I Wish I Had A River….

Yessiree!  Another cold one out there folks and there is no sign of it letting up for a good week at least so we might as well deal with it as best we can and have fun while doing so.  To prove that point, here’s my neighbour, Aalia Adam, a reporter for Global News who decided to goof around with her cameraman!

Of course, I’m talking to you Northerners from Canada and North-Eastern from the States.  Today was my coldest one yet with Zeke -23°C (-9°F) with a wind chill of -31°C (-24°F).  See, he doesn’t give a rat’s ass if I have the chance of freezing my face off.  He’s got a really good fur coat and well, loves to play in the snow.  So really, what am I waiting for?  If Aalia can play with bubbles, I can play with Zeke!

Soooo after a nice warm breakfast of oatmeal with strawberries and bananas, I kissed hubby good-bye and set off for Parc de Brouages, discovered by accident on a walk a while ago.  It’s a good 2 km or so (totally guessing but probably even further) from home and Zeke was a pain in the ass, pulling on the leash.  He knows there is always going to be an off-leash period and till we get there he drives me nuts.

We finally make it there and it’s way more than I expect!  I knew it wasn’t a very big woods and I had noticed that there were trails but there is no way I was expecting a stream (too small to call it a river, I would think!) and a couple of bridges…  And this right behind an elementary school.  I pity the teachers and recess monitors!  There must surely be cases of children going outside the boundaries!

As it has been so cold, the snow is a lot more solid and there are less chances of sinking.  We walk along (or in Zeke’s case, bound from one section to another and back and forth….)

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As I was walking along, I just couldn’t help but hum my favourite Joni Mitchell tune, The River (yes, I know, it’s a Christmas tune but still, it seemed to apply here….)

We made our way back, coming across the same park as the previous day and I lay down in the snow, trying to get Zeke to be a good subject, and this is the best I could do!

I promise, I will lay off the Zeke and walking posts!  Can’t have my readers think I’m one-dimensional, eh?