Stopping Time – Friday Fictioneers

Oh my goodness!  I don’t know the last time this has happened to me.  I got inspired to write a second Friday Fictioneer story, based on Trish Nankivell’s photo!  Had to.  Click on the frogs below to join in or to add your own 100 (I clocked in at 95 on this one!) story.

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Stopping Time

Grandma!  Why do you have a lock on your toilet paper roll?  Afraid someone is going to steal it?

I’m trying to stop time!

What? You have got to be kidding!  I think you are losing it.

Oh, I’m losing it, all right.

I know you’re just kidding. You’re the most alert eighty-something I know!

Alert, I may be.  But time is going way too fast.

Not that fast, Grandma.

Trust me.  You’ll see as you get older.  Life is like a toilet paper roll.  The closer you come to the end of it, the faster it spins!


You Coming? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #108

Crispina’s challenge had me going through my photos again.  (I think she does it on purpose, now.)  How to choose but one?  I did manage.  My old Zeke is 11 years old and things are a lot different now.  Two years ago we could do much more. One must respect an elder’s pace.

From the first walk we took

where distance mattered not

you would run ahead to explore

but stop when you felt you were too far

You coming?

and wait patiently for me to catch up

only to take off again when you were assured


You are now an old man with sore joints

and your steps are limited

I have to make sure that I slow down

that we stray not too far so that you

have the energy to make it back

You coming?

Now, it is I who waits for you