saying that I “met” him through Raye and am ever thankful.  I love how “circles” or “groups” form, like little villages and satellites in this blogosphere.   He has introduced me to many wonderful bloggers.

However, what touches me most about this wonderful fella from Cincinnati is when I was going through a most difficult time, he noticed I had been absent from the blogosphere and he actually sent me an email to see if all was well.  I will forever hold a soft spot in my heart for his kindness.

Now, onto less mushy stuff!  This guy is the King of creating interaction between people from all over the world.  It is truly wonderful.  He invites us to participate in his various musicals or writing challenges and that has created extra links between his readers.  We have a blast commenting on each other’s submissions that go on for “miles” in threads.  So. Much. Fun.

And in between said challenges, he shares his insightful thoughts during his beach walks, his love of dance and music, takes on his bus tours and keeps us informed on what’s going on.

The world is a better place with him in it!

And, for you, Frank, a song.


A Frank Angle’s “The She/He Challenge”

Frank over at A Frank Angle, has challenged us to play/dance with him.  The rules and regs are here.  For ease of participation, the “She” sentences are here.


She’s the one for the next dance.

He is headed right for me and I feel a sense of panic as I can’t dance that well.

She displays a slight smile as I approach.

He must be looking at the girl behind me.

She changes her face into a glow as I extend my hand.

He really does want to dance with me!

She graciously engages my offered frame.

He is such a good dancer that I feel like I’m floating.

She transforms my leads into beautiful motions.

He has somehow made my graceful side appear.

She glides the floor with grace and elegance.

He twirls me around like I’m the belle of the ball.

She makes me feel like the king of the ballroom.

He makes me feel like Cinderella.

She smiles in appreciation as the music ends.

He kisses my hand and bows to me.

She is the one.

He smiles as I curtsey then asks me for the next dance.

If – A Frank Angle Challenge

Good evening, my Peeps!  It’s finally here.  Frank’s “If” challenge.   To remind you of the “how” it works, please click here.

Should you like to participate – and please do, please add your link to the comments in Frank’s If post here.



Before I start…

IF Frank at aFrankAngle had not issued this challenge, I would not have taken the time to reflect on the past 20-some-odd years!


If I hadn’t listened to my friend Kathy’s suggestion to try out “Telepersonals”, I’d never have met Mick.

If I had known how to count, I would not have become pregnant with Austin, our surprise Angel.

If Austin had not been born with a heart defect, I’d never have seen just how capable I am.

If Austin had not died, I would not have learned how much I can handle.

If Mick and I hadn’t realised that, despite all we had gone through in such a short time, we still wanted to create a family, I would not have Iain and Aidan.

If Mick had not had the courage to start his own business, we would not have bought this house.

If we didn’t believe it was important to enjoy life, we would not have travelled.

If Mick had not given up on finding a cause for his breathing problems, he might not have had a heart attack.

If Mick had not died, I wouldn’t have learned the term resilient.

If I had listened to all my fears, I would not have gone to Tuscany alone.

If I had not gone on all those stupid dating sites, I would not have met some really nice guys who’ve become friends.

If I had not kept good relations with past co-workers, I would not have been invited to work at the golf club.

If I had not worked at the golf club, I would not have met François.

I would like to end this “If List” with my mother’s favourite “If”:

If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle!

All jokes aside, we could convince ourselves that “IF” one something happens, another “IF” will be the result.  It’s all supposition, isn’t it?  Supposition sounds a bit like suppository and we know where that goes!!

I like to give “If” a smaller role in my life.  If I want something, I will set a goal. If I do the necessary work, If I accept the necessary help, If I don’t give up, If I believe in myself.  Then, I will achieve said goal.  Oh, what the hell, a little luck is allowed – If we believe in luck – though we also create that, don’t we?


Footprints in the Sand – An AFA Challenge

Frank, over at A Frank Angle, a wonderful blogger and expert in getting his readers to participate in various challenges, has created yet a new one.  Write a 150-or-less word story on the image below.  Well, as an avid participant of Friday Fictioneers, how could I resist?  Plus, an extra fifty words – What??  The rules and regs are quite simple.  We all get the same picture and must title our story:  “Footprints in the Sand”.  Frank first mentioned the challenge on July 2, explaining just how this whole party works.  Go ahead and join in on the fun!

Genre:  Contemplation

Word Count:  150


It was early.  Way too early for the regular folk and she loved it that way.  Alone with her thoughts, she felt peaceful, almost meditative.  As she gazed across the sand into the indigo of the ocean, she noticed a set of footprints.

They reminded her of her late friend, Roxanne.   She still carried the plasticized card with that biblical “Footprints” poem.  She couldn’t remember when or why Roxie gave it to her but she had kept it all these years anyway.  She wasn’t the praying kind nor the church-going type but that card definitely had a special place in her heart.

She never thought she was being “carried by Jesus” when she lost her son, father, husband over the years.  She was resilient.  Life was tough sometimes and you just had to deal with what came your way.  But maybe, without focusing on it, she’d had a little help?


For those of you who’ve not read the poem, here it is:


Sunday Gratitude – August 30, 2015

My boys start school this coming Wednesday.  Can you see me dancing and whooping?  No, no, it’s not what you think.  It’s not just that they are going to be out of the house five days per week.  It’s because we will start to have a reasonable schedule!  Me, especially!  I’ve been out of control with these late nights and late wake-ups.  I feel I could be doing so much more but when you start so late…

I shall not lament on my shortcomings as this is a positive post.  I shall focus on the good stuff!  Such as this delicious Strawberry Shortcake, Julia Child’s French version!  Only one itty-bitty piece left!  Mind you, we were 15 noshing on it!

Gratitude List

  1. Love it when the whole family gets together.  Thanks, Tracy, for getting Mom to come down and having us all over for a serious over-eating escapade!

  2. So happy my dentist was able to squeeze us in despite my boys’ tardiness.

  3. How sweet is Frank to name me his “Maître D” for his latest “Dance” musical!  He says it’s because I participate a lot; I say it’s the equivalent of having a big mouth and overly giving my two cents’ worth!

  4. Super happy I’ve got two brand-new meals clients who picked up their very first batches this week-end.  Fingers crossed they like them!

  5. A lot of laughs and serious conversations and things happen when getting together with Patti.  We’ll remember this one for a while, eh?

aFa Dance Short Shory Challenge


Latest challenge has been issued by Frank from A Frank Angle.  You see, back in May, he wrote his first attempt at a short story (a fine job indeed) and his ending left his readers in all sorts of states!  He thought it would be a grand idea to ask said readers to rewrite the ending in 75 words or less.  Well, as one who cannot ignore such a summons, here is my two cents’ worth!

The music starts – its tempo and rhythms define the dance. He approaches her table, and extends an inviting hand. She accepts. They take to the floor. He offers a hand and a frame. Again, she accepts, but looks away while in hold as if to say, “I’ll dance – but I’m not interested.”

They move to the music’s sharp, fiery rhythms that are intertwined with sensuality. Their eyes continue gazing in opposite directions to avoid a visual connection – yet, their bodies touch.

They dance – they move – sometimes slow – sometimes fast – but always sharp and to rhythm.

He rolls her out – they flick in unison. He tugs to roll her back into his arms. She shrugs him off by returning to hold with her head turned away. Their steps continue.

He steps back – a lunge – a corté. She steps forward and raises her leg against his, and slowly moves it downward as a caress. He notices – she’s got his attention. As he returns her to upright, their eyes connect through a glimpse – yet each looks away.

The pace seeming hastens. The musical beat remains steady. Their moves remain sharp. Their eyes are starting to communicate to the other through glances.

She leans her body into him and her head is no longer facing away. They lock their eyes for the first time, and her eyes and face speak to him then. She places her head on his chest.

The normally sharp fans are now slow and smooth – yet still to the music’s rhythm. As she turns, his right hand slides naturally along her sleek frame. He notices the curvature of her hips. His head is not as high as he looks toward her with hopes of connecting again.

To him, her face displays desire. Her eyes are closed, but only she knows why. They are now in another place. To him, they are in the midst of passion. To her, she is the seductress who has succumbed to his fantasy.

He responds to the music’s fire with 8 fast steps down the floor. He rolls out as before, but on her return, she is close – and her right hand slowly caresses his face. The music ends.

He walks her back to her table, flushed and bright-eyed, and raises her hand to his lips.  “Until next time”, he whispers, and walks away.

She shakes her head and sits down to catch her breath and is startled by her boyfriend’s voice.  “So, really, there is nothing going on between you two, right?   Sure as hell didn’t look like it to me.  Do you have something to tell me?”

So… I leave you with a little tango!