Advent Calendar Day 1 (A Little Late Because I Thought of it Before Having to Leave For Work!)

In the spirit of Christmas and the Advent Calendar that has been revamped and re-purposed in myriad ways, I have decided to do one of another sort.  Instead of taking one chocolate per day (or wine or whatever goodie is in vogue) or adding one item into a box to donate for a good cause (a very good thing, indeed) I have chosen to send a little love to my favourite blogs.

Now, this is a difficult thing to do as I am only technically allowed to have 24 entries.  However.  My blog, my choice.  There are 31 days in the month of December so, if I feel like it, I can send love to 31 blogs.  Or more.  I shall see.

I have pondered and thought and come up with a list.  It might change as I move forward and remember that I forgot ones that I love because I don’t “see” them that often or whatever.   Also, for the purposes of fairness and because I don’t necessarily love one for than another (or maybe I do) – is neither here nor there, I shall list them alphabetically!  No favouritism happening here, no siree.

Also, I am not usually a multi-post per day poster but this will happen as there are challenges I like to participate in and, who knows? I may get inspired by other stuff.  And the next Advent posts won’t ramble on like this one either 😉

As mentioned in my title, I had this wonderful lightbulb moment at like 2:30-3:00 pm.  And I had to leave at 3:30 for work.  And, ironically, it is now 3:30 am and I got home from work a mere half-hour ago.

Day 1:  Addicted to Purple

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields has become more than just a Friday Fictioneer Facilitator to me over the years.  She’s become a dear friend.  I came to her blog through Sarah Potter (we’ll get to her on another day 😉 ) whom I came to via someone else.  This blogosphere is a wonderful place.  I don’t even know how or when it moved from writing a 100-word story on Wednesday-Friday to almost daily chats on Messenger to Skype sessions.

Rochelle is a wonderful writer and artist, or is it artist and writer?  Even she doesn’t know which should go first.  She has the ability, in so few words, to bring to life a person from the past, homing in on that thing that makes them who they are (or were).  She blows me away time after time.

I not only read her fantabulous trilogy and accompanying coffee table book but am also lucky enough to be privy to the birth of her next novel.

Lookit that face!  What’s not to love?

I’m Fine, Too – Friday Fictioneers

Good morning/evening, my Reader Friends.  It is time for Friday Fictioneers – the next two days I start work early so now was the most opportune time to get my 100-word story in.

Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields of Addicted to Purple for not only herding us cats every week, but for supplying this photo this week.  One that drummed up a few memories.

If you would like to try your hand at this challenge, click on Rochelle’s name for the rules and regs.  If you only want to read a few interpretations of this here photo, then, please, click on the frog!

Genre:  Memoir

Word count:  Always 100

I’m Fine, Too

She thanked the good Samaritan for the ride home and made her way into the house on wobbly legs.

“Where’s the car?” Dad shouted.

“It’s in the ditch. And there is not a scratch on it,” I replied, still shaking from the whole ordeal.

“What do you mean, ‘It’s in the ditch’?  Why did you go out when there is black ice all over the roads?”

“I didn’t realise it when I left, Dad.  It seemed okay from our street.”

“Well, you are going to pay for getting it out of the ditch!”

“I’m fine, too, Dad.  Don’t you worry.”


Small note:  My father was not good at showing his true worry so he made it about the car… and he didn’t make me pay for the tow truck to get the car out of the ditch 🙂

Lost – Friday Fictioneers

Hello my Readers!  Welcome to Friday Fictioneers on a Thursday.  Couldn’t get my story onto paper, so to speak yesterday and had to rush off to work.  It ended up being a very long day so there was nothing happening in my brain last night, that’s for sure.  A little note to ya’all:  I’ll be a little slow in reading your fabulous stories as I’m back to working full-time, doing crazy hours.  I will do my best till I find a new rhythm!

Before I leave you with my submission, I wish to thank Rochelle for being the best cat-herder ever in keeping this motley crew in line week after week.  Thank you to Sandra Crook for a most lovely photo this week.  For those of you who would like to join our club, please click on Rochelle’s name for the dos and don’ts.  If you are not quite yet ready to add your two cents’ worth but would like to read more stories, please click on the blue frog!


It definitely looked beautiful from the outside.  But let’s face it, appearances are not always what they seem.  What looked fabulous to the outsider could contain a reality far from fabulous.  I needed to change my inner truth.  My nerves were beyond frayed at this point.  Hopefully not beyond repair.  I needed to get away and reclaim myself, find peace.  Peace.  What the hell was that?  I don’t know when I lost it.   Did I ever have it?  Maybe all this time I had been blind to my truth.

Welcome to our Asylum, Ma’am.  We are here to help you.

Thoughts Become Things – Friday Fictioneers

First Friday Fictioneers of the Year!  Yes, folks, it is Wednesday so, confusing for our Newbies, it means we get our photo for our story, which most of us try to post before Friday.  Just to confuse.  This wonderful photo that made me scratch my head was provided by Sandra Crook, wonderful author and photographer.  Rochelle, from Addicted to Purple, our ever-diligent facilitator, writer, author, wonderful person, sure knows how to pick ’em!  I’m no longer indicating my word count because, frankly, I always make sure it stands at exactly 100! 😉  As for the genre… well… let us not give too many hints, eh?

Click on the frog if you wish to add your own interpretation or just to read others’ stories.

  • Did a little tweaking to clarify this was an exchange between father and daugter…


Thoughts Become Things

What is that incessant grinding sound?

It’s me, thinking!  Got such great thoughts you can hear me think!

You are so ridiculous!

No, seriously, my brain is going non-stop:  things to do, people to see, places to visit… anything but stay here on this dead-end farm.

There is nothing dead-end here, my dear.  We provide necessary food to our neighbours.  We are worthy.

Maybe, but it is so boring to me.  I’m dying here.  Same thing, every day.  Same people, every day. All old, nothing new.

He looked at her, eyes filled with sadness.  He’d have to let his daughter go.


The Meetup – Friday Fictioneers

Yes, it is Wednesday, so that means Friday Fictioneers time!  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, artist, writer, patient hostess,  has chosen our very own c.e. Ayr’s photo…

Don’t ask me why I went where I did but, I, ahem, went down a different path this week…

Should you wish to join in on our crazy adventure, please click on Rochelle’s link for the hows and whats.  If you wish to read other participants’, just click on the blue frog below!

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Got some creative crit and decided it was well-founded. I re-wrote the story as a result… 

© c.e. Ayr.

Genre:  Fiction

Word Count:  100

The Meet-Up

It was supposed to be for a light lunch.  Neither was hungry, so they had a drink:  water for her, soda for him.

They sat at a table and exchanged pleasantries.  He asked questions, his gaze intense and she felt like he was reading more than her words.  She felt the tension build and squirmed in discomfort, feeling totally exposed, yet strangely excited.

Before she knew how, he made her feel things she never imagined.

As he left her, dazed, yet lit up, he said:  “You’ll see, this will play out in your head all day.”

He was not kidding.

Bleeding Out – Friday Fictioneers

A little late this week.  Couldn’t be helped.  Life and all that got in the way!  But, better late than never, I say!  Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, on a Thursday (by the skin of my teeth).  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is celebrating her fourth year as a Friday Fictioneer – first as a participant and now as a wonderful hostess.  Happy Fictioneeriversary, Rochelle!  This is, apparently, a repeat image from Madison Woods, former hostess (before my time).  Great image indeed.  Check out the other fabulous participants’ versions by clicking on the blue frog.  How about YOU try it too?

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©Madison Woods

©Madison Woods

Genre:  Fiction

Word Count:  100

Bleeding Out

I am bleeding out.  Oh, you can’t see the blood, but I might as well be covered in it.  I can feel it oozing from every pore.

Remember that old children’s rhyme:  “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me”?  Let me tell you, that is so not true – no matter what our folks said!  They can and do harm.  Horrid words have been slewed about this house lately, by all of us, and I feel as if I’ve blindly walked into a barbed wire fence, not my body, but my heart, ripped to shreds.

Mockery – Friday Fictioneers

Yay!  It’s Wednesday!  Time to get those brain cells fired up and come up with a story for this week’s prompt by Gail Marie Stratford.  Must admit, I had no idea where I was going though I did see the shadow first… 😉

Thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, of Addicted to Purple fame, for hosting this shindig weekly.  At least once per week I am forced to get my creative juices running thanks to you!

Should you wish to participate (I warn you, it is addictive), please click on the blue frog for instructions and to add your two cents’ worth.  No? Just want to read?  You can do that too!

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©Marie Gail Stratford

Genre:  Sort of Fiction

Word count:  100


I sat in my office, gazing at the city below.

How did I get here?  I never had plans to be an office drone.  It started with a week-end receptionist job at my dad’s office.  Making money was so cool.   I could buy myself stuff.  Way better than going to school!

The more I did this work, the better I became, the more I earned.  Ended up doing it for over 3o years.  I loathed it.

Hah! Even the shadow on the building flipped me the bird, mocking me.

I took it as a sign to quit, to change paths.

Middlebury – Friday Fictioneers

After a couple of weeks off, here I am, back at Friday Fictioneers on a Wednesday!  I was touched by the notes from some who were worried at my absence!  Refreshed (sort of) from my week in Cuba with my boys, here is my take on this week’s prompt, photo supplied by our very one hostess, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. (Please, no additional ‘e’, ‘h’ or ‘s’ need be added to her name!)

Now, we all know that we, the Friday Fictioneers, do not like serials on this here forum, though we are good with recurring characters.  And, as per the rules, this one is meant to stand alone.  But! For those who wonder or remember (and I don’t expect you to), this is the next part of the “Seats 20A and 20C” saga…  A story, that I promise you, when I get my ducks in a better row, will be told in its entirety!

So, should you wish to add your story or to read some fabulous ones, please click on the Blue Frog!

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©Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Genre:  True Story

Word Count:  100


No planes were taking off in the snowstorm.  Frustrated, we rented a car and drove from Philadelphia, PA to Newport, VT.

It was a hellish ride in the blinding snow.  A Ford F-150 driver, equipped with a plow, advised us the road ahead was closed. He suggested we follow him as he cleared the way for us, leading us to a town.  We were exhausted and needed to rest.

It looked like a snowy ghost town.

Heyyyyy, Isn’t this where we went camping a few years ago?

Just like that, I was at Jackson’s on the River, summer of 2010.



Breaking Infinity – Friday Fictioneers

So… I couldn’t get my thoughts in line for Wednesday so here I am on a Thursday evening, presenting my Friday Fictioneers story.  Funny how you can come up with a title and an idea and then once your fingers hit the keyboard, they go off in a totally different direction.  Had to change my title as it no longer applied.  I think that was the hardest part!  Oh well… Welcome to the craziness that is Friday Fictioneers, as always, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields of Addicted to Purple, author, artist, sound-bite fiction expert…  And this week’s photo is none other than our Sandra Crook, another fabulous and published author.  I feel that by surrounding myself with all these talented people, they will rub off on me…

To read their stories and many others, or, to add one of your own, please click on the blue frog below!

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©Sandra Crook

Genre:  Fiction (maybe)

Word Count:  100

Breaking Infinity

Chaos has returned to this house


Will. It. Never. End?

Crisis over

All are speaking to each other in a quasi-civil manner

Then, just as things start to really run smoothly

The glass has tipped and it all starts over again

How long has this been going on? she wonders

Have I been caught in some never-ending loop?

As she feels herself being sucked in once more

She stops

She takes a deep breath

She crouches down into a small ball.

And with every ounce of strength she can find

She jumps up, fists raised, and shatters the glass


As I was writing this, I was inspired by an animation my goddaughter, Kellie Kiakas, did in College.  Thought I would share it with you!

Bound from Kellie Kiakas on Vimeo.

Friday Fictioneers – Music Maker

Welcome, welcome, my friends, to Friday Fictioneers.  Yes, yes, I know, it is Wednesday.  What can I say?  Some of us in this group like to confuse!

This week, Rochelle, our lovely host, has given us an image by her main squeeze, Jan W. Fields.  Oh the directions I could have gone with this.  ‘Twas hard to choose but sometimes, you just have to let the fingers do the talking!

Her story is fabulous as are the other participants’.  Please do go have a read and, should you be willing to try your hand at this 100-word craft-thing, please do.  Click on the blue frog for instructions and whatnot!

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©Jan W. Fields

As you leave the house for your walk with your faithful dog, the hum of the highway drones on in the distance and you note your steps beating a rhythm, highlighted by the dog’s collar tinkling like the high notes of a piano.  Before long, the wind picks up and the denuded branches bang together adding a back beat.  You notice, as you near the park, the swish of the marcescent leaves like brushes on a drum.  Approaching the river, the steady flow beneath the ice replaces the hum of the highway, the birds’ chirping adding high notes.

Nature’s orchestra!