Grounded – Friday Fictioneers

Happy New Year my peeps!  I hope 2021 brings you much love and laughter, joy and bliss, good health and prosperity and comfort – in your home, in your relations, in your work.  We’ve all had more than enough discomfort, haven’t we?

Thank you to Rochelle for hosting this party week after week and this week for snagging asking Na’ama Yehuda for her photo which caused me much grief because, like the clouds, were my thoughts. All ajumble.

Do click on the frog below to read more stories inspired by this lovely photo and maybe, be enticed to add your own?

Home - Frog Leg Mobility

How long she had been drifting? Weeks? Months? Years?  No matter. Time wasn’t measured up here. She was unfettered and loved the carelessness – or was it carefreeness? – of the wind, tossing her about at will, sometimes gently, lovingly; other times, violently, an exhilarating while scary feeling.

Dammit. By questioning her time spent, she knew it was over.

Reality was calling.  Gathering up the clouds, she braided them into a rope and formed a lasso.  With a flick of her wrist, she sent it out, caught the building and pulled herself until she stood atop.  Grounded once more. Ready for living.